Hey, hello everyone! Welcome to this new Character Quick BreakDown of Soul Calibur VI. Today I’m gonna talk about a popular returning character in the SoulCalibur series : Zasalamel. In this video, I will be helped by a known English player who already played this new Zasalamel when Namco UK invited him to test the game. It’s Andyroo. Hello everyone. Just as all videos in this series, we will first see the changes we have noticed. In the second part, we will talk about the new attacks but also his new mechanics which concerns his curses and timestop mechanic. Finally, we will try to define his gamelan, his strengths & weaknesses. You will have a reminder on the top right corner of your screen, it’s the Soul Calibur notation. Feel free to pause if needed. But now, let’s get into the Abyss. For you, Andyroo, who played Zasalamel a lot, how would you usually define him? Here we have the bad ass scythe user.

Zasalamel was known as a mid range fighter that has the ability to pull the opponent towards him using his strings to apply mix ups. His attacks are on the slower and unsafe side, however Zasalamel is known for his good ability to ring the opponent out behind him. After testing all his moves, we can say that there isn’t much moves missing. His command list is the best version of his Soul Calibur 3 and 4 move list. However, the only good move which seems to be missing is his Soul Calibur 4 6B+K, which was a fast high Guard Break attack that can be followed by a an attack throw on Counter-Hit. Besides that, it’s also worth to mention that he has no more his unique draw mechanic in some moves, which allowed him to choose between a pushback or pull in version. Now all those moves will automatically pull in the opponent. Zasalamel’s frame data has been reworked to compare with the rest of the cast.

Some mention-worthy changes is that his AA and 2A are now i13 and is BB is finally safe on block. Two returning animation that are much better now is his 66A returning from the Abyss moveset and is now a very good range double mid horizontal string which is only -13 on block. His SC4 wrB move has returned but is repurposed to a good range i16 block punish in the form of 46:B. Finally returning from SC3 is Zasalamel’s old 4B+K which is now wrB+K, his old B+K which is now 2A+B. Zasalamel has also been rewarded with some brand new attack animations. First, he has a new 66B, which is a good downward mid attack, also safe on block and catches backdash. It can also lead to a full combo on CH or Lethal Hit.

So it’s definitely a good addition to his mid range offensive game. Then you have his new 1A, which is a very fast and short low. Surprisingly, it hits grounded and becomes a decent pressure option. Finally, he got a new B+K series, most notably his B+KB. This is the fastest release version from B+K. It’s a fast mid attack that is also +2 on block and applies a curse on block. The curse is a new mechanic that we will talk right now with Andyroo. Zasalamel gets his own unique mechanic which is to curse the opponent up to 3 times with moves such 6K, 3K and 6A+GK on hit or even B+KB, RE K and CE on block.

He can from there activate a timestop on hit or block from certain moves such as RE B, 1BB, 66A+BB and 46BB. Depending on the number curses on the opponent and if the timestop move hit or was blocked, It can make him safe, give hvim plus frames or even potentially allow guaranteed follow ups. Once set up this can make Zasalamel extra dangerous for the opponent since this can be used to increase his damage output and put himself into favorable 50/50 situations.

So how do you play Zasalamel in Soul Calibur VI ? Zasalamel is efficient at long to mid range for whiff punishing with 3B, 22B, 6B+KA. Also he can catch his opponent at this range with 6AB, 66A or 4A. Once you managed to pull in with those moves, try putting a curse by mixing 6K, 3K, or B+K B if they respect you and try to block. Stack the curse until you need to release them for combo purpose or safety. In the same time, you need to be constantly aware of you ring positioning and take every opportunity to reverse Ring Out the opponent with 3AB, 44A+B, 4B+K. In Soul Charge, Zasalamel gets enhanced in a lot of ways. First, his ability to pull his opponent becomes even better with his Soul Charge A+B move, which his an Abyss move, the final boss of Soul Calibur 3. The range is unbelievable and it leaves you at +8 frame advantage even on block to force a mixup! Also he gets his mixups improved with an enhanced version of his low attack : 1A, it becomes Soul Charge 1AB.

It’s a natural combo and leaves you at +3 frame advantage. Finally his post-GI game becomes scarier thanks to his Soul Charge 2A+B, which is a Break Attack move and also does an Attack Throw while putting a curse on the opponent. To conclude, Andyroo, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this Zasalamel? The Strengths include : + Excellent Reverse Out Capabilities and improved Front Ring Out tools. + When set up with curses or soul charge he has access to powerful 50/50s. + Can fight well in the mid range game with his spacing tools and new whiff punish option in the form of 46:B. His Weaknesses include : – Being a slower character does mean faster characters can pressure him more easier at close range. – His stronger mix ups may not always be available to you if you wasn’t able to get off curses that round or have meter. – A fair few of his main attacks are still considerably unsafe if blocked. Zasalamel is for patient and sly player who like to trap their opponent after cursing them and bringing them to the edge of the ring.

And that’s all for this Quick Review! I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the changes and the new mechanics for Zasalamel. This seems to be the best version of the character so far. The time stop mechanic and the inclusion of Abyss move makes him unique and awesome! And for you, Andyroo? Zasalamel is definitely a viable character now. It will take abit of getting used to apply the curse strategy as its such a new concept in SoulCalibur but he doesn’t need to rely on them to win either. I’m confident fans of character will be happy with this new version of Zasalamel. Thank you again Andyroo for the help on that video. You can find him and other UK soulcalibur player in thoses channel that I linked in the description of my video.

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