Hey, guys, welcome to Body Count Fighting! This is the Hitbox. I’m your host Kyle Shire alongside… Shayan Tamayo. And, here in the studio we’ve got Tampa Bison. He’s going to show us some pro Bison tips. How are you doing today, buddy? -I’m doing all right. -All right! All right, I really don’t like where this is going once again. -And I’m going to love it. -I’ll play story Ryu. I’ll make you love it.

I’ll be nice and gentle with you. -Look, we’re matching. You have to be nice. -No. No, no, you don’t. No, you really don’t. I’m not a gentleman, I’m not a gentleman. Why don’t you just go find some sleeves, Ryu? I take my days to McDonald’s, not a good guy. Because, suns out, guns out, even though it’s nighttime, I think. I respect that. -Yeah. -Mm-hmm. I respect that. I’m not going to show any respect. I’m going to respect that. Yeah, we’ve already had enough disrespect.

Yeah. All right, let’s see what you’re doing. Let’s see if you’ve learned anything from last time. [LAUGHTER] We’ll see. We’re going to see. All right, my foot is good. That’s nice, that’s nice, all right. -I like it. -I like the anxiety. Oh, okay, okay, his pace is down. I’m going to jump in some overhead for that. Okay, here goes! -Don’t! What are you doing? -Oh, okay, okay. -Okay. Okay, don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t do that, getting excited. -Oh okay, okay, here it comes, here it comes. -Ooh! -Oh, no! -Oh. -Oh, oh, oh, oh! -Oh. -I did it perfectly. -Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Not only did he ruin you but you had to ruin that… that nice restaurant with your body. No, no, he didn’t ruin it, you did by falling through it.

That’s going to come out at that waitress’ paycheck. That’s not a good way to start. Okay, okay. Oh, nice one. It’s a good punch, a good punch, he knew. How was… Ah! Oh. Oh, actually, I thought he was going to be dizzy. Oh, okay, okay. You call me slip-in. I could do eventually. [LAUGHTER] We’ll get there. Oh no, you don’t want… oh. You should’ve upper cut… You should’ve upper-cutted, you were deep in against him. -It should’ve worked. -All right. I would’ve ate a few if you did them. [LAUGHTER] All right, so, right now, we take a moment and slow this down. What exactly were you doing and what was he doing wrong, more importantly? I think, every… every journey to like becoming a good player should start with defense. -Mm-hmm. In any sport really, it’s all about defense, because if you don’t have a good defense, you put stress on your own offense.

-Sure! -Hmm. So, that’s just in anything. You play basketball, football, you know, if you don’t have good defense, you got to have amazing offense. So you’re just making it harder for yourself. So I feel like a good… a good starting point for Street Fighter is always just having discipline to block just to see what happens. -Okay. You know, just to assess the situation. All right, that’s what happens when I block. Let me try blocking a different way, you know, and then once from there, you can kind of start building an offense, you know, that’s when you can start learning combos and all that kind of stuff. So, start learning how to block. Now, you’re playing on a controller, you’re not playing with sticks. Is there a big difference between that or… or what’s your preference with that? Oh, it’s… it’s basically just… it’s kind of preference, I guess, it’s a… I don’t really know much of anything else except keyboard. I play on keyboard with some games. Interesting! Oh! Yeah, but I never played on sticks.

I just never grew up in arcades, so. Okay. Oh! Just like the last time, like you… you… you start off applying the lessons, Shayan, and then you just completely forget about it. -I get nervous. -It’s hard, it’s a discipline thing. It’s not something that you can just learn. You can’t just… I can’t just tell him how to block, but what I can do is tell him how he should be thinking. -Sure! And how you should be thinking is, “Okay, I got hit in the face, he punched me. I don’t want to get punched anymore.” All right, so you know, you block. Once… once I… you block long enough, I actually start doing what beats that option, which is throwing. Once I start throwing him, that’s when you can start assessing the situation, start doing different things. But if you don’t block, there’s just… you can’t even explain why you’re losing at the time. You’re not going to be able to… You’re not going to be able to like really read the situation.

