Today is a great day for Star Citizen! The public test universe just got updated and we got the latest piece in cargo technology. More specifically, all prices on goods are now dynamic in the PU. That means that it is now possible to make a profit with cargo hauling in the PU. And in my first test run of the system, I made over four hundred thousand UEC. So to recap: The latest version available for Star Citizen, is Star Citizen Alpha 3.0AP. One of the new features is dynamic inventory and pricing of goods at trading locations. Locations will now have variable pricing that will fluctuate over time based on stock levels and restock rates.

It’s worthwhile to mention that Levski is unavailable in this update, as in you can not buy or sell cargo there. So, all cargo running will be exclusively Port Olisar to GrimHex. What I did was, I looked at Port Olisar: the prices, then I took a screenshot, then I went to GrimHex, did the same, then I quit the game completely. Waited 2 minutes, and then joined a new server, I know that it was a new server because it had extremely high fps in the begining.

Now, the prices did not change at all. There are two possible conclusions here: Either they start from a default value, and there wasn’t enough people trading cargo yet for that value to change or the value is synched across all servers. Which would have pretty major implications, one way or the other. Further testing is required to have a clear answer. Some interesting things to note is that some goods could have a value of 0, instead of the minimum being 1 and some goods were as high as 84, which is quite high if you consider that, that is the price per unit. So you could fit 100 units in 1 SCU, and if you multiply that with the cargo capacity of a larger ship like the Caterpillar, which can carry s..five hundred seventy six SCU, you could be carrying close to five million UEC in your caterpillar — at once! Now, it’s worth mentioning that you can’t actually trade with the Caterpillar in the current patch, because Levski is disabled for trading and GrimHex doesn’t have a pad big enough for the Caterpillar.

So maybe that is exactly why Levski is disabled, but without CIG clarifying it’s all speculation. Now, moving back to the cargo run which netted me a profit of almost four hundred thousand UEC: What I did was, I purchased Laranite from GrimHex at the price of 39 UEC/unit and I bought 9600 units which is the maximum a Constellation Aquilla can hold. Now this cost me exactly three hundred eighty thousand five hundred and fourty nine UEC to buy. And after a short trip to Port Olisar, I sold them at more than double their initial value at 84 UEC per unit. Which put the actual transaction seven hundred seventy-nine thousand, one hundred UEC from which you deduct the initial buy cost and then you are left with a pure profit of three hundred ninety-eight thousand, five hundred and fifty one UEC.

If you only count the time elapsed between when I bought the goods on GrimHex and when I sold them on Port Olisar, this whole affair only took seven minutes. If you also add the research then its around seventeen minutes total. Which is still pretty decent I I think. That’s all for now, however I will be making a follow-up video after I understand the trading system better and maybe I have a bunch of tips, maybe they unlock Levski and then we can look at some real profits using the Caterpillar. Until next time, this has been Battle Authority..

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