Hello I am SquidofLove welcome back. With the star citizen universe being so beautiful, full of mystery and hidden opportunities, exploration is going to be an one-of-a-kind experience and many of us will try to turn it into our main form of occupation, our main activity in the game. Exploration is going to be for many players and organizations not only a way to make a profit but also a way to carve their own path and live their dream as an explorer in the star citizen universe and what is the best vessel to explore the verse with other than the anvil Carrack.

The Carrack now may be available for civilian use as a pathfinder spacecraft but it was originally designed as a military exclusive for the UEE navy and has been the vanguard of every UEE exploration effort. It was the vessel that the UEE was using primarily in order to explore unknown territory, discover and map Jump points and the best way to describe it is as a long-range exploration vessel mainly because of some of its features, some of the equipment it comes with, such as the reinforced fuel tanks for long-duration flight. The Carrack has a maximum crew of five persons, its length is at 123 meters and its mass when empty is at 180,000 kilograms it also comes equipped with an advanced Tarsus Tunneler jump drive, a dedicated computer core for jump charting operations and a mapping oriented sensor suite, from this kind of equipment and of course the past of the Carrack, how it was used by the UEE navy, we can understand that the focus of this vessel is to discover and chart, map jump points but of course that’s not what only exploration is in the star citizen universe, there are going to be a lot more points of interest, a lot more locations that can hide loot, valuable info and provide us with a unique experience and the Carrack despite its specialized equipment for finding and charting jump points can help you take advantage of every discovery in the star citizen universe.

The goal behind the Carrack’s design is to create a truly self-sufficient exploration vessel that can travel farther away into the unknown and stay there for longer while trying to make discoveries, we can understand this not only from the reinforced fuel tanks for long-duration flight but also the onboard accommodations the Carrack has including area for the crew, medical and repair facilities that can deal with most emergencies but also the mapping oriented sensor suite that is capable of always charting a route back home or to the nearest safe area. Another great feature that makes the Carrack an interesting exploration option is the fact that it comes with three modular bays that can be turned into extra cargo holds increasing in that way the initial cargo capacity of 1,058 units that the Carrack is reported to have on the official site by a lot giving you in that way more flexibility and allowing you to stay out there for longer, discovering and exploring derelict ships and other points of interest in order to find loot and make more profit out of this activity. If exploration is the first word that comes in mind when thinking of the Carrack then versatility is definitely the second and this is because practically the Carrack is three vessels in one, it has a small hangar that can carry a scout ship but also a garage that is suitable for an Ursa class rover, giving you in that way more capabilities, increasing your capabilities and allowing you to perform the exploration of your choice.

By using the Scout ship you can access areas that the Carrack because of its size cannot access or it’s not safe to go near these points of interests and of course ground exploration is also an option using the Ursa rover while the Carrack can sit and wait in the landing area or provide air support. The existence of the scout ship is especially important because it will probably give us the option to enter and map jump points that the Carrack itself cannot enter because of its size and this is the only drawback that i can find on the Carrack, the fact that because of its size, it is a big vessel after all, it cannot enter into the smaller jump points, another way to explore safely is by launching its drones, because the Carrack will have the ability to carry drones, launch them and explore points of interest without risking in that way the crew, without risking the hull integrity and of course the ship itself.

Let’s not forget that the Carrack was originally a military design, a military exclusive so that means that it has the necessary defenses and weaponry to protect itself and fight against attackers, it comes equipped with 4 size 4 turrets in total, two unmanned turrets on top and bottom and 2 twin turrets on each side so that means that it can protect itself from every possible direction and it has enough firepower to destroy everything and everyone that will dare attack it, whether that is a pirate, an alien or another Explorer as for its defenses the size 7 shield it comes equipped with but also its high tensile armor will keep you protected and alive in most situations. The goal for the Carrack is obviously to not focus on the offensive, it is not an offensive ship after all but to have enough firepower and defenses so it can explore with safety and survive out there, the canopy of the vessel is also designed in a way to not only offer great visibility so you can admire the beauty of space in front of you and feel like a true Explorer but also protection, this is because it comes with a beautiful single multi-store cockpit window that comes with a titanium reinforced blast cover capable of sealing off the ship quickly when danger strikes, protecting from an attack from aliens, pirates or meteor strikes or something worse even.

When the Carrack enters in bast mode it can rely on its extensive onboard sensors for flight after all the bridge of the Carrack is equipped with control surfaces for extensive scanning, mapping and charting sensor suites. Some more info regarding the equipment of the Carrack, it has 2 main and 16 maneuvering thrusters and it can be equipped with a maximum size six power plant that will provide all the necessary energy in order to operate the equipment that the ship is coming with and on the exterior of the vessel we can very easily distinguish the antenna array and the two jump plotting antenna arms that extend from the hull of the vessel and give emphasis to the exploration role of the Carrack but also its focus on finding and mapping jump points, it has 3 docking collars but also solar panels and an ion power generator, necessary equipment in order to build a self-sufficient vessel, equipment that will provide you with the necessary extra energy in order to stay out there and explore for longer. This was the anvil Carrack, a true explorer, a self sufficient exploration vessel that comes with specialized equipment and is focusing on finding and mapping jump points but it can help you take advantage of everything you are going to find in the verse, the Carrack is perfect for any type of exploration because it comes with a scout ship and an Ursa rover, a ground vehicle that will help you perform ground exploration or simply reach areas that the Carrack cannot access because of its size.

Because of its equipment and capabilities the Carrack is definitely the king of exploration and a dream for every aspiring explorer in star citizen. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and i will see you around the verse, bye-bye.

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