Yeah, you’re not giving yourself a chance. -Yeah, yeah. -Yeah. So what is it about Bison that you enjoy and like what are some like really good essential Bison tips that you could give out? Yeah, that happened. Yeah, I just wanted to… -I think that’s… I didn’t get double-perfected though, it’s fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that would’ve been the real embarrassment.

Yeah, whatever. I mean… -What was the question again? I’m sorry. -No, no, it’s okay. -I was so focused on that. -I asked you… that’s totally fine. I asked two questions in a row, that’s very disrespectful of me. Now, what is it about Bison that like really sit… like resonates with you as a Street Fighter player? So back… Um, I should say how I learned how to play Street Fighter. I learned, just like everyone else, everyone’s a scrub when they first play. -Sure! So there’s no shame in being terrible. I’m just ashamed you did shit out of me. [LAUGHTER] So the thing with being bad is, it’s everyone’s bad at some point. -Mm-hmm. Now, how you get from being bad is the whole discipline thing. It’s all about discipline. If you… you know, and just like the defense thing I talked about, if you start with humbling yourself like, “All right, I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose a lot.” If you… if you don’t accept losing, you’re going to press a lot of buttons, you are going to…

You’re going to try to win. You’re going to be eager, you’re going to be greedy and you’re taking… you’re taking away opportunity for yourself to learn how to play the game properly. So… and then you’re going to take… you’re going to lose anyway. You’ll lose even more than you want to lose and then on top of that, you’re not even learning anything. And then you’re just going to… and then you are going to do what most people do, “Oh, this game sucks.” -Yeah. You know, I’m not winning immediately. You flip on Black Ops, and it’s freaking over.

Well, in the case of our… one of our producers, you just put on Battlegrounds because he can’t do anything else. Oh shade! There’s some amount of shade being thrown, I see! -That’s what a lot of games do nowadays because… -Yeah. …there’s a lot of people out there who… who don’t go, “All right, maybe it’s my fault I’m losing,” They don’t do that. -Yeah, it’s their fault. It’s their fault. -So, yeah, it must be the game. So what a lot of game companies are doing now is they’re making the game easier, more accessible for people that don’t have a freaking clue what they’re doing.

-Yup. Well that’s why Call of Duty is so popular because you don’t… you don’t… you don’t have to head shot, you don’t have to… you don’t have to aim. Also a lot of characters on Overwatch. Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know anything about Overwatch but I did play Call of Duty. -Yeah. And it’s a far cry from classic shooting games like Halo 2, you know what I mean? And it doesn’t do anything for like the Dunning-Kruger effect, like you’re not going to get better if you don’t know that you suck. -Yeah. -You know? -It takes a lot of self-awareness… -Of course! -…and with self-awareness comes discipline. -Mm-hmm. And which… which points right back to defense. You have to start at, you know, just admitting to yourself that, “All right, I’m not good right now. I’m not going to be good for awhile.

Let me… let me block, let me learn from the ground up. How do I defend myself?” So I’m not… so at least I can get to a point where I’m not losing as quickly. -Sure! You got to… you got to learn in increments. If you try to learn immediately and, “Oh, I’m just going to learn all these big ass combos,” it’s not going to work out for you. I mean, you’ll beat… you’ll beat guys at your level that also don’t, you know, play that have you same mindset, but if you want to beat somebody better, you have to kind of separate yourself in that mindset and just learn and help yourself. -For sure, for sure! So, do you want to show us like one of your favorite bread and butter combos for Bison? Here’s a combo for everyone.

