Hello everybody welcome back, with the Alpha update we are going to finally get the first actual professions in-game, professions that will have a huge impact on the persistent universe and change the way we play and experience star citizen, trading and piracy especially are going to be very important for the economy of star citizen and the persistent universe not only because they will allow us to start making money by performing our favorite activity but also because they will allow us to have some form of progression in game to give us a sense of accomplishment in the persistent universe so today I would like to take a look at the vessels that will be most suited to perform these two activities, to perform trading or piracy or both of these activities if you wish when the will go live, the vessels we will see today will have to meet a couple requirements with the first one being to not belong to one of the two starter series the Aurora or the Mustang and the second to be fly ready to be in game when the will go live.

So let’s go ahead and start with the reliant Kore which is the base model of the reliant series that can operate as a mini hauler and in my opinion is going to be a good introductory vessel for the trading activity thanks to its decent cargo capacity for its class but also to its unique based on Xi’An designs vertical flight mode is going to be a nice exotic option if you want to graduate from a starter vessel and start dipping your toes into trading the reliant series in general and the kore more specifically were not built for action and you might be in trouble if pirates decide to attack you but it is going to be a nice starting vessel for transporting goods around peaceful areas, for transporting goods peacefully helping you to start making money out of this activity.

Next one on our list is the Avenger Titan, as the cargo version of the Avenger line the Titan is a light cargo hauler and the best multi-role starting option in the persistent universe for me personally, although its cargo capacity is nothing impressive combined with the agility and the combat abilities of the Avenger it gives to the Titan increased flexibility since this is a ship that can carry goods from point A to point B with ease while having the capacity to protect itself the Titan is an excellent upgrade if you wish to perform trading in not so safe territories, if you wish to perform trading pretty much everywhere but it also seems capable of being used for some illegal activities like piracy as part of a bigger group or solo thanks to its small cargo hold and its weaponry obviously its range of targets as a solo pirate vessel is going to be very limited but it is an activity that you can perform if you want. The Cutlass black now is getting a rework and will be an excellent vessel for any activity in the persistent universe with the update, better looks, better armor, weapons and of course a bigger cargo capacity mean that the cutlass black is going to be a potent threat, a potent vessel in the verse and one of the best multi-crew options for trading or piracy in 3.0.

It is kind of obvious to me that the Cutlass black is going to be primarily a pirate vessel but it will have the capacity to be used for trading and carrying cargo from point A to point B, thanks to its increased firepower it will be very easy to threaten slower and not so heavily protected cargo vessels for some or all of their cargo or get your goods to your destination with extra safety, it may require escort from a fighter or two to reach its maximum potential but it is going to be a good solo option as well the rework of the Cutlass black and its new capabilities are making this vessel a direct competitor of the freelancer.

Speaking of which the freelancer is the definition of long-range cargo hauler and the first ship that comes to mind when thinking of trading activities, the freelancer comes with a decent cargo capacity that will help you make a lot of money out of trading and hauling contracts and thanks to its impressive weaponry can protect itself with ease, it lacks maneuverability however so fast and agile enemies might pose a significant threat, what makes this ship even better is its modularity and versatility that will allow you to use it for other activities later. I don’t really think that the freelancer is going to be a nice option for piracy at least as a solo pirate vessel but I guess it could be used in such a group to store and transfer your team’s spoils.

If you are looking for a better option after the freelancer and the cutlass black then the constellation Andromeda but also Aquila are going to be an excellent option for transporting goods with ease around the persistent universe since these two multi crew vessels are reported to have a decent cargo capacity but also strong weapons and turrets to keep attackers at bay and protect your cargo, their lack of maneuverability however is going to be a serious problem if you find yourself attacked by an organized team of pirates so an escort is highly advisable. The Drake caterpillar now is a modular cargo vessel with an impressive cargo capacity and the ability to be an excellent multi crew cargo vessel for solo players or be part of a trading convoy but no matter what Drake claims the ship itself screams piracy, the caterpillar is going to be the perfect flagship for every pirate fleet thanks to its cargo capacity but also the ability to deploy several space bikes increasing like this its firepower no matter how you are going to use it a smaller or bigger escort fleet is advisable to perform your desired activity with success, its tractor-beam dedicated station will make the reclamation of goods easier and its command module will increase the prestige of your gang leader.

Now if none of the vessels that we have already seen is good enough to satisfy your trading and in general your cargo needs then the Starfarer is going to be the best and only option since it will be the vessel with the biggest cargo capacity in 3.0. Primarily a dedicated fuel platform the Starfarer can accept and fulfill hauling contracts or carry goods around thanks to its enormous cargo capacity but by doing so it paints itself a target, a very desirable target for every pirate or enemy group since it is a big and slow vessel, a vessel that is easy to destroy if caught alone so traveling without an escort is going to be a suicide. So these are the vessels that I think will be most suited to perform the activities of trading and piracy in the persistent universe with the Update presented in a form of linear progression taking into consideration the fact that you will have to make money, earn money and work towards your next vessel as a goal. I would love to hear your opinion about these seven vessels, eight if we count the constellations separately and tell me if you think another vessel that will be fly ready in the Alpha will also be a nice option for the activities of trading and piracy.

Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and I will see you around the verse, bye bye..

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