Hey guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting! This is the Hitbox. I’m your host Kyle Shire. Alongside? -Shayan Tamayo. And in the studio today we’ve got Brenttiscool, who is going to show us some Ken moves. How are you doing today? I’m doing all right man. Ready to play some Street Fighter. I’m super excited to see it, yeah. So as far as like, what is a really good bread and butter Ken move that you can show us? I mean his… his Fireball is something that he’s kind of had in every game. It’s something that you use in this game to kind of space people out and kind of make them, you know, either jump over it or deal with it in some way.

So it’s… it’s a staple, him and Ryu have always had it. Okay. Fireball from all the pasta he’s eating, I assume. Yeah, I mean they… they… they train hard. He doesn’t look like he eats a lot of pasta. That’s… that sounds like BS. Well, it’s… it’s kind of in his hair, you know. You see it? -Oh yeah. He’s got the… yeah, obviously, he’s got a ramen wig on. I dig it! Yeah, he’s got a ramen wig. I think it’s chicken. A lot of… yeah, a lot… a lot of Ken players are not happy with the… with the way his… his face. With his man bun? I like his man bun. It’s kind of a man bun. I liked it better when he had that really long thing. Dammit! I tried. Yeah, that’s fine. Now, on the opposite, if you’re trying to defend against Ken, like my poor co-host over here, Shayan, what would you say is something that you should probably look out for, any tells, any like…

So a good thing to know about Ken is his frame data, so when he’s pressuring you, he has normals, like his medium kick and his back medium punch, that are negative to on block. Frame data is kind of important for Street Fighters now. -Sure! So it’s important to know that when you block those, you can press a button there and you will beat whatever he does. Just by math, you know, a simple math that your normal will beat whatever he does. So a lot of times people are caught up in the heat of the moment and they’re not really like paying attention to the, like what’s going on, and they don’t… they see the normal and they don’t react to it. But like once you up your reactions and you see that normal, every time you block it, like… like right there. See, how he beat me with the jab? -Yeah. That was a perfect example of it. So look for those… look for those spots when you’re playing against Ken and you can kind of interrupt his offense. Just looking for those tiny little windows of opportunity to stop the constant barrage of fire fists.

Oh, it’s the fire heat. No! Beat in the face. So you beat him. You did a lot of stuff. So maybe, can you show us like, maybe your favorite Ken combo that you like to put out there? Sure! I mean I have like a… like a personal favorite combo with Ken that like, you don’t really get to do it in tournament much, because it’s kind of like…

Like [inaudible]. I love… I love showing it off, like you know what I mean? -All right! Cool! So… so we’re going to training mode for that. Yeah, sure! What’s… what’s like a good situation where you could like practically see this move coming out? -What I am about to do? -Yeah. I mean it’s a… it’s a combo off of his V-Trigger Startup. So I mean any situation where Ken needs to make a comeback, he can find an opening and then he can use this combo.

I mean, it’s… it’s practical, you know, with… if you have full resources, full meter, and a full V-Trigger, so. It’s fun. I think it looks cool too. I think all Ken moves are cool. -Yeah. I mean fire feet and fire fists. No, exactly, I think… personally, that’s why I play him. I’m… I’m the person that, I don’t really care about tiers; I always play the character I think looks cool. And I think hands down Ken is really cool, especially. -All right! -Perfect. All right, so the same situation, I get you to like, with a throw or something and I jump over you.

So what I am going to do is… That is merciless. Holy cow! All right! Can you? All right! Can you just run that through us, like sitting right behind you? -Sure, sure! Okay, so what’s going to happen is I’m going to start with the jump in. It can be any jump in, but now I’ll use medium kick, and then I’m going to do my Crouch Fierce into my Fireball.

And that’s going to pop my V-Trigger, so I’m going to go into my like powered up mode. And then I’m going to do a target combo into a Fireball again, and I’m going to juggle the Fireball from very far with the EX Tatsu. So we’re going to… -Holy cow! -Yeah. All right! So Shayan is a little slow. So let’s break down this awesome combo into two parts. How does that sound? -Sure! Sure! All right! So show us the first part. All right! So the first part is, you’re going to get your jump in part, into your V-Trigger. So you’re going to do Jumping Roundhouse, Crouch Fierce, Fireball, V-Trigger. So that’s kind of like stark momentum, you know, for the combo.

Show… show us those real quick again because it… it got super fast. -Sure! Sure! So… so it’s going to be Jumping Roundhouse. Then Crouch Fierce, and then EX Fireball, and then I’m going to pop the V-Trigger off the EX Fireball. Oh yeah, that makes sense, because the V-Trigger closing the distance… Exactly, brings him closer and you get a… a good combo again. So that’s the first part. And what’s the second part? All right! So the second part is, once you’re in V-Trigger, and you’ve already popped that first part of the combo, you’re going to do his crouch strong, and you’re going to do his standing strong, fierce target combo, which looks like this.

And that… and that second part, the fierce that launches them up, so you combo your EX Fireball from faraway. And then once the EX Fireball hits them, you just combo your EX Tatsu. And Ken’s EX Tatsu and V-Trigger goes really far so you can combo it. Thanks! So it looks like… Oh, I see. So it’s… so it’s crouching hard punch… Medium… crouching medium punch. Back medium punch, but the medium punch goes into the heavy punch like a target combo. Like a chain, and then into his EX Fireball. That makes sense, and then into the Tatsu? Exactly, into EX Tatsu for the finish. And he gets a good corner carrying in the tournament setting, like getting them to the corner is part of my game, so. So it’s good for a lot of reasons.

So with all that put together, just show us one more time. One more time, the full combo, okay. Man, that is such a hot combo. Look how much stamina it took off to, it’s just… In Street Fighter V there is not a lot of like combo… like long combo, so it’s good to see some like flare like that, because like the combo is pretty short compared to like Street Fighter IV. Yeah, of course! All right you guys! That’s going to do it for the Hitbox. I’ve been your host, Kyle Shire. And Shayan Tamayo. Be sure to click, subscribe, wherever it is. Wherever. It could be there, I think. And this is the Body Count Fighting. Goodbye! -Later!.

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