Hello everybody welcome back, one of the most interesting aspects of star citizen has to do with the many alien races that will exist in the star citizen universe, alien races that will make the worlds of star citizen a lot more colorful and will provide us with many opportunities and adventures when they will finally be added to the game along with their systems. So today i wanted to talk a bit about the aliens of star citizen, their traits, their characteristics and how their personality is influencing the designs of their vessels. And we are going of course to start with the banu, which is not only the most beloved alien race of star citizen right now but also the first alien race that humanity encountered according to the lore of star citizen.

The banu quickly became friends and valued trade partners and although their discovery was just an accident thanks to honest communication between the two races a Peace and Trade Accord was signed very soon after their discovery and the two civilizations started trading technology but also helping each other. We could say that the different alien races of star citizen have a specific role to play in the universe of star citizen and the banu are the traders of that universe, they love trading and money and they are always looking for the next best deal and they can even trade with the most dangerous aliens, like the vanduuls, if it means money for them.

The structure of their society is also very unique and very interesting, it is based on the Souli, which roughly translate as a guild, where banu live and work together, each souli specializes in a specific industry and can vary widely from a ship manufacturing souli to a trade souli.There is a souli for every aspect of banu life and the banu value specialization more than anything, this is why each banu is considered a specialist in his field.

We can find banu working as dedicated traders or even combat pilots, although the banu don’t have a standing army they can fight if they have to, they can amass a formidable military if they need to defend their worlds and we can of course see this on the designs of their vessels. Bacchus is considered by the UEE their homeworld, something that has not been verified yet and it is the system where banu leaders gather to discuss important matters and also take decisions. Each banu planet is like a separate state and there is no communication between these planets something that makes them excellent for criminals, if someone is wanted on one banu planet he can just escape that planet and go to another banu planet and continue his life of crime.

Their cities now, are built around big marketplaces something that shows their love for trading and negotiations. Now as for their vessels we only know two designs of banu ships, the first one is the Merchantman, a mercantile vessel and the most common banu ship with an impressive cargo capacity and the means to protect itself, the most unique part of the merchantman is of course the negotiation room where the owner of this vessel, is meeting with his clients, showing them his cargo and making deals.

As we have said the banu are the traders of star citizen, they focus on trading and how to make profit not waging wars, this is why the nature of their ships is mostly defensive and we can see this from the Defender, a potent multicrew fighter that is utilizing tech from other races as well, the goal of the defender, like its name implies, is to defend the mercantile vessels of the banu so they can complete their transactions, complete their trading with peace.

They may not have a standing army but they can be skilled fighters if they have to and they can defend their property, they can defend their worlds and the defender is a fine example of this. The Xi’an now were the second alien race discovered by humanity after an unfortunate incident when a human terraforming company tried to terraform a planet inhabited by the Xi’an. Because of that incident the encounter with the xi’an could not be more different than the encounter with the banu, this unfortunate incident set the wrong tone in the relationship between the two races, created distrust and led to a cold war that lasted almost 260 years.

An official war was never declared between the two races because of their similar offensive capabilities mainly but many died in covert operations and espionage from both sides. The Perry line, a line of eight systems, had been the natural border for the two civilizations, a no man’s land actually and a theater of secret warfare all these years. The Messer regime was also using the xi’an to terrorize its citizens and remain in power, something that didn’t help resolving the situation. Humans and Xi’an started having better relations when the Perry line pact was signed, sharing the eight systems equally and especially when the Messer regime was overthrown. Like the banu have their specific role to play in the star citizen universe as the traders of star citizen, the Xi’an are the diplomats, the race that will make use of any means in order to achieve its goals. The Xi’an are also suspected to be involved in the overthrown of the Messer regime something that led to a better relationship between Humans and Xi’an, an effort that continues today with the Human-Xi’an trade initiative and mutual exchange of info between the two races including the recent revelation of the Eclipse Project.

The Xi’an empire is a hereditary absolute monarchy with a formidable military and the Xi’ans appear neutral and serious at first but they will become friendlier and open up when they start trusting others. Crime does exist in their territories but it falls more under the category of organized crime and there are only 14 systems known that belong to the Xi’an but more are believed to exist deep inside their territory. As far as the design of their vessels goes what we know is that they almost all have a vertical design and this is probably something that has to do with different functionalities, like we have mentioned the Xi’an are the thinkers of the star citizen universe, are the diplomats and they will calculate every possible outcome from their actions. The most common design is the Qhire Khartu, a fighter but they also have capital and cargo ships, like the Oracle – class carrier.

Human and Xi’an manufacturers work together to create ships like the khartu -AL Scout, a version of the Qhire Khartu for human pilots but also the reliant series. Xi’an tech of course is used in more ships, like the MISC ships. The Kr’Thak is an alien race of the star citizen universe that remains a mystery for humanity, all we really know about the Kr’Thak is that they are enemies of the Xi’An and they have been at war with them for more than 700 years. It is a space faring, nomadic race that owns several systems and migrates around them and they are located on the other side of Xi’an territory. The UEE has not contacted them yet because they don’t want to risk their relationship with the Xi’an.

