Hey, everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Hitbox. I’m your host Shayan Tamayo and joining me once again is Gllty. -Hey! -Gllty, how are you doing? I’m doing well. How are you? I’m doing good. So you guys saw — she showed us some Menat tips. Now, she’s going to show us some Ed tips. Now Ed is definitely an interesting character considering all his things are input-based, right? Mm-hmmm. So I mean, let’s see. Can you tell us some of the basics with Ed besides from kicking Guiles butt? Yeah, he’s a character that doesn’t have a lot of range, but you can kind of.. you can be a little scrappier with him than you can be with like a lot of more, like set up based characters. And just like go off feeling because like, you know, the reversal is a lot slower but it’s always on deck. So, any time like you’re in a situation where like there’s a gap or anything like that in someone’s box string, you can just throw that out there and they have to respect it. Yeah. So it’s a little different like being over here where I don’t have to buffer, I can just disrespect whatever you want to do.

Yeah. And I also have like the dashes, like the good normals, like crouch, medium punch, like it doesn’t do a lot of damage, so you’re going to have to like work this and have it rack up. Same with fierce, but like in given time, you can play like more of a traditional Street Fighter game I think because a lot of it is like whiff punishing with just like limbs, normals, like… Yeah. And just poke, poke, poke, because he doesn’t have a lot of damage and like… a lot of your combos, you know, like you’ve got like this, hit that time but like a lot of times you’re going to get that. Oh! So, you know, you don’t quite want to rely on, like cancels or anything like that, like a normal character. It’s a lot of just getting in the right positioning, moving, pressing this. This move is really good.

This move… okay, so fierce, it’s like Balrog straight basically. So, it’s got a lot range on it, to start, it’s a fierce, so it’s going to do a decent damage. But like… you can use it to bait people out in footsies. So like, you know, they’ll get use to this but then you can also change the timing of it, you know like, I’m going to hold it couple — half a second, like you know, you can alter like how you release this move. And if you charge up all the way, you get this, which gives them a compel state. If you’re close, you know, you get full combo, whatever you want to do. But it’s also relatively safe. So that’s three ways that you can apply like the fierce. And if you’re too far, you have to do that into… Okay. the psycho land and pushes his V-trigger. So it’s got this tendril things. Yeah. So, that will go through like regular fireballs.

Yeah. And this one will go through basically any fireball. So like if you’re trying to set up your like V-skill boom, whatever. So this is a two hit fireball, set up like the normal and like throw it out. Okay. Try again. Oh! I messed up that time. Anyway, you see the idea. Yeah. It burns through like anything that people throw out in the most part. Oh, okay, yeah. If those tendrils would have hit you, it would have put you into the…

Like animation. Unblock, you’re still pretty plus on this. So, what I like to do is I’m going to throw and whenever people start protracting or like back dashing or stuff like that, then mix in like crouch fierce, -so you get that -Yeah. crash counter. And the other you can do is this move, which is minus 4, I think if you do it up close. But it’s got a lot of space and like abruptly like jerks him forward. Yeah. So it — It’s kind of like Guile’s medium. Yeah, except this guy’s a crash counter. Oh! So, like the reward for landing a crash counter on this is you get to run up jab into this like superman punch thing. He’s also got this as an entire tool, but that’s a little shaky. I think it’s better as a combo. -Yeah. -Combo tool. This is your main like combo starter so like if you’re going to jump in, now that’s a pretty basic meter less combo. If you have like one meter, you want to do the EX kicks and stun. Wow! That gives him a lot of corner carrier too. Let’s see here. As far as V-trigger, like you’ve got a lot of like more bask kind of this sort of thing blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and then yeah.

You end it however you want, but I don’t think that’s interesting, I like to make people a little afraid, so I want to get in people’s faces, where like they wan to throw. Yeah. And then, just let them have it, because there’s no real like re-precautions. -So even if you’re blocking -Yeah. Like and I do this, like you got to take that. Yeah, that’s still a lot of sure damage. And I’m still like plus in your face, you know like so, if you’re willing to gamble and you want to throw that out, you know, if they’re jumping, you want to like clip them with that move.

It’s like, try to jump over it. Yeah, like that and then you stay dashing, you want to like move it around. So, what’s amazing, you’re using the V-trigger to kind of like pressure your opponent. Yeah. So that way you can do cross-ups and set-ups, so that way you can just punish them. You want to make yourself safe with it. Which is like the big goal, in my opinion anyway. Also as far as like his fierce is concerned, if you tag someone with it, like in footsies, that’s a super [Inaudible] So, like that move, like that is really good. Wow! So Ed is a very interesting character because like I mean just to the recap what you said basically. It’s all about getting those pokes, getting those right moments and then punishing them on when you do get them.

Mm-hmmm. So, can you maybe show us like one of your favorite Ed combos? Sure! All right! Can you get in the corner for me? -Yeah. -Cool! Thanks. I like this, this is old trusty really. I use this all the time. Okay, think about this move. Yeah. Like — that combo specifically is even if they stun him like in the last situation, you’re going to… like I’m still going to hit you with the super… it’s like that long. So, let’s try this one more time. Yeah. Hopefully it won’t make a liar out of me. Oh, there we go. [CHUCKLES] Yeah, so this is like idiot proof. That wasn’t the combo I was trying to go for.

The combo I was trying to go for is just some V-trigger nonsense and a super. Oh my goodness! But that’s a corner combo, so I was trying to come up with something mid-screen, but maybe now is not the time to you know improvise. So, that’s Ed, a lot of medium punches, a lot of heavy punches. This move is good too. His sweeps are really active. Yeah. And his fireballs and his force medium punch, and that’s him. Yeah. Oh, well, thank you so much Gllty. Absolutely. I really do appreciate it, of course. That’s going to do it for Ed, guys [Inaudible] Ed is so much intricate than I thought because we have we wouldn’t play Ed here and he’s just playing like kind of like single mindedly. It’s interesting like the, you know, play style coming to it. I think if you’re not that experienced at this game, or you’re playing — you’re used to playing a different game like Mortal Combat, Tekken or Smash Brothers, you may not find instant results with this character.

But in terms of like ease of getting into it, if you have a good command of neutral because you’re a Smash player or whatever, like this is a guide, like introductory character. So, if you think he’s cool, go ahead, I will recommend playing him. He’s pretty cool. He does have that Pete Wentz hairstyle, which everyone loves. [CHUCKLES] Although you’re going to have to work harder than normal playing this character. Yeah. It’s just, reducing it down to… this character is strong because he’s got a good… -Yeah. -fierce crash counter, yeah. All right! Well, thank you guys so much. Make sure to like, subscribe, tap the little bell, leave a comment, let us know who you want to see in the future Hitbox, whether what character or player. But thank you so much Gllty, we’re going to check you guys later. [MUSIC].

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