Hello, i am SquidofLove, welcome. Star Citizen had its latest update released, which adds new locations to the persistent universe, the multiplayer part of the game but also new features like star marine, an FPS battleground and improvements to the already existing arena commander. With these new additions and everything that is planned for star citizen the next year it seems that 2017 is going to be an amazing year for the project. So if you are really interested in star citizen this is the best time to get into the game and start having fun. In this video i will show you how you can join the rest of us and get into star citizen but also what you can actually do right now and have fun in the game. Let’s visit robertsspaceindustries.com and take a look at the requirements, obviously the first thing you need to do is to create an account on the site and in order to gain access to the game and everything that it has to offer, you need to purchase a game package. Have in mind that star citizen is an one time buy game, you can access everything that star citizen has to offer with the cheapest package and later when the game will be released you will be able to earn everything inside the star citizen universe with in-game currency.

Every now and then Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of star citizen, is also hosting free fly events, where players that only have an account and don’t own a game package can access the game, can join the rest of us in the universe of star citizen, have fun and enjoy everything that this project has to offer. So your first step should be to create your account and this is where you can enter all your info, private and public info, you can enter your login ID, password and your email address but also your handle, which is your unique call-sign on the website and your publicly displayed name. In this form you can also type a referral code, from one of your friends, from your favorite youtube channel that will give you 5000 UEC, which is the currency of star citizen, one of the currencies right now and it will be the main currency when the game will be released, so you can start your star citizen life, your star citizen adventure with 5000 UEC already.

After you have set your account the next thing is to take a look at the game packages that are available in the store and like i have mentioned before you do need a game package to gain access to star citizen and everything that is available in star citizen right now but even the cheapest package will do. At the moment there are two starter packages available, the Mustang Alpha Starter and the Aurora MR Starter. Both of these vessels belong to the starter series of star citizen, the mustang and the aurora respectively.

The cost is at 45$ and it will give you access to the persistent universe, the multiplayer part of star citizen, arena commander, star marine and everything you can do within star citizen. There is a single player campaign that will come eventually, which is called Squadron 42. So if you are interested in that part of star citizen and not on the multiplayer, the MMO part of this project, then you can buy the standalone pledge for Squadron 42, which is again at 45$ and wait for Squadron 42. I would like to inform you though that Squadron 42 is not yet out and we don’t know yet exactly when it will be released but the mmo part of star citizen is out, you can join and have fun already. If you want to have the best of both worlds there are always the combo packages, which will give you a star citizen starter package plus Squadron 42 at 60$, which is a serious discount and you should consider this if you are really interested in star citizen, because in that way you are getting actually two games, the mmo and the single player campaign. Both of the two starter packages will give you a starter ship, a different starter ship, the mustang alpha or the aurora mr but they will give you pretty much the same things in the star citizen universe, the self land hangar, a digital star citizen manual, starting money 1000 UEC, star citizen digital download and a three month insurance when the game will be released.

By purchasing one of these two starter packages you gain access to star citizen, star marine, the arena commander and the persistent universe. My recommendation right now is to buy the mustang alpha starter package because star citizen at this stage of development is still heavily focused on combat and the mustang alpha performs somewhat better than the aurora mr in combat. In the store you can also find some better packages, with better spaceships and you can buy , purchase these packages if you want to have a better spaceship, a more capable spaceship in star citizen, starting your life in star citizen but i would suggest you to buy a starter package if you are brand new to the game and start learning the ropes, after all you can always upgrade your spaceships into something better, into something more capable later in the game.

After you have completed these two steps, creating your account and purchasing a game package, you are ready to start downloading the client, this will take a while, the client is at around 32 GB, be patient and soon you will be able to join star citizen. Well done, you made it, welcome to star citizen and this is where the fun begins. This is the new and improved introduction screen of star citizen and from here you can access everything that the project has to offer right now, the persistent universe, star marine, which is a new addition with and of course the arena commander. We are going to take a quick look at all of these options and see how you can have fun playing star citizen right now. Before you jump into one of these options though, you may want to take a quick look at the options and more specifically at the key binds, these will be very important for you in the game and if you know what you are doing, if you know which key you should be pressing, you will feel less lost in the game in your first couple hours.

