Today is a great day for Star Citizen! is right around the corner or live depending on when you’re watching and I thought that we might see an influx of new players which would be considering which ship to buy first, if you’re one of those new players looking to buy a new or a first ship, then this is the right video for you! At the end of this video I’ll also be teaching you how to get $5 worth of extra credits in Star Citizen to go along with your new ship. My recommendation would be to pick one of the following ship packages: The Aurora at 45 us dollars, The Avenger Titan at 75 us dollars or the Cutlass Black at 105 us dollars. Let’s look at the Aurora, the Aurora is something a space dad would drive to work every day. It’s very practical, it gets the job done, its not the most performant ship, its not the flashiest ship, but whatever you want it to do, within limits of course, it does it. It has a cargo capacity of 3 SCU, which if you’re new to Star Citizen, it doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s relatively small but then not all ships can carry cargo so even a small amount of cargo can go a long way when you’re trying to complete missions.

Some missions will require you to transport cargo, and if you can’t do that, you can’t do the mission. It also has a bed, which is kind of an important feature in Star Citizen as it is the main way that you’ll be logging out in the game, the first iteration of that is present in 3.0. So, you can log out via the bed, when you come back to play — you spawn back into the ship. As for drawbacks, it’s not really agile and, uhm, its not really focused on one specific job, so then it kinda does all of the jobs, but not extremely well, you wouldn’t say that this is the best ship at anything, really. If you somehow get in a combat scenario in the Aurora, you can count on it to get you out, most of the time. As long as it’s a 1v1, in most cases you’ll be able to get out. And all in all, I think that it’s a great starter ship for any new player that wants to try pretty much everything that star citizen has to offer.

I’d like to show you the Quantum Travel effects for the ship, because for some people aesthetics matter and while the effects are pretty much the same for all the ships, you seeing the ship go into Quantum Travel can really accentuate some of its features. The Avenger Titan is pretty much a straight upgrade from the Aurora. If we were playing one of those more typical games where you would be upgrading your ship instead of choosing a different ship, I really feel that the Avenger could be a just straight upgrade from the Aurora. First of all, it’s a lot more pleasing visually, it has better weapons, better agility, better shields, it can carry almost three times as much cargo, it also has a bed and it’s also a multi-role ship, so it can do cargo, it can do exploration, it has the bed for logging out, it’s just better overall. However — at the price point of 30 dollars extra, I’m not sure that it’s worth the upgrade really. It really depends on how efficient you wanna be with doing stuff, and for most missions that you’re doing in the PU, I think that an Aurora would do just fine for most of the exploration.

So it’s pretty much up to you to decide how much visuals matter to you, how the ship looks aesthetically and how much performance you really want. Two options in which I would see the Avenger Titan as worth the increase in prices is if you put a premium on either cargo as it carries a bunch more cargo than the Aurora or if you put a premium on combat ability because it has better combat overall. However, in situations like those I feel that just a combat ship would do you better than just a multi-role ship that can do combat okay. The Cutlass Black is the most expensive ship on the list, but it’s also the biggest one on the list physically, the first two ships are classed as small ships and this is classed as a medium ship. Upon the first entering the ship, you can notice the much larger cargo bay compared to the first two ships, it can carry six times more cargo than the Avenger Titan can and it also has seating for six people, in the back.

And it also has two fast-opening side-doors for dropship operations. Moving towards the front of the ship, we have a gun rack which can hold four primary weapons and strategically placed next to the gun rack, we have the two beds of the ship, and then to the right of the beds we have the turret, the manned turret, the pilot can not control the turret by himself. Now getting inside and actually piloting the Cutlass you can feel that it is a much larger ship, its not very agile compared to the Titan, that’s to be expected. The Cutlass Black really takes the whole multi-role aspect to a whole new level, it can do cargo exceptionally well, it can function as a dropship — which none of the other ships on the list can, it can explore more efficiently because it can carry two people, ground vehicles, as in an ursa rover or dragonfly — which is basically a space motorbike. All in all, it’s the only viable choice if you wanna travel the ‘verse with a friend. Unless you each want to pilot your own ship, which would be an option as well.

As I promised in the begining, I’m also going to explain how you can get 5 dollars worth of extra credits for doing pretty much nothing. All you have to do is scroll down into the comments section, and look for a highlighted comment by me — Battle Authority — it will contain a link, which you click on and then you make a new account, on the uhh, main star citizen website, that will mark me as the person that refered you to the game and it will give you 5000 extra credits, which are worth 5 dollars if you wanna purchase them on your own. If you already have an account and you haven’t bought a ship yet, you can create a new account, it’s totally free and you can have as many as you want.

I wanted to recommend an organization, if you’re a new player I’m talking about TEST, it’s a very large organization, the largest organization in the game. and, uhm, when an organization is this large, I feel that no matter what you’re into, or what question you have or what you want to do in the game, it’s going to be a lot of people that also want to do the same thing as you and it’s just overall an organization full of helpful and nice people and join just a random group, head out into the universe, crash your Aurora, this is the best organization for you. There’s going to be a link in the description, just marked TEST, if you’re a new player especially, be sure to give them a chance!

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