Hello my friends! Welcome to this third video of Soul Calibur VI’s Quick Character BreakDown. Today we will talk about the main character in the story of Soul Calibur : Siegfried. I was able to test him in detail during my invitation at Namco’s office. I have a guest again with me today, it’s PantoCrator, a specialist of the character for a long time. Hello everyone, welcome back. After a quick overview of the character, we will talk about the changes we have seen, including what has disappeared and what comes back. In the second part, we will see what’s new, especially his new specific mechanic called Dark Legacy. Finally, we will summarize his game plan, his strengths and weaknesses in this Soul Calibur VI. As in my previous videos, the notation for the game controls will be available on the top right of your screen, feel free to pause occasionally if needed.

Let’s start!. Pantocrator, you know Siegfried very well, how would you usually define him? Siegfried was always a mid range zoning character, He is also characterized by stance game And it’s a principally a hard hitter with slow moves and big recovery. It seems that there isn’t a lot of move missing from previous SoulCalibur. We can only regret the old jump kick and jump B which allowed him to have a quick option to evade lows and throws.The other attack that we would have liked to see again is his SoulCalibur IV 22B which he used to either offensive mixups or defensive options. However a couple of very good attacks are returning and it looks very positive … Yeah, and the very important point is the return of A + B moves in stance So it provides him better combo with wall and RO, interesting guard pressure, better defensive option, and also a true wake up game during the stance transition, so it’s very important.

And also the return of the old 3B and Chief Hold B In addition to being the most complete version of Siegfried, he has some new attacks! His Generic Break Attack is a powerful tracking move. He now has two new low attacks to transition into his stances. 1K which goes in Chief Hold and 22K which goes in Base Hold stance. His new A-to-B slide seems to be a new tool for block punishment and combo. He also has a new auto-GI 6A+B which parries high and middle attack without giving him a real advantage but letting him a chance to switch to his new “Dark Legacy” mode which has been added to remind that Siegfried has just been freed from Soul Edge control. So he acquires some new attacks in this mode that we will see right now with Pantocrator. So yes, for the moment, there is two way to go in Dark Legacy. The first one when Siegfried’s life bar is below 30%, it’s automatic. And the second, like said Hayate its with the autoGI, but for the moment it’s totally random.

We no more information about this. Dark Legacy brings two things. In addition to remind that its Nightmare. It allows him to have Lethal Hit because Siegfried, expect universal ones for the moment, has no Lethal Hit without Dark Legacy. And the second one, it replaces 6A + B AutoGI by an explosion. This explosion allows him some pressure and extra combo. But once you perform it you loss the Dark Legacy.

In addition I would like to add that Dark Legacy is not the Soul Charge mode it has nothing to do with this. So how do you play this Siegfried? Like in other Soul Calibur, by keeping your opponent at mid-range and looking for counterattack for maximum damage. But you will often have to take the risks to be rewarded. And expect to be punished. You can use his stances to mix-up his attacks or to use it as an active defense. Be careful, his defensive moves are still limited to a few tools, once you have created enough space. Then in the Dark Legacy and Soul Charge modes, the rewards get bigger when you commit to fish a Counter-Attack, for example with his 3B which becomes Lethal hit or his 66K B in Or in Soul Charge with his 66KB combo.

He can also improve his combo with Soul Charge Chief Hold K A+B for example. But the risks are still real since you will have to commit them without confirming visually. In conclusion, Pantocrator, what are Siegfried’s strengths and weaknesses in this Soul Calibur VI So, as usual an excellent Range, so the character will be good at mid range. His Counter hit game seems even better than in previous SoulCalibur. You will have to count on this. He also have now very good offensive options : new lows, a new throw, better stance options And of course the Ring out will still be there. For the weaknesses, it’s the same as usual, so the character is slow at close range, vulnerable to pressing, no basic AA, BB, 2A, or fast reliable tech jump. He has big recovery making him unsafe and punishable. He also not that good to punish. And a lot of new tools can’t be confirmed, with very interesting reward but high risk I hope you enjoyed this Quick BreakDown of Siegfried.

I had fun testing the character during my invitation at Namco. I find him impressive, complete and creative. This is perhaps the most exciting version of Siegfried so far. I totally agree with you. On a gameplay point of view, it may be the best version of Siegfried ever. An improved SC4 version. So mind game and creativity will be highly rewarded. I am very impatient to play him. If you liked this analysis video and would like to see others, please show me your support by sharing and subscribing to my channel! You can suggest me the next character you would like to see in this video series.

Keep your Soul Burning my friends, and see you for my next video! Au revoir et rendez vous en final ! .

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