So take your time, take a look at the controls, what every key in here does and you will have a lot more fun playing the game later. Let’s start our tour with star marine, a much anticipated feature that is finally in the game, star marine is an FPS battleground, like i have mentioned earlier, that came to the game with and it is a lot of fun actually. At the moment there are two maps available only, station damien and echo eleven and two game modes, elimination, which is like a battle royale and last stand, which is like a control match, control the area, control certain points, collect points for your team and win the match.

It is a very fast, chaotic, very fast paced action game and if you enjoy playing fps games then you are going to have a lot of fun with star marine. Teamwork is really important in star marine, especially in the last stand game mode and there are some weapons and items that you can use with your character, that you can equip before you start the game and change your loadout in any way you like. You can enter star marine from the intro screen and you can choose to go directly to multiplayer and fight against other players or have a private match with your friends, test your skills and your loadouts. You can change your loadout from this screen over here, there are marines and outlaws right now only and you can choose between two armor options, light and medium, the main difference is that medium is giving you an extra weapon to carry, an extra primary weapon but also some extra survivability.

There are four weapons right now, in star marine, ballistic rifle, laser rifle, which are medium to close range weapons, sniper rifle which is long range weapon and shotgun, a deadly weapon in close quarters. So you can choose whatever you want out of these options and join a match, join last stand, join elimination or join a private match and have your friends trying to kill you. It is a lot of fun and if you enjoy that kind of game then you are not going to regret playing star marine. Let’s move on to the arena commander, which is where you can test your flying skills, you can test your ships and their loadouts, there are many options here as well, there are private matches, single player matches and multiplayer matches where you can fight against and with other players in battle royale, free flight, if you are more peaceful and want to just take a look around with players accompanying you, race against each other, squadron battles, where players are divided in two teams and try to get the most points and win the match and cooperate with other players against NPC in Vanduul Swarm and Pirate Swarm, which is a new addition with and a bit harder experience, a bit harder and more challenging experience.

If you are brand new to star citizen or just returning from a long break then you should take your time in single player mode, where you can try your luck and your skills against npc mostly, before you jump into a multiplayer match to fight with and against other players. The multiplayer part of the arena commander but also in star marine is the place where you can earn REC, rental equipment credits, that you can use in order to rent other vessels, other ships, weapons or components and try different loadouts, try different ships that you would love to have someday in the game. REC is one of the currencies that exist right now in star citizen and its purpose is to give us, players, the opportunity, the ability to try different ships and loadouts and see what is better for us, what suits our playstyle the most. You can find which ships, items, weapons, components are rentable right now with REC, in the electronic access part of the store, on robertsspaceindustries.com and of course rent them with your REC, if you have the REC that are required.

Back to the arena commander and the ship customization page which is the place where you can change the loadout of your vessel, of your spaceship. You can change the weapons it carries, the missiles, you can change pretty much everything by clicking one of the tabs you can see what is equipped on each and every ship that you own and see the available options to replace these weapons and try something different, try something unique.

From here you can change the loadout of your ships not only in the arena commander but also in the persistent universe and it is a very helpful addition, that again came with the update. Arena commander is a great place for you to start learning the ropes of star citizen and hone your skills at flying and fighting against npc at first and later other players. It is very fun to fight against these enemies and you can also earn REC, in the multiplayer part of arena commander, REC that you can use to increase your fleet, to gain more options when fighting in the different modes.

The other big part of star citizen is the universe, the persistent universe, from here you can gain access to the Crusader area, which is the mmo part of the game, the Arccorp 18, which is something like a social module, where you can meet with other players and explore the surrounding area but also your hangars, the hangars that you have available, that you have access to. Your hangar is the place where you can spawn your ships, you can take a look at them, admire them but also play with their loadouts, this is an alternative way to change the loadout of your vessels, change each and every weapon on the hardpoints on the spaceship you want to take with you on your next stroll, in the persistent universe or fight in the arena commander. Different game packages give access to different hangars, so if you are a brand new player then you have one of the starter packages and probably access to the self land hangar. Arccorp area 18 is one of the two available locations that we can visit now in the persistent universe and it is a peaceful area, where you can visit shops, you can visit pretty much everything, explore the surroundings but also buy clothes, weapons and armors.

