Hello i am SquidofLove welcome back we are going to take a quick look at an interesting and very fun loadout to use in arena commander in 2.6, we are going to create a railgun loadout for the 350R using three Sledge II mass driver cannons, the goal of this loadout is first to have fun in arena commander and use something different than the main spaceships, than the main vessels that are being used right now like the Super Hornet, the Saber and the Vanguard trying to have fun, be effective and breaking the meta at the same time. The 350R may not be as strong, as sturdy as the ships that we have mentioned but it is faster than them its scm speed can go up to 210 meters per second and when you boost you can reach the speed of 945 m/s, something that makes the 350R a very fun option but speed alone will not help you, it also has three hardpoints, 2 size two and one size 3 and we can equip them with some very strong and very effective weapons, like the Sledge II mass driver cannon.

My goal when creating a loadout is to always have weapons with the same projectile velocity or as close as possible and this is exactly why we are using three size two sledge II mass driver cannons instead of two of them and one size 3 weapon, by taking a quick look at the stats of the sledge II, we can also realize why it is one of the best if not the best size 2 weapon right now, its projectile velocity is at 1969 m/s the best out of all the ballistic weapons in the size 2 category and its range is at 2816 meters, the best out of all the size 2 weapons, its damage is quite strong at 190 the second-best in the size 2 category after the strife mass driver but thanks to its better rate of fire which is at 75 shots per minute, its dps at 20 seconds is at 247 which is the second-best in the size 2 category after the badger repeater and it can go up to 164,47 at 60 seconds, just in case a fight will last longer.

The Sledge II mass driver cannon is a quite cheap weapon to rent with a cost at only 800 REC, so that makes it not only a powerful option but a quite affordable option for every player new or veteran another great advantage of the sledge II mass driver cannon and why i prefer it over the strife mass driver is the fact that it is not using energy based projectiles which means that you can apply your damage directly to your target without the need to take down their shields first. The 350R has the speed to close the distance between you and your targets fast but also the maneuverability to dance around bigger and slower enemies, by using the great scm and boost speed of 350R you cannot only close the distance between your targets fast but you can also evade missiles, try to get out of a bad situation as fast as possible, thanks to the three sledge II mass driver cannons we have equipped you also have enough firepower to deal significant damage to your targets and even destroy them easily.

When you are first trying this loadout going toe to toe with one of the stronger vessels in arena commander, the vessels that dominate arena commander right now, is not going to be impossible but is going to be a lot more risky and this is because the 350R is not as sturdy and doesn’t have the same firepower with these vessels, the more you play with this loadout and the better you become at taking advantage of your 350R speed and the great accuracy, damage and dps of the three sledge II mass driver canons it will be much easier to go against these targets. Overall this is a quite fun loadout to use and it can be quite efficient if used properly and it is a setup that will also help you become a better pilot. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more I am SquidofLove and I will see you around the Verse, bye-bye.

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