Hello everybody welcome back, the alpha is going to be the most important update for star citizen because it will expand our persistent universe and introduce the planetary tech of star citizen for the first time with the addition of three moons around Crusader and Delamar, obviously the ability to land on these celestial objects, walk on the surface navigate and explore is going to be very important but not the only important addition, equally important are going to be the new ships we are going to get with alpha 3.0, vessels that will allow us to travel around the expanded persistent universe, follow our preferred activity, land on the surface of these celestial objects and even perform some ground exploration, so I thought it would be nice to talk about the new vessels of star citizen, the new ships that we are going to get with not only alpha but the other upcoming update, there are two more updates planned for 2017, and and even talk about some other vessels that we know are scheduled for production or they are already being worked but they are not planned to come this year and we’ll probably see them sometime next year 2018.

Let’s go ahead and talk about what else of course the alpha that is planned for release sometime between July 6th and July 20th and the dates for the evocati PTU and the wide PTU are very close. Like I have mentioned already the highlight of the Alpha is the planetary landings, is the ability to land on the surface of the three moons around Crusader and Delamar and explore around in order to perform this action we are going to need some ground vehicles, vehicles we are going to get with alpha and I am obviously talking about the drake dragonfly and the ursa rover, the dragonfly is an one-of-a-kind space bike, a snub ship that can be transported around with a bigger vessel if you have enough room in your cargo hold to carry a dragonfly and can operate in space but also on the ground, the ursa rover on the other hand is a much more reliable ground vehicle since it can navigate around most terrain and it can also allow you to carry more personnel, more people, more players with you it is an all-terrain rover that can be transported with other bigger vessels as well like the constellation series and will allow you to perform ground exploration with ease, the cutlass black is not a new ship obviously, it has been around for quite a while but it is getting reworked and the final new and improved version of the cutlass black will come to the game with the update, this new version of the cutlass black is going to be bigger, better with a better cargo capacity, a bigger cargo hold and obviously meaner since its weaponry, its offensive capabilities have been improved it will be an excellent option for not only trading that will make its debut in the game with and exploration as well but also for other activities that are not so legal if you want to follow that path in star citizen, the constellation Aquila is also coming in the game with the update this is the exploration variant of the constellation series that will make the exploration of the three moons and Delamar a lot easier since it can also carry an ursa rover, last but definitely not least with the update we are also going to get the prospector a mining little vessel, an introduction to the mining activity that was initially announced for the update but is not in schedule right now, it is not planned for at least at the beginning, we might see it later with one of the or updates, we might see it in the update as a surprise we will have to wait, having the prospector at least in-game will give us a much better idea of what to expect out of this activity.

The update will reintroduce to us the aurora model, the updated aurora model that is being worked right now and hopefully provide to new players a much better experience a new racing vessel will make its appearance the razor which is quite important because it will come to the game with a new system, a new feature, a brand-new fuel collecting system, the Proteus system which is going to be kind of revolutionary in the game because it will be the first actual ship in the star citizen universe that will be able to replenish its fuel while traveling, cutlass red and cutlass blue are going to come with the update, the other two variants of the cutlass series, the police-bounty hunter version and the ambulance important additions not only because will give more options to bounty hunters to hunt down criminals but also because the cutlass red will introduce the search-and-rescue system, the search and rescue feature for the first time in the expanded persistent universe, the terrapin will come in the game with a scanning, a long-range exploration / reconnaissance ship, another option after the herald for some stealth gameplay, an excellent option for everyone that wants to sit in the dark and monitor his enemies or trying to find some useful info, trying to find some points of interest to sell to the highest bidder, the vanguard harbinger will also come to the game with the 3.1, the bomber variant of the vanguard series and a step closer to complete this very beloved despite all the flaws it has ship series, another option for everyone that loves that kind of gameplay, another option for organizations to start testing out the different bombers we have in game right now for future purposes, the highlight of the new ships for the update is for me the Hull C, a trading vessel with a great cargo capacity that will be an amazing addition to take advantage of the truck-stops, the space stations that will be added with the update, the hull c will be our introduction to the hull series and their unique design, as we all know by now the hull ships consist of three parts, the manned cab, the drive unit and their spindle the most unique part of their design which is where the cargo is attached and the reason why they can carry more cargo than other ships of similar-size, the spindle and its arms also give to the hull series an increased modularity and allow them to carry not only different types of cargo containers but other ship upgrades as well like shield generators, extra weapons and even a snub fighter if you have enough space, will not only complete the Stanton system with the addition of the two last planets, Microtech and Hurston but will also complete the constellation series with the addition of the constellation Phoenix and the constellation Taurus, like this players will get another freighter in game, a multicrew freighter like the Taurus with a decent cargo capacity that will increase our options for trading but also the luxury variant of the constellation series, the constellation Phoenix that can work as a command ship for organizations but also has smuggling capabilities thanks to a hidden censored dampened area, the Vanguard Sentinel will also make its appearance in the update, the electronic warfare variant of the vanguard series and the last vessel of this series, this is an amazing combat support vessel that comes with an AR cockpit, e-war pod, decoy missiles and a set of EMP charges, its goal is to confuse the enemy and allow to its allies to reach their target undetected unleash their attack and get out of the area, with the update we are also going to get two more freelancer, MISC freelancer vessels, the MISC freelancer MAX, another trading vessel that has additional cargo capacity at the expense of weapons and the freelancer DUR, the exploration variant of the freelancer series that sacrifices some cargo for more specialized exploration equipment, it comes with an enhanced jump drive, an advanced scanner and an expanded fuel tank to allow you to stay out there exploring for longer.

