Hello everybody welcome back, the capital ships of star citizen are an important category of vessels that will affect gameplay and will promote teamwork and although we have talked about their benefits, problems and in general the importance they have for the organization that owns them but also the game as a whole, we have not mention which are the designs, the capital ships that we know that exist right now and will be added sometime later in the game, so this is giving us the perfect opportunity to take a quick look at the capital ships we know that exist right now and will be implemented in the persistent universe sometime later. Depending on the size of a vessel many ships in the star citizen universe, no matter what their preferred activity is, could be considered as a capital ship, so in order to make things simple we are going to focus today on the UEE warships, the military vessels that the UEE and humanity in general is using in order to perform a certain activity, establish its presence or defeat its opponents and we are going to try and see what is expected out of these vessels in the verse and how they could benefit you and your organization.

Let’s start with the Polaris, a corvette class capital ship that can have an impressive firepower and its weaponry consists mostly of turrets and torpedoes, the Polaris can be effective against a wide variety of aggressors and scenarios and can perform a number of different roles, from being a naval patrol ship even to a flagship for militia operations, if your fleet consists mostly of non-capital size vessels. The Polaris relies mostly on its speed and its torpedoes in order to destroy its opponents, in order to deal some significant damage and get out of every difficult situation and this is also why it could be considered a very good first response vessel, a potent response vessel.

The preferred targets of the Polaris are bigger capital vessels and stationary targets like a space station, the way it performs in a battlefield is by entering the battle fast, maneuvering around, trying to find the right opportunity to unleash its torpedoes against its targets and then getting out of the area as fast as possible, it is not a vessel that can survive a toe to toe fight with a bigger capital ship, that would mean death this is why it relies on its speed and its main firepower comes from its torpedoes but also why it is covered with turrets in order to protect it from fighters and light bombers. Despite the fact that the Polaris is a capital ship, it is still vulnerable to torpedo strikes and a light bomber or a swarm of light bombers that will manage to approach it unopposed could be fatal. A very interesting characteristic of the Polaris is the fact that it has a hangar that can carry a small fighter for combat support or utility vehicle for additional operational flexibility. The maximum crew of the Polaris is 24 persons and this means that it could be a nice entry point for a small or medium-sized organization that wants to try that kind of gameplay, even a small group of friends could try to operate a Polaris, if they can afford to cover all the other positions with npc, if they can afford to pay the cost of maintenance for that vessel.

Overall I think that the Polaris is a very good option for a new organization, for a small organization that wants to try its feet in that kind of gameplay and wants to perform maybe as a mercenary group, adding some extra firepower to their fleet, to their potential but it can also be a very good option for bigger organizations that want to have a military presence in different areas in the star citizen universe.

Next in the line is the Idris frigate, frigates in general may lack the heavy armor and capital weaponry of a larger class capital vessel but they can be really useful in a battlefield because of their maneuverability and the fact that they are highly configurable, the crew for the Idris frigate is calculated at around 37 to 50 persons, so it is a vessel, it is a capital ship that is destined to be used by a medium-large sized organization that has enough manpower to cover all the necessary stations, all the important stations and spots aboard this vessel but can also pay for the cost of its maintenance without any significant problem. The weaponry of the Idris frigate consists of turrets that work well against capital ships and turrets that work against fighters in order to protect the vessel, the capital ship, this capital ship from torpedo strikes, from any light bomber that will dare come closer and also comes with an impressive size 10 railgun, a devastating weapon that can be used in order to deliver a significant blow to other capital vessels, another interesting characteristic of the Idris frigate is the fact that although it has 4 capital size shields in order to protect itself from enemy fire, it also comes with two separate medium-sized shields for the bridge, something that shows how important is for this vessel and of course for the owner of this vessel, the survivability of the crew and the survivability of the ship itself.

The Idris is the only capital ship that we know in Star Citizen right now that has two variants, the Idris M that is the military version and has more firepower and the Idris P that is more of a support role vessel, a support role capital ship, with more cargo capacity and better speed than the Idris M. Another difference between these two variants is that the Idris P doesn’t come with the devastating railgun that the Idris M is equipped with, the fact that there are two variants of the Idris frigate, makes it an excellent option for any kind of organization, for military and not only military organizations, the Idris M could be used in a number of different military operations, in a number of attacks or defenses, if you want to take down something bigger than you, something with more armor, with more defenses that will need some good firepower in order to take down and this is where the size 10 railgun of the Idris M is going to help you but the Idris P can also be an invaluable addition to any fleet because of the support roles, because of the flexibility it will give to your fleet to carry around personnel and supplies.

The Idris also has the ability to carry up to 3 fighters, something that is increasing its capabilities and give you the option to perform more activities such as patrolling an area, scouting ahead before you can engage the opponent or accomplish another task that you have in mind. A fun fact about the Idris is that it was named after the battle of Idris IV against the Tevarin, an important, decisive battle that gave humanity the victory against the Tevarin in the first Human-Tevarin war.

