Hello everybody welcome back, exploration in star citizen is the activity that is allowing us to dream of the future, to dream of all the extraordinary encounters we are going to experience and all the beautiful worlds we are going to discover as soon as the gameplay and the universe of star citizen will start expanding. What really makes this activity unique are not only the various exploration vessels with the different equipment they can carry and the number of different opportunities they can offer you but also the jump point system that dictates where you can go in the verse, which parts of space known or unknown you can visit based on the exploration vessel you will be using.

As we have discussed already in previous videos there are three types of jump points, small, medium and large and based on the type and the size of the exploration vessel you will be using you can pass through one of these three types of jump points. We have already talked about starter exploration vessels that are not only vessels that can jump through small jump points but also help you to understand what really exploration is in the star citizen universe and if it is the activity for you. So today i would like to focus on the best exploration vessels that cannot only jump through medium and large jump points but can also carry the best exploration equipment, the equipment that will allow you to make discoveries, perform this activity properly and stay out there into the unknown for as long as you wish.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at these exploration vessels starting with of course what else, the constellation Aquila, the exploration variant of the constellation series and a dedicated explorer. For me personally the aquila is the best first option after the freelancer dur and the best option if you want to expand your multicrew exploration experience. The aquila will not only help you discover every kind of point of interest, every kind of interesting location since it comes with a Nav E7 long range scanner and jump point navigation sensors from willsop that will help you locate even the hardest to find jump points but will also allow you to stay out there into the unknown for as long as you wish since it comes with an expanded fuel tank something that will make it very easy for you to stay out there exploring without the need to visit a port often for refueling.

The aquila offer accommodations for your crew since it comes with a small crew quarters area with sleep/ejection pods, in case of an emergency but also a shower, something that will prove really helpful later when the first survival gameplay elements will start finding their way into the game. It can also carry an ursa rover that will allow you to perform ground exploration with ease but a merlin snub fighter as well for scouting and assistance that will further increase your operational capabilities. What really makes the aquila to stand out is its multi-role capabilities since despite the fact that it can work, operate as a dedicated explorer, in reality is a hybrid of science and exploration since it comes with a science station on top, that can be swapped with an actual turret for more firepower or protection later. Combining this with the additional climate controlled sample storage units in the cargohold we can understand that the aquila is the perfect option for everyone that loves exploration but science as well.

The aquila is reported to have a decent cargo capacity but there is a certain issue with that cargo capacity, while carrying the ursa rover. This is definitely a topic that requires clarification from CIG in order to know if the constellation aquila has any remaining cargo capacity while carrying the ursa rover. Despite that fact, despite that little problem that might arise later, when CIG will give us more info, the aquila is still a very good option for anyone that wants to perform exploration of any kind, space exploration but also ground exploration as well and will offer for you and your team many opportunities to have fun playing together but also make a decent profit out of this activity. Next one on our list is the 600i explorer, which is the newest vessel of star citizen and despite the fact that has caused some controversy among the backers, I personally think will be an excellent exploration option, i consider the 600i explorer aesthetically superior to the aquila with similar capabilities but significant differences as well.

Its exploration module comes with an additional radar and scanning station offering a suite of mapping systems and scanning gear for your exploration needs, something that we have only seen on the carrack until now and this alone is a great point for the 600i explorer, a great selling point for choosing this vessel as your exploration dedicated vessel. The 600i base model was built with luxury in mind and this is a trait that we can see it carrying over to its exploration module. Its wraparound single-piece canopy but also its rear window will offer great visibility and give a certain feeling of a luxurious touring to your exploration trips. The 600i explorer can carry a rover from origin and at the same time have a small cargo capacity which make it a very good option for ground exploration and collecting loot and there are also mentions that in the future it will be able to carry not only that rover but an x1 open canopy ground vehicle at the same time as well.

We can see that it is a very nice option if you want to perform some ground exploration, visit planets and go out there with your rover or later the x1 but it lacks a snub fighter, it doesn’t have a snub fighter like the aquila has and this is the biggest advantage the aquila has over the 600i. The 600i also seems to be a very easy to solo vessel that will allow you to go out there without the need to hire npc later or bring more players with you, something that makes it a very good option for collecting info, discover points of interest and in general try to make money out of pure exploration, out of discovering locations and at the same time sightseeing.