These are the vessels that we are going to get, that are planned to come with the three upcoming updates, the updates that are planned to get in game before the end of 2017 but there are some more vessels that we know from the production schedule report and we have heard news about their development from the developers themselves so let’s go and take a good look at these vessels and talk about them, first of all is of course the Reclaimer, an industrial salvage ship, a dedicated salvager that is equipped with a reinforced cargo bay, a long range jump drive and launch pods for unmanned drones, with its huge claw and the many tractor beams it can be equipped with it is going to be an amazing vessel to take with you if you find a derelict ship, it can handle debris with ease and it can help you make a small fortune out of salvage from the latest news regarding the development of the reclaimer we know that the habitation and tech decks are fully fleshed out on the interior but also that the developers have added an enormous salvage processing room and they are working on finishing the drone room, the engineering deck and the cockpit, the reclaimer is now a huge salvage vessel and it is an impressive industrial vessel that we can use in order to make money out of salvage and its work and the work on this very unique vessel is planned, is scheduled to finish by September, 6th of September of 2017, the freelancer MIS, the last variant of the freelancer series, a missile platform that sacrifices the majority of its cargo capacity in order to carry more missiles and deal with its enemies in that way, the work on the freelancer MIS is planned to finish by October 13th of 2017, like the Aurora series is getting an update we are going to see updates on the Mustang series as well this is planned to finish by November 27th of 2017 and hopefully will make the starter vessels much better and more beautiful and a lot more easier to use by new players before the end of 2017 we are also going to see the hurricane complete, the work on the hurricane is planned to finish by December 11th, it is a heavy fighter with great offensive capabilities that can be deadly in a group.

We are now jumping into the future, into 2018 and let’s talk about the 890 Jump, a luxurious space yacht, an impressive space yacht perfect for passenger transport but other activities like exploration. Because of its great capabilities it can be an excellent option for a player or a small group of friends that want to perform activities like passenger transport or other activities like performing exploration in style in the verse, the work on the 890 Jump is planned to finish by March 23rd of 2018, the Banu Merchantman is another beloved vessel of the star citizen universe that comes from the banu race and doesn’t really need any introduction it is a mercantile vessel with many capabilities that has a great cargo capacity as it is right now, one thing we need to mention about the banu merchantman is that it is going to grow and the stats we have right now are going to become bigger and better so it will have an enormous cargo capacity and many capabilities to live in the verse in any way you like and this is exactly why it is considered something more than a ship, your home in the stars, its most unique part is the negotiation room where you can meet with your clients, show them your cargo and make a deal, this is going to be an amazing vessel for everyone that wants to spend his time in the star citizen universe traveling around from one system to another trying to find a better deal, trying to make a lot of money and the work on the merchantman is planned to finish by May 1st of 2018.

We have left the best for the end the anvil Carrack, the king of exploration it is a long-range exploration vessel that can sustain itself and comes with reinforced fuel tanks for long duration flight, advanced jump drive, dedicated computer core for jump charting operations, crew medical and repair facilities, a mapping oriented sensor suite, ursa over and a scout ship. The Carrack is not only going to be an excellent option for finding and mapping jump points but for every other type of exploration since it comes with the required equipment, the work on the Carrack is planned to finish by May 8th of 2018 and i really can’t wait to fly and test it in the verse.

From these dates we can also take a very good idea of when to expect some other activities in game since most of these vessels are tied to a certain activity like for example the 890 jump is tied to passenger transport or the carrack is tied to exploration, one thing I need to mention is that we should take all these dates and of course the ships that are planned for the three upcoming updates with a grain of salt and this is because CIG is following a “you’ll get it when it’s ready” kind of policy so we might see most of these vessels in game a lot sooner, than their planned date, which is actually great and I really hope it will happen.

So what do you think of these vessels, which one is your favorite, which one you really can’t wait to get in game, to get on your hands, for me personally i really can’t wait for the banu merchantman and the anvil carrack but I’m afraid i will have to wait for them quite a while since they will be ready apparently around May of 2018 but I’m also really excited about all the new ships that will come in game with 3.0, 3.1, and I really want to fly them, I really want to test them and see how good they fly and how good they can perform the different activities of star citizen.

Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and I will see you around the verse, bye-bye..

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