Hello everybody welcome back, star citizen is going to be a living and breathing universe with many beautiful worlds to explore and admire but also many various encounters to experience, in reality what is going to make the worlds of star citizen alive and breathing are the various professions that we will be able to perform but also the ships that will allow us to perform them so today I would like to take a quick look at the starter vessels of the star citizen professions the vessels that will not only help us to start performing a specific activity and learn everything we need to know about that activity but will also help us perform this specific job efficiently and progress in the game the goal of this video will be to guide you towards the right direction and vessel if you are interested in a specific activity. So let’s go ahead and start with one of the activities that is going to have the biggest impact on the economy of star citizen and this is obviously the activity of cargo or trading the truth here is that although there are many starter vessels like the starter ships from the Mustang or aurora series or even the reliant kore and the avenger Titan that could be used in order to dip your toes into trading I personally think that the hull a is the best starter vessel for anyone that wants to start a trading career this is mainly because despite the fact that the hull a is similar to the starter series, to the aurora and the Mustang it is a pure cargo vessel it is not a jack-of-all-trades like these other starter vessels and its focus is 100% on trading, it has a great cargo capacity for its size and this is thanks to the unique design of the whole hull series its telescopic cargo spindle consists of many arms where cargo is attached and in that way can carry significantly more cargo than other ships of similar size something that is making the hull a the best starter option the best starter vessel in my opinion if you are really interested in trading and want to see what this activity is all about if you want to see what kind of profit you will have with a cargo dedicated vessel.

Our choice for mining is going to be a lot easier since the prospector is the only mining starter vessel that will be available in the game with the next update, the despite the fact that mining will come later from what we have seen the prospector seems to be a great solo vessel for the activity of mining and with its arrival in the game with the next update will give us a very good idea of what to expect out of mining. For the activity of bounty hunting every fighter every combat vessel could be used in order to pursue pirates pursue criminals and destroy them but in my opinion the best starter vessel to perform this activity is going to be the Avenger stalker it seems to be the most suitable starting option for bounty hunting and this is because of the prisoner transport pods it can carry instead of a cargo hold, like this the Avenger stalker is not only a very capable combat vessel with good firepower, speed and agility but also has the capacity to arrest criminals and bring them back to face justice.

Like with the previous activity many vessels could be used as pirate vessels depending on the target but I think the most potent one, the most suitable to start your pirate activity, to start your pirate life in the verse is going to be the reworked cutlass black, with better weapons armor and a bigger cargo capacity can go after a large number of targets and force them to abandon some or all of their cargo obviously fast and agile enemies might pose a threat but it will be a very good option, a very good vessel against slow and not so heavily protected targets thanks to the combination of great firepower and decent cargo hold in order to carry your spoils but also the fact that can carry space bikes and increase like this its operational capabilities the reworked cutlass black that will come with the update will be a very good multi-crew but also solo option for piracy. For players that want to become medics that want to be involved with search and rescue in the verse the best option the best starting option is going to be another variant from the Cutlass series the Cutlass red this is because the cutlass red converts the standard cargo hold for a well-equipped medical facility, is turning itself into a space ambulance and at the same time is equipped with a long range scanner that will make it easy for you to discover players and NPC in need.

For exploration now there are again many early options to start performing this activity in the verse but I think two vessels manage to stand out as good starter ships the first one is the Mustang beta which is built for long-range flights and comes equipped with a tarsus leaper jump engine but also its unique com4T living quarters to offer accommodations during your exploration trips, the second is the 315p from origin the exploration variant of the 300 series and it is a great choice for every serious explorer, it is equipped with long-range engines, a custom scanning package designed by chimera communications, an explorer jump engine and a more robust power plant than the 300i’s to provide all the required power to run your equipment it also comes with a tractor beam that will help you retrieve items easier and I think that both of these two vessels the beta the Mustang beta and the 315p are going to be an excellent starting option for exploration that will allow you to make discoveries easily and jump later into a more capable exploration vessel now if you do enjoy exploring around the verse but your focus is more on science and research then the Reliant Sen is going to be the best option here since it is a versatile mobile science platform outfitted with long range capabilities and an advanced sensor suite, this is going to be excellent to start researching in the verse because it is an explorer – science hybrid and will prepare you accordingly to jump later to the Constellation Aquila which is again a bigger explorer – science hybrid.

The next activity is quite unique, is quite special and there is only one vessel right now that is suitable to start performing it, I am talking about the activity of the info broker or later hacker and the only ship available for that role right now is the herald. The herald comes with a dedicated area for the scanner with your control terminal and its design gives emphasis to data/info protection, it comes with an armored computer core that runs on a dedicated server, advanced encryption software, an EMP protection since it is equipped with EMP shielding but also backup power systems, its broadcast array allows long range data transmission for communication and emergency purposes and with the proper modifications later, in the future it will be possible to be used for data interception and hacking, it also has external data storage pods where all data can be stored securely and they can also be detached in order to create a drop point or in case of an emergency, to get rid of evidence.

Let’s continue with a quite interesting activity, the activity of Touring/ passenger transport logically here the 300i which is the solo, luxury variant of the 300 series is the first ship that comes to mind when thinking of touring but exactly because it is a solo vessel doesn’t really fit with the concept of passenger transport /touring for money since it cannot carry any passengers maybe with the upcoming rework of the 300 series, the 300i will get some seats and will be a very good option for performing short range touring and thus will be a very good starting option for this activity but for now the constellation Phoenix seems to be the best option because it has the capacity to carry other players and NPC and offer all the required amenities to keep them entertained, guest cabins, a dining area, Spa, hot-tub, kitchen and bar will keep your passengers happy and earn you a lot of money.

Now the Mustang gamma is obviously the best option if you want to become familiar with the world of speed in space, the racing variant of the Mustang starter series will teach you everything you need to know about racing in star citizen thanks to its larger power plant but also one extra engine, if you are interested about racing on the ground then the Nox or the new x1 velocity is going to be a very good option but we will have to test them first and decide later which one is going to be the best.

Another one of a kind activity in the universe of star citizen is going to be the activity of news reporter, if delivering the news first and telling the story is going to be your profession in the verse then the reliant Mako is the only option right now, the only dedicated news van with a state of the art image enhancement suite and turret mounted optics to capture every moment as it happens. There are some major activities like salvaging, repairs and refueling that we haven’t mentioned yet and this is because there is no suitable starting option, there is no suitable small vessel to work as a starter vessel for these activities and in order to perform them you will have to jump onto large dedicated vessels like the reclaimer for salvaging, the crucible for repairs and the starfarer for refueling, everything that has to do with fuel, obviously it is quite possible that we will see in the future smaller dedicated vessels for these activities like the prospector for mining.

Something else we have to mention is that for salvage and repairs we will also get tools that can perform the activity so it will be possible to perform them without a dedicated vessel just reach a destination, get out into EVA with our tools and perform the task. Another activity that we have left outside and did not mention is the activity of smuggling and this is mainly because every vessel can work for smuggling since the items that we will be smuggling mostly will be of small size and will be easy to hide them anywhere. So these were the best spaceships, in my opinion, that can work as starter vessels for the activities of star citizen, the vessels that will allow us to start performing a specific activity learn everything we need to learn in order to perform it effectively and later progress onto a bigger and more capable vessel, as the game develops it is obvious that we are going to get a lot more vessels, a lot more options for our favorite activities but right now I think these are the best options depending on the profession you wish to follow.

I would love to hear your opinion about the vessels and the professions, which one is going to be the profession you are going to follow in the verse as soon as you have the opportunity and which vessel is going to be your favorite one to start with. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and I will see you around the verse, bye bye.

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