What’s up guys, a lot of people have asked me how to use the “guard recovery actions”feature in Street Fighter 5 training mode, so I’m gonna do a short tutorial of how to use it, and what kind of stuff it lets you practice against. So, one useful thing you can do is, a lot of people have problems if they try to start offense and the opponent jabs them out of it, they kind of have a hard time opening them up. So I’m just trying to do crouching light punch and then throw, and her jab is too fast, I can’t throw. So to practice against this what I did is, you go into “record guard recovery actions”, I like to have slowdown on, it makes it a little bit easier, and then as soon as she stops blocking I’m gonna press jab. You’ll know you did it right cuz it said “Reversal” on screen. That means you did it as fast as possible after the guard ended. So we go to “Set Actions”and we turn it on, and set the dummy to “Guard: All”.

Now any time the dummy blocks, they’re gonna stick out a jab. So we can practice how to beat this – so something you need to know is, after a crouching jab like this, you’re at frame advantage. Which means that any attack I do that’s fast enough is gonna interrupt this jab. So the best thing that Ryu can do here is standing medium punch cuz you can get a full combo off it. So just practice this technique, it’s called a “Frame Trap” and what you’re doing is you’re doing a move that’s fast enough that you’re gonna interrupt them for sticking out a button. So then once they’re kind of trained that “hey, it’s not safe to jab here cuz I’m gonna do this frame trap on you”, then you can really get your offense going where you start to mix in throws, cuz they’re gonna be scared, they’re gonna want to block.

Another nice feature is that, just like regular recording you can have multiple slots going. So for this slot I’m just gonna have her not do anything, I’m not touching the stick. So then if we turn both of them on, she’s gonna randomly switch between jabbing and not doing anything. And that’ll let us hit confirm, so if it hits I’m gonna finish the combo, and if it doesn’t hit I’m just gonna end the combo after the 2 hits. It’s a little bit tough, it’s gonna take some practice, but pretty soon you’ll be able to only complete the combo if it actually hits. So hopefully that’s helpful guys, thanks for watching, and good luck out there..

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