It is a very beautiful first look at cities in star citizen and what we should expect from the universe of star citizen when it will be fully fleshed out. In this area you can meet with other players, socialize and this is why it was also called social module, but you can visit the existing shops as well like i said, try some different clothes, try to customize your character the best you can and with alpha UEC, another currency of star citizen, that you can earn in Crusader, we will see how very soon, you can buy these clothes, you can customize your character and give your personal touch to your star citizen experience.

Finally we can visit the crusader area, which is the mmo part of star citizen, where you can explore, you can check a number of different location, accept missions, complete them but also fight other players in an open area that represents a small part of the Stanton system, which is going to be the first system that will be added in star citizen sometime later with another update. There are two spawning points in crusader, Port Olisar, which is where we are right now, a space station orbiting the gas giant of crusader and Grim Hex, which is more suitable for more nefarious characters.

The first thing you want to do is hit F1 and open your mobiglass, here you can find a number of interesting info about crusader and the area around crusader but also see what kind of missions are available for you, to accept and try to complete them. By checking the missions you will learn what is needed from you to do and of course what kind of reward you are going to get if you complete the missions. You can track each mission, so you can find easily the location out there, when you leave the station and the main set of missions have to do with the ICC assistance, you have to go to the ICC Probe, do what ever they ask you to do, go check the coordinates that they are giving you but also to repair arrays that are lying around the crusader area.

From completing these missions, there are some more missions like the PI investigator, that you have to investigate an abandoned station, from completing these missions you can earn alpha UEC, that you can use in order to buy weapons, to buy armor, to buy clothes not only in Area 18, in Arccorp, that we have seen before, but also in the shops that exist in Port Olisar and Grim Hex. Have in mind that these stations sell different type of clothes, different type of armors and different type of weapons so if you are looking for something specific you will want to visit the proper station.

Port Olisar is where you will spawn as a new player and it is a clean space station, for law abiding citizens but grim hex is entirely different, it is meant for criminals, for pirates, for everyone that wants to follow more illicit activities and if you want to kill other players, if you want to be a criminal in the persistent universe, then this is where you will spawn eventually. The difference is great in the colors, in the environments, it is a dirty area, a dirty space station, a former mining station, mining facility that is hidden inside the asteroid belt of Yela, one of the locations in the persistent universe. In general grim hex is the place to be if you are looking for energy weapons and outlaw armors while port olisar has ballistic rifles for you to purchase. Also grim hex has its own personality, its own personal feeling with a different type of clothes that is offering for you to purchase and its very unique residents.

Once you are done exploring the station you can interact with one of the terminals in the main area of port olisar, spawn your vessel and get out of the station, try to complete one of the missions in order to earn some alpha UEC or simply explore around the various locations of crusader. Just be extra careful when taking off, because it can be fatal. Once you are out there by pressing B you will be able to see all the locations you can travel, you can use your quantum drive in order to jump over there and by pressing F you can visit each and every one of these locations.

After that you are free to explore Crusader, you are free to follow any direction you want, you are free to accept a mission and try to complete it if you want to earn alpha UEC, in order to gain more weapons, to gain better armor and have more chances in the game. Crusader is full with many beautiful and interesting locations that you can visit and explore, try to discover. There are wrecks out there waiting with loot for you, if you want to earn some more money or if you want to find some weapons, there are abandoned stations that you can visit and explore, like the Covalex Shipping Hub, which is also offering a mission and there is of course the asteroid belt of Yela that we are right now, that you can have a quick look, try to find grim hex, if you are a law abiding citizen, visit this second station, this second spawn point in crusader, in the crusader area and have fun.

While playing in crusader you are free to do anything you want, you are free to complete missions, fight npc, fight against other players and of course assist the ICC Probe. Anything is up, anything is available for you and you can follow your own path. This is Star Citizen, this is what Star Citizen offers right now, an one of a kind experience, a unique universe waiting for you to explore and enjoy it. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more. I am SquidofLove and i will see you around the verse. Bye-bye..

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