Hello Ladies and Gentlemen CaptainShack here with TGN and welcome to TOP 10 ships of the Star Citizen universe Cloud Imperium Games is putting a hell of a lot of money and time into developing these ships and it really shows. So here are my top 10 favorites announced so far. Style and class baby. The 300i series is the Ferrari or Jag of Star Citizen. Each version of the 300i is built with sleek lines and a focus on speed and maneuverability. She’s got the engine power to get you in and out of a fight quick, and a sleek silhouette that can prove a challenge to nail when you’re on her tail in a dog fight. Coming in 3 distinct styles out of the factory, the 300i being the base model, the 315P giving you a more exploration focus with a robust sensor package and the 325A for more weapon focused pilots.

If you’re looking for combat, the 325A is the way to go. The Avenger is actually one of the older ships in Star Citizen Lore having a bit of an interesting past. She started out as a standard patrol craft for the UEE advocacy. She’s got large engine mounts and specialized weapon mounts that favor center line guns, making her something of a marksman’s ship. The police avenger variation supports enhanced sensor suites for checking out a targets cargo bay, or tracking down a hiding criminal threat. Most navy pilots in the UEE will spend around 300 hours qualifying in an Avenger before moving to there combat assignment. It’s been stated that the Avenger will be kind of like the training ship for Squadron 42’s campaign. Think along the lines of the T-6 Texan from the US Air Force that’s used to train its pilots.

You kinda get the idea. The T8A Gladiator is the UEE Navy’s top of the line carrier-based-atmospheric and space to ground dive bomber. Rugged and built Anvil Aero-Space tough. The Gladiator is the most capable and extremely modular bomber chassis ever designed. If you’ve got a target that needs to get blown to hell on the ground, or in orbit, the Gladiator will send it packing. Chances are we’ll get to fly one of these in Squadron 42’s campaign once it comes out. So the Starfarer is one of those ships we haven’t seen much on yet, but really has my attention. It’s the galaxy’s standard fuel transport ship. They can not only tout massive tanks of fuel from refinery to trading post, but they can also collect fuel from gas giants and extra solar sources to bring back and sell. It’s an interesting concept that I can’t wait to see more on.

The Cutlass has hands down my favorite commercial attached to it over on the Star Citizen YouTube channel. It’s got style. The Cutlass has 3 distinct models to it, being low cost, easy-to-maintain ship that have been the back bone of local militia units for sometime now. They tout a larger then average hold, a dedicated tractor mount that the manufacturers insist are for “rescue operations” Yeah sure. Rescuing people from there stuff maybe. The pick-up truck of space. At least that’s how I’ve always seen the Freelancer. Big Cargo bay, small crew. Swivel mount Guns to protect your goods. The Freelancer is the hauler and merchant’s work horse.

But with all the after market parts, and the 3 distinct variations these boats can come in, you probably can accomplish just about any mission. Looking for a missile boat for your wing? Check out the Freelancer MIS. A limited edition militarized variant that sacrifices the bulk of its cargo for an auto loading missile battery. Let’s just hope the rumors of “payload incidents” are just that… rumors. They only built a limited number of these things, so, you know. Boom! The Constellation is one of the most popular ships coming out of Star Citizen. A multi-crew vessel built from the ground up for long distance exploration. She literally is a home away from home. Designed with everything you and your crew need to survive out in the black.

Large power capacity means long range, an advanced turret system means damn good defense for when that first contact goes so, so very wrong. Exploration is hardly the only option for a Constellation. Designed with large cargo areas, an insane amount of upgrades and customization options and an extreme versatility this vessel includes its own P-52 Merlin short-range fighter as a standard feature.

The Merlin can scout, scan and cover the Constellation in the most dire of situations. Check out the different models to find the one that fits your style. Aegis Dynamics Monster of a ship: The Idris Frigate. Larger than a bomber but smaller than a ship of the line, Frigates sit in a sweet spot. While they lack the heavy armor and the capital weaponry of a cruiser, frigates are more maneuverable and are highly configurable.

The Idris frigate is said to have a crew size of around eight to ten for optimal operation setup with the capability of holding 2 or more single seat fighters on board. Keep in mind this is still subject to change as the ship hasn’t been finalized yet. The F7 Hornet, this is the military workhorse of the UEE and most large scale organizations and my personal favorite fighter. Akin to an F-16 of today this baby comes in a variety of different models. If you’ve got a mission that needs doing, there’s sure to be a Hornet that fits it. From the stealthy F7C-S Ghost, to the two man Super Hornet that screams space superiority fighter. If you’re planning on sharing ammunition the hard way, the Hornet is a reliable choice. She’s not flashy but she gets the job done.

For me this is the single most exciting ship in the lineup. The Reclaimer. Is she the ultimate war ship? Nope. Largest Weapon Capacity? Nope. Get this, she’s a salvage ship. Industrial salvage actually. The Reclaimer comes standard with a reinforced cargo bay, a long-range jump drive and launch pods for unmanned drones. It’s an ideal ship for taking advantage of deep space wrecks. So why is it my number one? Because joining up with my crew, floating through space, looking for the next big score sounds amazing. Using the ships’ tools, like tractor beams, floodlights, scanners to get the job done is what Star Citizen is all about. Finding the roll in the universe and diving in an immersive experience. It’s the ultimate utilitarian craft that looks like it’s straight out of an Aliens movies and I can’t wait to captain one. So guys, this is my look at the Star Citizen’s ships, I’m really excited for this title to come out. Which one is the ship you’re looking to get, or maybe you’ve already picked it up on their website.

Let me know in the comments below. As always, watch your six and thanks for watching..

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