I can even show you with Ryu, it’s the same thing. -Okay. All right. No problem! Get close to me, real quick. -Okay. Get close. Press medium punch, twice, until the combo, just pressing twice. -Okay. Just go. You didn’t combo. Yeah, I’m pressing it fast. Okay, you see it. That’s home. That’s home for you. That’s… that’s… you know, that’s what you put your coat on, you know what I mean? -Mm-hmm. And that’s basically because it’s the…

It’s the most easy… it’s the easiest and most accessible combo. That should always be your favorite combo, no matter who you ask. The easiest combo is always going to be your favorite combo. That’s what you build on. -Uh-huh. Because from there, say… now do it again, this time I’m going to block. It’s even a good idea on block, that’s why that’s your favorite combo. You do a combo that’s… that’s basically it’s safe, it’s… it’s high reward and like little to no risk.

That’s the combo you want to start on… start off on. That’s the combo you want to build your whole game plan on, all that kind of… but I mean from there, you know, whatever character you’re playing, like Bison and me it’s like… it’s like standing medium punch into crouch medium punch. -Mm-hmm. Even on block, I can do that. And then from there, you give yourself an opportunity to finish the combo. Like if I… if I see that you block it, I can still do crouch and medium punch. It’s relatively safe. You can’t really do anything about it. But if it hits, I can go into… oh, now you’re blocking, all right. -You see what he’s doing there? -Now he’s doing it. -Yeah, he’s doing it. -You wanted me to block. -That was the worst one, let me hit you back. -All right, cool. So it’s like, you know, if I see that it hits, I can go into my combo. -Yeah. And then from there you… you know, and then from there, once you teach yourself how to recognize a hit with your “favorite combo,” that’s when you can go into different options and kind of, you know, season your…

Season your game a little bit. That makes sense because it’s like… And then with the scissor kick and maybe you just want to end it with meter, you know? -Yeah. So start from like a… start from a pragmatic simple place… -Yeah. …and then you kind of build out from there? And then you build, you branch off into other options and other strategies, but if you don’t have home, like home base, then it’s hard to… it’s hard to like… you know, have a starting point and learn anything. It’s not just Street Fighter. It’s life. Yeah, you’re not going to immediately, you know, right out the gate know these incredibly complex combos. You got to start slow. Because even in life, um, it’s all about routine, that’s what people are attracted to. You’re attracted to routine. So, you’re just doing something that you’re used to that’s something that, you know, you write it into muscle memory and then you do it. That’s all that Street Fighter really is.

-Sure! And I think it’s good too, because like not to cut you off, but I think it’s good too because like… then you learn the pacing of stuff. Because, like look, I’m pressing it real fast but not… it’s not registering as well. So it’s like now you learn how to pacing because I just did it and didn’t combo into it. It’s like… So you practice that a million times, and then once you get that down, it’s written into your DNA by then. -Yeah. It’s your routine. So then… then once you develop a routine, that’s when you can develop, you know, subplots so to speak and you start doing other things.

And then you start feeling yourself and you start doing things you didn’t even think of. That’s when… that’s the… that’s the like… It’s kind of like… it’s like the moment in Kill Bill 2 where he’s teaching her how to punch, she’s got to punch through the wall first. She’s got to do that one simple thing first, you know? It’s like that a moment of enlightenment when you realize like you’re actually making progress. -Yeah. Is when you do something because of a bunch of practice and repetition that you do something new… -Yeah. …even to yourself. And that’s the moment that… that Street Fighter players go for. That’s just… that’s the moment where you go, “All right, I’m actually… I’m committed now.

I learned something new.” But you can’t get to that point until you… until you start at base and then you… and then you just keep… keep going at it, you know? Like the defense thing, just keep… you’re going to lose. don’t try to convince yourself otherwise. Humble yourself and just… and just do that simple thing, just block, just spend a whole round blocking. It doesn’t mean like… you know what I mean? -Tampa Bison… -I won! -…you are going to lose. [LAUGHTER] All right, you guys, well, that’s going to do it for this edition of the Hitbox. Don’t forget to subscribe to Body Count Fighting on the link below, and that’s going to do it for us. -Bye! -Laters!.

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