Hello everybody welcome back, with this video today I wanted to discuss with you about the apparent decision of CIG to change direction regarding gameplay in the verse with the introduction of base building and colonization and the upgraded role of mostly big organizations in this new universe the Pioneer was recently revealed and it is indeed a game changer vessel since it will give the opportunity to players to build their own base and fulfill their own goals whatever these goals might be but at the same time from the way base building and colonization were introduced to us, were explained it seems to me that mostly very big organizations are going to benefit from this new feature we could say that the moment base building and colonization will be in game the star citizen universe will turn into a “wild west” like battlefield with organizations participating in a new “gold rush” to discover and claim valuable pieces of land on the planets and moons of star citizen now to clarify things I’m not opposing base building on the contrary I’m very fond of this new feature and I’m really excited to see it coming to the game and to know that we can have the opportunity to build our own base to build our own home in the stars the whole feature was just introduced and it is indeed very early but I think this is the best moment to have a discussion about the base building feature, the colonization activity in star citizen and what it might mean for the future of this universe but first let’s take a very quick look at the whole process of building a base, of colonizing a certain area which is actually very easy all you have to do is find a plot of land that you wish to purchase, to build your base, claim the land and register it or not with the UEE, in order to find the area of your dreams the land of your dreams you will have to use exploration first vessels in order to discover that specific area and then science vessel in order to determine the value of that land what kind of resources are present and if they can help you make profit or in general if they can help you fulfill your goals no matter what your goals are this first step of the process will not only be important for organizations that are looking to build a base, that are looking to purchase a plot of land but also for solo players, for explorers that want to sell these info to the highest bidder for profit it is kind of obvious from this first step that organizations with a lot of members, with thousands of members will have it somewhat easier than others to find first an area of high value and take advantage of it.

The second step of the process is also very easy it is when you decide if you wish to claim your land, if you wish to register your land with the UEE or not, if you wish to build a base inside the UEE jurisdiction it will be wise to register that land, to register that base with the UEE in order to get the UEE’s protection but you can also build a base somewhere outside of UEE’s jurisdiction or even inside UEE’s jurisdiction if you are a criminal or pirate organization without registering the land with the UEE, how you claim a land and how you register it with the UEE is very easy actually, you set down a beacon at the area you wish to build your base and take the info to the closest UEE colony office in order to claim that specific area that specific region for your organization or for you personally the main difference between registering your land with the UEE or not has to do with the protection from the UEE if you do register your land with the UEE then you will have protection but the trick here is that UEE forces will not be able to protect to patrol above your base 24/7 so there is always the chance that someone is going to attack you and you will have absolutely no help from the UEE this is why is going to be very important to be able to defend yourself, to defend your land, to defend your base by installing defenses, turrets, aa turrets, anti-infantry turrets and of course if you can by hiring mercenaries, hiring others to protect your assets.

Something that again shows how easy the whole process is going to be for big organizations with thousands of members that can be online 24/7. We cannot deny the opportunities that base building is going to bring to the game and how valuable it is going to be for organizations and individuals finally we will be able to build a home for us or our organization, our own base that we can later expand it into a city with med-stations, barracks, landing pads and defenses by building a base we could extract valuable resources for profit or grow food for profit or for our own needs in order to survive in a hostile environment military organizations could create outposts in order to fulfill their goals whether that is to protect certain trade routes important trade routes or raid important trade routes in order to make some profit by selling the stolen goods and base building is also going to benefit organizations with a focus on exploration or even science it will be possible to build a forward base for explorers in an unknown area, in a brand new system or a very hostile planet so they can continue their discoveries and of course the same applies to scientists in order to be closer to a natural phenomenon and continue researching it.

A base in the right area, on the right planet is going to be very important and valuable and this is exactly the problem as we have seen it is going to be very easy for big organizations with thousands of members to not only discover first the most valuable areas the most valuable planets but also take advantage of them claim them for themselves something like that could lead to a scenario where one huge organization or many big organizations could control the most valuable areas of space the most valuable areas rich in resources and in that way control a specific market manipulate prices whenever they want and have a huge profit in general something like that could lead to an organization controlling an entire area, a system or an area including multiple systems establishing an empire that will be very hard to take down after a while, at the same time very big organizations will have a very easy time to maintain and protect their bases something that will make them more greedy and willing to expand so if there is a quite valuable area that a smaller organization is controlling, is having a base, it will be very easy to attack, take control of that base, destroy that base in order to build their own or even bully that other organization into paying money for protection, paying a part or all of their profit from the resources they are extracting.

As a smaller organization having the UEE’s protection if you claim your land inside the UEE’s jurisdiction is going to be a good addition to your defenses but is not really going to do much against a big organization that is determined to kick you out of the area and to be totally honest it will be kind of impossible to defend yourself against bigger organizations, now I’m not really saying that this is exactly what is going to happen in star citizen with Base building and colonization we are just having a discussion based on the way this feature was introduced to us during the citizencon event, things are probably going to change and I personally think that there have to be regulations, there have to be limitations on how many bases and how fast, how far an organization can expand. Even if you are not interested in base building and colonization in star citizen because you are a solo player or a small group of friends that don’t want to build a base and they just want to continue exploring the verse this situation will affect you sooner or later especially if big organizations start taking control of entire areas it will be harder to find jobs to find contracts, legal at least and it will be even harder to make a decent profit out of certain resources.

Either way these were just my thoughts on base building and colonization based on how they were introduced and the info we have for this feature right now, I would love to hear your opinion about the whole matter and in general if you think that something like that could happen and big organizations will take control of entire areas or not. Thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove and I will see you around the verse, bye bye.

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