– Hey, guys, welcome to Body Count Fighting, this is The Hitbox. I’m your host Kyle Shire, alongside, – Shayan Tomayo – And today we got Chris G in the studio. He’s gonna show us some pro-Guile tips. How are you doing today? – I’m doing pretty good. – [Kyle] Excited to see your Guile. – [Chris] Thank you. – [Shayan] I am not so excited. – Why would you not be excited? – I’m gonna get massacred. – I mean I don’t even think it’s that, because there’s gonna be not much kicking. It’s just gonna be me not attacking you, so. – He’s gonna give you a rope to hang yourself. – So the way Guile works, – Is he just gonna Jedi-force me? – Yeah he definitely will.

And I’m gonna go from all the way over here, and I’m just gonna chuck this at you until you lose. Perfectly funny, keep doing that. I already got the life lead, I am Guile and I hold down back all day. Jump flash kick. – [Shayan] You said you weren’t gonna kick, that’s not fair. – [Kyle] He looked like he hit you with light, I don’t know. Did he kick him? – [Chris] I don’t know about that, yeah, it looked like it was some sort of magic energy.

So I will actually stay here until you get timed out. Jump flash kick. I don’t know why it’s actually called flash kick, it should just be called prepare or something. Oh he’s doing tattoo. Alright now, this is the part, I have V-trigger, so I actually can do a combo. Starting right here, oh that’s not. – So pretty much Guile, he plays the lame game. He only has two moves. I don’t know why, maybe because he’s American. – [Shayan] We’re so dumb we only need two moves. – [Chris] I mean when you have a character like Zan Geef who’s a big, big smelly guy having more moves than a guy who can shoot air out of his fingers, that’s kind of crazy.

So pretty much what he does is I’m holding down back the entire time. And when you jump, since I’m holding down, I can flash kick you. So I keep on doing it until you jump, until I force you, and then I do combo, with flash kick, and everything leads away. So, pretty much, I’m just gonna keep on annoying you until you kill yourself. And his V-trigger is he’s allowed to throw light sonic boom. So if you think you’re doing that, I do this instead. – [Shayan] That is so much wrong. – [Kyle] You say it’s like light and sonic booms and stuff but I think it’s actually bad haircuts. I think that’s what he’s throwing at people. – [Chris] It could be. – [Kyle] Yeah. – So yeah, the thing that this game, since this game is a lot more rushed now, you know me chucking sonic booms like this is actually not really a good idea.

Now, in this game, they make Guile a little bit more rushed down, like that. This move goes under most, and then if I hit you I get full combo. Now if I, since you are dead. He actually, it’s funny, he’s one of the only characters in the game with real combos. So if you actually want to pick a character with long combos, he’s your guy. – Which one of his long combos would you say is like your favorite? – Pretty much his basic combo is standing medium punch, crouching medium punch, flash kick. It’s actually, it’s pretty hard to do. So an easier version would just be medium punch, medium punch, sonic boom. Because you have to, I’m actually doing a little harder technique, where, since I’m standing, I’m obviously not crouching. And in order to do flash kick, you have to crouch. And you have to actually charge the move. So, as soon as I push standing medium punch, I’m actually crouching at the same exact time. And then that gives me enough time to do, to actually get the crouch into the flash kick.

Position:56% The same thing with standing fierce, into crouching medium punch. You see I was standing when I did the standing fierce, but I’m actually holding down the entire time. And the corner is where he really gets really cool combos. And if I have V-trigger and super, I get the longest possible combo on the planet. – Wow. – In this entire game. – Yeah. – And it’s really weird that Guile is the one to do it since he really only has two moves. – Yeah. – So if you beat me up, like just keep hurting me. So you get V-trigger, one quick thing is you get V-trigger by getting beat up. Or using your V-skill. So my V-skill is this over here, and I can combine that with a sonic boom, and it shoots a double-hitting projectile. I can walk behind it, I can do all sorts of stuff. If you get hit by it, I can actually follow up with a reset. – [Kyle] Oh wow, it doesn’t disappear right away if you move in front of it. – Yeah. So like right now, right, if I have V-trigger, hopefully I don’t drop it.

Position:56% And then I do there, the flash kick, I actually messed it up. Pretty much I can actually do that combo by losing. Which is really weird. So now, right, you have V-trigger. So it’s like, the game’s mechanic is pretty weird because my comeback factor is being able to do this really cool, it doesn’t make any sense. Like why can’t I have to access to doing that combo normally? But the game is like, the developers, I don’t know, Cap Com, was like, well if you get beat up, you have access to cool new tools, you know the same thing as you, right, you turn into Denjen mode, where your hadoukin is powered up.