Last but definitely not least, the anvil carrack, the king of exploration, the best exploration vessel right now in star citizen in terms of equipment and operational capabilities. Originally a military vessel the carrack was built as a self-sustaining ship that can make long duration trips through the most dangerous areas of space and at the same time carries all the necessary equipment to perform any type of exploration. The carrack comes with reinforced fuel tanks for long duration flight that will allow you to perform this activity for longer without the need to refuel often, an advanced tarsus tunneler jump drive, antenna array and jump plotting antenna arm, a dedicated computer core for jump charting operations and its bridge features control surfaces for extensive scanning, mapping and charting sensor suites.

It is obvious that its focus is on discovering jump points and charting new routes to known systems or charting routes to unknown territories, discovering and exploring new worlds. It is also equipped with an ion power generator plus solar panels that will provide you with all the required power to run your equipment. At the same time the carrack can carry a rover for ground exploration but also a scout ship that can be used for assistance or scouting new areas and unmanned explorer drones that can help you explore, scout ahead dangerous areas, areas that your crew can’t or should not explore themselves, it comes with an enormous cargo capacity which make it the perfect option for not only pure exploration, discovering points of interest and locations, gathering info in order to sell later to the highest bidder but at the same time is a very good option for collecting loot, samples and artifacts that can help you increase your profit out of this activity.

The three modular bays it has give to the carrack increased modularity, give it better flexibility since they can be swapped for cargo modules, for extra cargo, increasing your revenue and your profit from your exploration trips and it is also possible later in the future to be equipped with something else that will allow you to perform other activities along with exploration at the same time. Since the focus of the carrack is on survivability and being self sufficient, along with exploration obviously, it comes with on board accommodations including crew, medical and repair facilities that will help you stay out there into the unknown exploring for longer without the need to return to a space station for not only refueling but also your crew’s other needs.

Its cockpit is offering great visibility but also increased protection since it comes with a beautiful single pane multi-store window that is equipped with a titanium reinforced blast cover capable of sealing off the ship quickly when danger strikes, protecting it from an attack or meteor strikes. The carrack is without any doubt the perfect exploration vessel, the best exploration vessel right now in star citizen that can perform any type of exploration you want and take you everywhere you want in the verse. There are a couple negative things that we could mention for the carrack, the first one has to do with the large jump points, the fact that the carrack will probably be able to jump only through large jump points, will somewhat limit your operational capabilities, will force you to follow certain routes, to follow certain jump points in order to reach your destination but this is what the scout ship is for, you could use your scout vessel to jump through small and medium jump points, scout a bit the new system that you have discovered then return to your mothership with all the required info to make some profit and continue your journey.

Another negative thing, that might not be so negative for the most of us is the necessity to have a capable crew with you at all times in order to run this ship properly. It is kind of obvious that the carrack is an excellent multicrew exploration vessel and it will not be a wise decision to go out there alone, to go out there solo without at least a couple more players or npc assisting you. These are the three best exploration vessels in star citizen right now, in terms of equipment and capabilities that can jump through medium and large jump points but i feel that there are a couple more vessels that we should mention here despite the fact that they are not pure exploration vessels, that they are not dedicated explorers.

The first one is the 890 jump, which is in reality a luxurious space yacht that has passenger transport as its main focus but can also be used for exploration up to a certain degree while traveling since it comes with a full spectrum sensor array from willsop but also an 85x snub fighter that can help you scout, explore somewhat more efficiently, go ahead take a look at some dangerous areas and not only be used for carrying passengers to and from your 890 jump. In terms of exploration we should also take into consideration the breathtaking view that the owner of the 890 jump will have from its bridge and let’s not also forget the Endeavor, a fully modular research vessel that can be adapted for a variety of tasks including exploration.

In reality the endeavor is a multi-stage ship, a multi-part ship with its first part being the Explorer, an armored cab with the ability to detach and operate under its own power in extreme conditions. Despite the fact that this cab, the explorer is reported to have all the necessary equipment for scouting, for exploring a system it is not equipped with a jump drive nor will have one in the future so it will always depend on the workshop, which is the second part of the endeavor to jump from system to system something that is limiting the operational capabilities of the explorer since it can only jump through large jump points along with the main body of the endeavor.

At the same time the endeavor itself and its workshop can be equipped with a telescope array that turns it into a powerful mobile stellar observatory, allowing to the crew to gather data from standard observation of comets to jump point discovery. So these were the best exploration vessels, multicrew exploration vessels in star citizen right now that can jump through medium and large jump points and will be waiting for you if you decide to follow this career in star citizen. To make exploration your main form of occupation. The carrack with its specialized equipment and its unique capabilities is obviously the king of exploration that will help you become an efficient and successful explorer but the 600i and the aquila are both great alternatives not only to the carrack if you wish to take advantage of medium jump points as well but also one to each other depending on what kind of exploration you wish to perform.

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