Tevarin is the third alien race discovered by humanity and in my opinion the saddest chapter of the star citizen lore. They were encountered when a jump point to their homeworld on the Elysium system was discovered by accident. The Tevarin were a proud, martial race, a feudalistic society and an oligarchy that valued the art of war more than anything. A militaristic race following the Rijora, a warrior code similar to Bushido. The Tevarin were always trying to distinguish themselves in combat and gain honor from war, something that explains why they attacked humans shortly after their discovery, despite the fact that they were technologically inferior. This led to two devastating wars for the Tevarin, against humanity, where they have lost everything. Their systems were captured and terraformed and the majority of their population was exterminated.

Many survivors fled to Xi’an and Banu systems and the rest were absorbed in the UEE. Most of them today live a life of crime and they are considered an inferior species and also treated like one. Very few Tevarin gain citizenship with the most notable example being Suj Kossi, the first Tevarin senator of the UEE. Recent discoveries thought on the Kabal system have uncovered previously unknown Tevarin cities but also recent military activity, this is a mystery and a proof that Tevarin, free Tevarin still exist in the verse and we might have not seen yet the final act in the Human – Tevarin conflict. As for their ships the only known design is the Prowler, a dropship used by the Tevarin extensively in the two wars against humanity with great results. The prowler utilizes the Tevarin unique shield technology, a tech that allowed to the Tevarin to fight the technologically advanced Humans on equal footing and even win many battles. The Phalanx shield is a strong frontal shield that creates an impregnable front especially when used by many ships in a formation.

Another tech is the Airshield Portals that allow the rapid deployment of troops from both sides of the Prowler and both of these technologies, although common today, were first developed by the Tevarin. Last but definitely not least are the Vanduul, the aggressors of the Star Citizen universe. The vanduul were the fourth race discovered by humanity and they are the biggest threat in the star citizen universe. First contact with the vanduul happened when they appeared out of nowhere and started attacking human settlements in frontier worlds, slaughtering everyone. The UEE still seems unable to deal with them and fight against their terrifying and enormous capital ships, like the Kingship. The war against the vanduul is still raging and the outcome is uncertain, they have no central government, they form roaming clans instead, each with its own goals and leadership, something that makes negotiating with them even more difficult. The vanduul society is a meritocracy, you are what you obtain and the clans move around systems, it is basically a nomadic race, harvesting resources and raiding and the ultimate goal of each clan seems to be building a Kingship and continue raiding with it, gaining glory and fame in the battlefield.

They often designated planets as feeding worlds and return to them to collect resources and it is believed now that Humans have desecrated one of their feeding worlds, without knowing it and this is what caused the vanduul to attack humanity and mark them as enemies. They adapt very easily to their enemy tactics, something that makes them a terrifying opponent and their physiology is also very impressive. They don’t feel pain like humans do and they can survive in vacuum without a suit for a certain amount of time thanks to their unique respiratory system.

The more experienced vanduul warriors wear less armor, an armor that is infused with their bodies something that makes them a scary sight in combat. As for their vessels we have a lot of info about their ships, their fighters and their capital ships and this is because we have been fighting them for quite a while. Their fleet consists of small fighters like the Scythe, a single seat fighter that is a very common vanduul fighter, equivalent to the hornet for the UEE, the Blade, a light fighter used as scout and first wave assault crafts, the Glaive, which is a special and stronger fighter than the Scythe that only top pilots can fly it and it is actually considered an honor to fly one and then of course we go to the capital ships of the Vanduul, which are terrifying, like the Driller Harvester Carrier, a capital ship carrying Harvesters, a terrifying vessel moving from world to world consuming them for resources and obviously the biggest capital ship of the Vanduul, the Kingship, a flagship of every vanduul fleet.

This is a massive and heavily armored carrier with a length estimated at around 2800 meters and a crew of several thousands. The Kingship can carry up to 300 Scythes with 100 of them always ready for deployment and the UEE until today has never won a battle where a Kingship was present. We do know a lot more designs of the vanduul fleet, like the Mauler Cruiser, the Hunter Destroyer and the Lightfire Communications ship but we don’t have much info about these vessels. One thing we can say with certainty is that the Vanduul have a fully functional fleet similar to the UEE’s capabilities, something that makes them a fearsome opponent in the star citizen universe. So these were the alien races of star citizen and from their description we can understand very easily what kind of opportunities they will offer us, one thing i have to say is that the star citizen universe is a lot more richer because of the existence of these alien races and will become a lot more interesting when they will finally be added to the game.

So which one is your favorite race, which one would you prefer to become friends with the most? I would love to know, I think personally i do like the Banu and i would love to trade with them but i am also very sympathetic towards the Tevarin. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and i will see you around the Verse, bye bye..

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