You’re upper cut is powered up. But me, I get access to a whole bunch of sonic booms at once, which allows me to do really long combos. – How do you keep shooting the sonic booms after you shoot them with your V-trigger? – So you have to normally charge it. And then when you let one go, you can actually just keep on pushing the button. – Oh. – And if you want, you can actually just use the V-skill, the V-trigger button again, and you just throw like a mini sonic boom over and over again. – So what would you say is like your overarching note on someone who wants to be a pro-Guile? – Have you ever seen that meme of, this is a very universal meme where Mario is at the last stage, and he, if you see, there’s lava on the floor, and he has to make that first jump, and there’s Guile sitting there like that.

Just down backing. So pretty much that’s the entire game plan, right? I’m literally sitting here, and my game plan is if I’m winning, you have to come to me. – Mmhmm. – So in Mario’s case, Guile’s winning, he has to get to him, but the only way to get to him is to jump. – Yeah. – So now if you jump, you die. – [Shayan] Light kick. Boom. – [Chris] So the whole meme is there is no way in. But pretty much the game plan for Guile, chuck sonic boom, chuck sonic boom, chuck sonic boom, but always hold down back. – [Shayan] So how would someone counter him? – Okay so, you actually have a move, which you actually did it a bunch of times, and I was getting hit by it, is your tatsumaki actually goes over projectiles. Another thing is you have to read, when I throw a projectile then you can jump over.

And you get full combo. But, again, if I do something like this, right, let’s say, I do my V-skill boom and you try to jump over it. I can actually charge while doing it at the same time. And so pretty much, you have to mix in trying to go slowly. A lot of people, when they fight Guile, they think he’s the most broken character since the beginning of time. But he’s really just a basic character where, hey, since he’s not really doing much damage mid-screen, if I just block the booms and walk forward a little bit, I can actually get in.

Position:63% But, you know, again, the casual player, they get really impatient. And I’ve literally beaten people without attacking. So, it’s really weird that for the casual player, it’s really hard for them to get past this. And if you wanna beat your friends, if you wanna beat other people, I don’t know, maybe you should just do this and see how it works for you. But, you know, against a high level players, they actually realize that, okay, I can’t just get in when I want to. So, you have to mix it up between, his medium kick is really good, it goes really far, and you can actually throw it backwards too. So, he has far extending buttons, you know. And while he’s doing all this stuff, he’s charging. So every time you push a button, you should be going back in the down back position.

Position:66% Because if I do this, and then you’re like “Oh snap, I can attack”, but I’m actually holding down back. So if you jump after I do that, you actually get blasted. And for any Guile main, who wants to main Guile in the future, just mix it up a little bit between pushing buttons, but universally waiting for your moment. – [Kyle] To throw the bad haircut at your enemy. – [Chris] Yeah exactly. And if you look his EX fireball is really fast. If you throw a projectile, I can actually just easily react. And if I have this, you actually. I can mix you up while that little boom is coming in. – [Kyle] It’s coming, can’t stop it. – [Shayan] It doesn’t, it doesn’t die. – Yeah exactly it doesn’t. And it’s weird, right, this actually looks like a broken mechanic.

Position:63% Like, oh, how do people get around this? Zoning is really bad in this game. So, you know, me just chucking sonic booms all day, you, as a Guile player, you are trying to keep that character out. You’re trying to keep all these characters out from touching you once, bringing you to the corner, and then you’re done. – [Shayan] But then if they do get close, he can combo and basically– – Yeah, yeah, exactly. You could do little combos, that’s the thing. You just take your little damage as it comes. Again, strong, strong, boom. It’s not really doing the most, but at the same time it’s like, yeah, you gotta get him away from you. – Alright, well I think that’s a great, I think that’s a great lesson. Shayan how do you feel? – I have a lot to learn. – Aw. But you know you need to learn it, which is good.

It’s a leg up over a lot of other players out there. – Like Joe Begonas. – Oh. (offstage mumbles) – Alright guys, that’s gonna do it for this edition of The Hit Box, I’m Kyle Shire, alongside – Shayan Tamayo – And Chris G, where can people find you on social media? – Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube. Whatever, you name it. NYChrisG. You already know what’s up. – Nice. Alright you guys. Be sure to subscribe through the link below. And that’s gonna do it. Bye. – Later..

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