Hi guys. So I’ve decided to make a very quick how to video to hopefully help the new players out there. One of the things that really stumped me when I first started playing Star Citizen was the very simple thing: how to take off. Seems so simple but the controls can be very daunting and the answer is sometimes not too obvious. So let hop in to the Aurora here and lets show you how to do this. So as I say, just climbing in to the ship. Climb in to the pilots seat. Obviously if you’re in a multi-crew ship, make sure you’re in the pilot seat not in a crew seat. Because you won’t be able to pilot the ship. So we’re in the Aurora, we’re in the pilot seat. Engine’s firing up. All the system are online. So now how do we take off? Very simply, just hold down the space bar on the keyboard, like so. That’s it, the ship just fly’s straight up. That’s it, simple as that. Just hold the space bar. Then what I would suggest is moving away from any objects that you might be able to hit, like port Olisar here for example.

Then raise your landing gear with the N key and your speed will increase. That’s it, simple as that. I hope it’s helped you guys and if it has please hit subscribe or like the video.

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