Hello everyone! And welcome to this new video guide of Soul Calibur VI characters. Today we will see a character that Tekken players know very well, it is Yoshimitsu. To do this, I have been helped by character specialist, this time it was a well known French Yoshimitsu players named Happy. Let’s move on to the Menu of this video. We will begin with the changes we have seen on the character compared to previous games. Then, in the second part, we will talk about his new attacks and his new mechanic, the Soul Steal. Finally, we will talk about his game plan, his strengths and weaknesses. The classic Soul Calibur notation will be used. You will have a reminder on the top right of your screen.

If you’re not familiar with it, a link is also available in the description. Let’s explore the secrets of the Manji Clan. Yoshimitsu, the wild ninja of the Manji clan has changed a lot since his first appearance in the first SoulCalibur. It’s a versatile character that combines simple and effective pokes with strong mix-ups. Also, he usually has a destabilizing stance game. Finally, his Counter-Attack game and his Ring Out game are often part of his strengths. Let’s look closer at the attacks that seem to have disappeared compared to previous games. First of all, his a~B+K has disappeared, which was used mainly as a tool for combo but was also a good attack for Ring Out. Then we regret the loss of his 22B from SoulCalibur 5, one of few move with decent range that was useful to get in and can go under high attacks.

Finally, the attacks where Yoshimitsu spins, 4AAAAA, 1AAAAA and Full Crouch 1KKKKK have lost the possibility of a precise timing for more reward. To compensate, Yoshimitsu has recovered some attacks from previous games. – 8A comes back from Soul Calibur 4, and can now also Lethal Hit for a combo. – His former 44A from SoulCalibur 4 also returns but is now part of the string AAA. – This is also the case of his old 3B + K SoulCalibur 4, which is now at the end of his string 6AB. Yoshimitsu receives new attacks that will strongly modify his game plan. – The most important is his new 3B. It’s a new launcher that can be followed by 3BB or he go to his DragonFly stance by holding the B button.

The 3BB follow-up helps to intimidate the opponent’s reaction in case 3B gets blocked. – He also gets 2 new low pokes, 1K and 1B, which can also be followed by 1BA, 1BB or can be hold to go in his Meditation stance. – Then his new 22A looks like the animation of his 214A. It’s also a very evasive, going under high attacks and can cause Ring Out or Wall Splat.

– In his stance game, he earns his new Meditation K, which is very effective to put the pressure on, thanks to two tracking kick attacks with decent range, it will also let Yoshimitsu in DragonFly stance. – In that DragonFly stance, his new DragonFly A is now an horizontal middle attack which knocks down on hit but is punishable. – Finally, Yoshimitsu gets a tons of very effective moves in close range with his new 4B, BBB, and the new 6A series with 6AA and 6AB. Most of these moves will also trigger his new unique mechanic : the Soul Steal and Soul Burn that will talk right now. He can steal some meter with his Soul Steal mechanic, and use it with his Soul Burn mechanic. All the attacks that trigger the Soul Steal mechanic will always give more meter to Yoshimitsu than it will take away from the enemy. These attacks are: – 4B and BBB in Counter Attack, – bA slide in Counter Attack, – 66AA, – his Flea stance 66 – his throw A + G 6, even if the opponent break the throw, – his Reversal Edge K, – and finally his Critical Edge, which will also give him a some life.

Yoshimitsu can use this gain by burning a small portion of it, using his Soul Burn, which is similar to the Brave Edge mechanic in SoulCalibur 5. You will have press A + B after some attacks: – 4A A + B to extend a combo, – 6B A + B and AA A+B to convert more damage from counter-attack, – WS A A + B to increase the punishment from the crouching position, – and finally 6K A + B to extend the string. So how to play Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur 6, with all these new tools? – The best range for Yoshimitsu remains melee, so you need to get close to unleash his potential.

He has very few tools for this, like his 66K which is -10 on block and jump over low attacks. – In melee, Yoshimitsu will be comfortable with the strongest pokes of the game. BBB in Counter Attack, AA A+B, 6B are very fast and hard-hitting. – When you have a bigger advantage, you can use his mixups with his new 3B and its follow-up, also his usual Full Crouch 3K sweep, and his new low attacks 1BA and 1K. – Try holding 3B or 1B to go either in Meditation or DragonFly stances. – You’ll have to constantly be careful of the meter management, and have to steal meter to limit the opponent or use it for yourself to convert more damage. You can also store it to use his Critical Edge or Soul Charge. Talking about his Soul Charge, Yoshimitsu gets improved 3 ways : – First his game to limit the movement with his Soul Charge 3AA which becomes a natural combo and will hurt a lot a sidestepping opponent. – His mixups will also be greatly improved, especially in his DragonFly stance, thanks to his Soul Charge DragonFly B which will become unblocable for a heavy combo.

But his throws will also change and do more damage. – Finally, his pokes will constantly do heavy damage since he will have access to the improved Soul Burns attacks during the Soul Charge without consuming more resources. As we have seen, Yoshimitsu’s strengths are: – his close range punishment and melee priority, thanks to his fast pokes and high damage conversion, like after BBB in Counter-Attack or AA A+B – his melee evasion thanks to his many attacks where he is crouching or jumping, – his mix ups, especially after a knock down, thanks to his new 3B and his new transitions to his Meditation and DragonFly stances. – his control over the opponent meter, thanks to its Soul Steal mechanic, which will allow him to limit the enemy and consuming for his own. But Yoshimitsu’s weaknesses are: – Few tools to get in or punish an opponent spacing, except for his Critical Edge when it is available that will teleport him from anywhere of the screen. – He struggles for spacing or control the ring positioning because of his short range. – He has to take some risk in his mixups because his moves are either unsafe or he will have to commit to their follow-ups by anticipating the opponent reaction.

In conclusion, Yoshimitsu is for you if you are effective at short range, creative enough in his mixups and always aware of the strategy behind meter management during the match. I hope you enjoyed this Quick Guide about Yoshimitsu. The character seems to have changed a lot, his strengths has moved on his poke game while he kept his usual weaknesses like his short range. If you are an old Yoshimitsu player, I suggest you to try him and see if the changes please you. If you liked this video and would like to see more, leave me a thumbs up, share or subscribe to my channel. Also feel free to use the comments to tell me how I can improve the content for you and suggest me the characters you would like to see. Of course I will try to provide as much content as possible for the release of the game, but the work on these videos requires a lot of time.

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