Hi everybody! Welcome back to this Quick BreakDown series for Soul Calibur VI. It will be about the most important and scariest character in the Story of Soul Calibur, Nightmare. To do this, I have been helped by a very important and famous player, who just won his first tournament with Nightmare : Keev, and also by Djo who analyzed a lot the character. Let’s quickly jump into the menu of this video. We will begin with the changes we have seen on the character, then we’ll talk about his new moves, including his own mechanics the Night Terror Charge.

Finally, we will talk about his game plan, his strengths and weaknesses. The notation of Soulcalibur will be used. I made a small infographic about it, the link is in the description. You want to know more about the Azure knight in Soulcalibur VI? Let’s start now! How would you we usually define Nightmare in Soul Calibur games? Nightmare is Siegfrieds dark alter-ego. He is a slow but hard hitting character who play at mid and long range thanks to his big sword. He shares with Siegfried, his capacity to do significant damage on simple combos.

Better than him to whiff punish attacks from far away, he is also more punishable. His ability to push the opponent close to the wall and his Ring Out game are also part of his usual strengths. Let’s go deeper and check what attacks did he lost in this Soul Calibur VI. A significant loss is his former 3K, a fast and safe tracking attack. It was easily one of his best poke in close range before. The move still exists but it has changed a lot. It has become Side-Steppable and does not give as much advantage. Then his Aga which was previously a Guard Break Attack while leaving Nightmare at advantage even when he gets blocked. Now, it’s not a Break Attack anymore and he loses the advantage on guard.

We can also note the disappearance of his standing K, which was his fastest attack being i13 and his former 4K BE which was good as a punishment tool. Finally, as some other character, he has lost some low attacks in Stances. But we can note the return of some good old attacks : First his 11B, which comes back from Soul Calibur 3 & 4. Similar to the old Night Side Stance B, it’s a good ranged low attack. Then his Generic A+B Break Attack has the animation of his 4B in Soul Calibur 3 & 4. It will counter Guard Impacts and Reversal Edge while going into his new Night Behind Stance. His 6BB, also comes back from Soul Calibur 3 & 4, with an additional Armor property. There is also his Night Lower Stance KK, which was his former Grim Step KK from Soul Calibur 3 & 4.

Now it will allow a combo after 3B or 2B by picking an opponent on the ground and can Ring Out or Wall Splat without consuming any resources. Nightmare has gained a lot of new things, including two new stances in this game, which reminds SoulCalibur 2’s Nightmare. They can be accessed via transitions after certain attacks but also go into the other stances. Each one has at least 4 attacks. In the Night Lower Stance, NLS KK as seen previously, NLS B which is his former FC 3B, NLS A which is a new attack that hits low and prevents side-stepping, finally NLS A+B only available in Soul Charge. The Night Behind Stance stance has NBS A which is a long-range tracking low attack, NBS B which is a mid gap closer attack; NBS K which is Siegfried’s knee, and finally NBS A+B only available in Soul Charge.

But that’s not all! Nightmare has also new mechanics, one of them is “Armor Attacks”. These attacks are: 6A, 6B, 6K, 6A+B and of course his Critical Edge that also can be hold to become unblockable. By executing theses moves, Nightmare will be able to tank moderate damage from attacks if they are neither low nor Break Attacks. He will then respond automatically with his big explosion, which will become Break Attack. He will be at advantage even if it is blocked and he will pass to his Night Terror Charge state that we will see right now.

The Night Terror Charge is his other new mechanics in this Soul Calibur 6. This state will let him access to all his Soul Charge moves, without any timer or spending any resources. However, he can only use one of his attacks before returning to his normal state. To access it, he must hit his opponent with attacks like 4KK, 2A+B and Grim Step KK if he is already in this state. However, he will not need to hit the opponent if he does his 6A+B explosion. Because of that he will also automatically switch to Night Terror Charge after a success from Armored Attacks because they will also trigger the explosion.

Thanks to this mechanic, it will be possible to remain constantly in this state by using the right attacks at the right moments and thus be a source of danger as if he were perpetually in Soul Charge. Let’s check that and talk about his Gameplan in our last part. So how do you play Nightmare in this Soul Calibur 6? First, Nightmare has to play at medium and long range, where he can control the space with attacks like Aga, 6A and 3A. At this range, you will punish whiffed attacks with attacks like 33B, 3B or 4kB. When Nightmare gets the turn to attack, he can start his stance game with 2(B)~Night Lower Stance,, one of his best starter in this Soul Calibur 6.

If he loses his turn, he can try to Armor Attacks with 6K, 6A or create distance to take less risk. Finally, in all of his game plan, he must carefully choose his attacks to trigger and maintain his Night Terror Charge and become a source of constant danger. In Soul Charge or Night Terror Charge, he has powerful attacks that improve his game plan on several points: First, his punishment game. Nightmare gets 3 upgraded Soul Charge moves to punish effectively.

The Soul Charge KB and Soul Charge 66KK for close range. But also Soul Charge WS K to punish from blocked low attacks. Then, his combo damage potential is improved. New combos will be accessible thanks to its A+B attacks in Stances like Soul Charge Night Side Stance A+B after 3B. He can also extend combos if he is in Soul Charge with Soul Charge 66KK> Grim Step B> Soul Charge GS KK Finally his Ring Out game and damage on the opponent’s Guard Gauge will be improved thanks to his Soul Charge 6BBB which can break the guard in two times and his Soul Charge Grim Step KK which can ring out the opponent.

As we have seen so far, Nightmare’s strengths are: His whiff punish game and his Ring Out game that remained excellent. His offensive stance game where he wins new stances and new transitions. His damage potential that gets heavier when he trigger the Night Terror Charge. Finally his ability to steal the turn with his Armors Attack vs and trigger his buffs. This will be at the cost of: His slowness, especially in close combat where many attacks leave him at disadvantage or are punishable. Permanent risk taking, especially to trigger his new mechanics where he will have to endure hits with Armor Attacks. Finally, his complexity.

In order to take advantage of its Night Terror Charge mechanics, he will have to constantly choose his combo for each situation. In conclusion, Nightmare is ideal for players who are good to manage their range, ring positioning, and smart enough to constantly take advantage of the potential of his new Night Terror Charge mechanic. I thank again Keev and DJo. Keev is still a big fan of the character. And he think that Namco really did a great job on his design. He really appreciate the fact that they gave him new stances. His Night Terror Charge state also makes the character more technical and even more interesting. If you enjoyed this video, leave me a thumbs up, share, or subscribe to my channel to support me. Feel free to use the comments and suggest me the characters that you would like see next. There will be more content coming, and I would also do live stream on Soul Calibur VI, when the game release in October on my Twitch channel, follow me there to be notified.

Thanks you for watching! See you next time! .

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