Hello everybody welcome back, the game changer ship was finally revealed last week, it is the consolidated outland pioneer and the developers have given us the first info about it. Apparently the pioneer is going to be some kind of a construction vessel that will be able to build forward bases and even colonize new planets, new areas as its name implies after all.To be totally honest we don’t have much info about the pioneer and how exactly it is going to work, we don’t really know if it is going to be capable of building bases on spot with materials that can find on other planets or on the planet itself that wants to colonize or if it is going to be just a transportation vessel, that will be transporting modules that players and organizations will be able to place at an area of their choice, building their own base and making that specific planet, that specific area their home. Nonetheless the introduction of the pioneer to the game is definitelly something that is changing Star Citizen as we know it and this is simply because it is introducing a mechanic that has never being around.

We have heard before Chris Roberts and the developers, discussing about giving players the tools to build their own bases but with the pioneer this is slowly becoming a reality and players and organizations, mainly organizations because i think the pioneer is going to require a lot of people and an organized effort to use it properly, will be able to build their own bases, to find their own favorite planets and call them their home. Like i have mentioned before the pioneer could work as a base building vessel or a forward base for explorers in a dangerous area or for an organization, depending on what they are trying to achieve. We will learn a lot more about the pioneer and the mechanics it will introduce to star citizen at this year’s citizencon that will take place this Friday, October 27th.

The pioneer is going to be available as a concept vessel during citizencon, during and after citizencon and its cost is going to be quite high at 850$ something that makes it clear to me that it is a ship targeting organizations, big organizations and in general group of friends that can share that cost. Something else we have to mention is that the pioneer is also going to be available in limited quantities. Speaking of Citizencon the event this year is taking place this Friday, October 27th and we have already received the detailed schedule for this citizencon with the latest newsletter, it is going to be definitely very interesting not only because we are going to hear more about the pioneer but also because CIG is going to reveal a lot more new and cool stuff hopefully, since the theme of this year’s citizencon is exploring new worlds. Now let’s go back and discuss about the burndown process and the whole progress of the Alpha evocati testing. The developers are reporting great progress on several blocking issues and at the same time they are tackling new issues that appear thanks to the hard work of the evocati, they are working really hard on the shopping-commodity and cargo gameloop in order to allow to the evocati to start focusing on this aspect of the alpha update, something that will bring us a step closer to a wide PTU release first and an official release of the alpha update later.

From the production schedule report we learn that there are 20 issues right now before the evocati can start testing the next cargo and shopping experience, from the 23 we had last week. It is progress, definitelly this is progress and we are slowly getting closer to an alpha wide PTU but i don’t know how possible a wide PTU during this citizencon, in around 5 days from now, is going to be, we will have to wait, we will have to wait and see the overall progress of the developers and the evocati and hopefully an alpha wide PTU release will not be that far away from this year’s citizencon. Lastly let’s take a quick look at the feature that around the verse has focused on last week which was the legacy armor and in general the effort of the developers in order to rebuild these legacy armors, light-medium-heavy outlaw and marine armors, make all the pieces modular so the players will be able to mix and match different pieces in order to personalize the looks and the performance of their armor. Instead of buying and using entire sets, the players will be able to use different pieces of each armor in order to create their own unique armor.The developers are working really hard in order for the pieces to look nice when combined together and not messy and at the same time they are focusing on iconic items and pieces for each legacy armor that will make them look and feel unique.

We also had a quick look at the undersuits that will be required in order to wear any armor, they will be necessary to go into EVA, space, into vacuum but also at the redesign of the heavy outlaw armor which is quite spectacular. This is everything i wanted to share with you today, i am really excited about the pioneer but also this year’s citizencon, i can’t wait to hear what Chris Roberts is going to reveal to us and of course what kind of gameplay the pioneer is going to introduce to star citizen. I would love to hear your opinion about the pioneer, what do you think about the new and quite interesting gameplay it will introduce to star citizen but also about its price. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and i will see you around the verse, bye bye.

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