The Javelin destroyer now is a massive modular vessel that has as a primary goal to dish-out damage and destroy other capital vessels and it is the biggest ship that we know right now that can be safe docked, the Javelin is a very interesting capital ship because of the way organizations and players can acquire one, organizations will be able to acquire a Javelin destroyer but only a former UEE Javelin, a used one that is going to be stripped of its equipment, so it is going to be a great task, a great goal for every organization not only to acquire one of these massive beasts but also to equip it properly. The minimum crew of a Javelin destroyer is calculated at 23 persons but it has escape pods that can carry up to 80 persons, so it goes without saying that you will need a lot of people, you will need to have a big organization in order to operate, to run this capital ship effectively.

The Javelin has enough turrets to protect it from fighters and bombers but also turrets that can work against other capital vessels and torpedo bays and we can see a pattern here, with torpedoes been used extensively in the future in capital versus capital ship combat, its weaponry and defenses are indeed impressive and make it clear that this is a warship, a vessel that is meant to wage war with but what makes the Javelin destroyer even more interesting are its modular capabilities, it comes with 12 modular component bays and 6 modular rooms that can be equipped with additional military equipment or you can choose to add other equipment in them in order to perform activities such as cartography or even science. This is one of the capital ships that I can see being used as a mobile base for a medium-sized organization if you want to go around the verse performing a number of different activities without having a planet to call your home. The Javelin consists of five decks, each with a variety of crew positions and areas to explore and utilize, the bridge where the captain and his officers control the vessel, the top deck where we can find the six modular rooms and configure the purpose of these vessel, middle deck where we can get access to torpedo bays and some of the turrets, the bottom deck where we can find 6 dedicated cargo rooms but also the engineering facilities and the sub-decks that offer additional functionality and are more exposed to space.

Like with the other capital vessels the Polaris and the Idris frigate, that we have seen already, the Javelin will also have a hangar that will have the option, the capability to carry a limited number of fighters but by default, the design, the goal of the Javelin is to carry an Aegis Redeemer and a squad of Marines in order to perform boarding operations. It is obvious that the Javelin is meant for military operations but with the proper equipment, with adjustments to the modular rooms that it has can be re-purposed and perform other activities as well, definitely a vessel that you will need a lot of people to operate effectively but that can also be used as a mobile base for a medium-sized organization. And last but definitely not least is the Bengal carrier, a massive warship of the UEE that is able to carry multiple squadrons of fighters, bombers and support craft, the Bengal carrier is not a capital ship that players and organizations will be able to buy or build, it can only be found as a derelict ship or captured with a boarding party, this is going to be a persistent vessel which means that it cannot be safe docked and it will remain in the game all the time, so you will need a quite big number of players in order to protect your Bengal carrier all the time if you want to acquire one, if you want to operate one of these massive carriers, its weaponry and defenses are truly impressive like the ship itself, it has many turrets that can decimate fighters and turrets that can destroy other capital vessels, it also has an impressive and terrifying ship buster railgun.

14 Phoenix class shield generators plus six burst shield generators but also a strong Icarus armor plating is going to keep it protected from enemy fire and it also has the capability to lay mines and create minefields, something that is going to be very helpful if you want to keep enemies or hostile organizations out of a certain area. The only real problem i can see with the Bengal carrier is the fact that its crew requirements are insane, the crew requirements for this vessel are calculated from 755 persons to 1,000 persons, so I can only see very few, if any organization that will be able to properly crew a Bengal carrier and operate with it effectively. These are the 4 main capital ships of the UEE that we know right now, that we have more info about them and we know CIG is working on them but there are some more capital vessels, capital ships that we have heard, that are not that detailed yet, such as the Pegasus escort carrier, which is a small carrier, able to carry up to 30 fighters, a mini Bengal if you like and is going to be perfect for small organizations if they want to have such a capability to travel around with their fleet and have a carrier on their side but also the retribution which is going to be a massive capital vessel, a super dreadnought that comes with a series of ship buster railguns, what we know about the retribution is that it was used in the battle of the Oberon system against the Vanduul and it was the vessel that gave humanity their first victory against this Alien race.

These are all the info we have about humanity’s capital ships, vessels that players and organizations will be able to acquire and use them in the persistent universe in order to complete their tasks, to perform certain activities. It is not going to be weird in the future to see more capital vessels, to see more classes of capital ships added in the star citizen universe that can fulfill different roles, that will have a different purpose in the battlefield such as battleships, battlecruisers or even cruisers, out of these four vessels which one is your favorite one, which one would you like to own or be crew at one of these vessels, i have to say that my favorite is the Javelin destroyer not only because it is an impressive warship but also because of its modular capabilities and i do also like the Polaris because i think is going to be a quite cheaper and affordable option for every player and organization that wants to have a capital vessel, that wants to go out there and perform activities with a ship of that category.

I would love of course to hear your opinion as well. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more I am SquidofLove and i will see you around the verse, bye-bye..

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