Footsies: Using safe, long range normal moves to take control of a match Frametrap: A one or two frame gap in a blockstring, intended to connect with an opponent that is pressing buttons while blocking Blockstring: Any sequence of moves that string together against a blocking opponent Hit-confirm: A sequence of moves that combo on hit, and form a safe blockstring on block that allows a player to visually confirm whether the opponent is blocking Reversal: Any move with instant or invincible startup that can interrupt an opponent’s pressure Fundamentals: Common skills and knowledge that are not necessarily specific to any character or fighting game Gimmick: Any risky technique intended to catch an opponent by surprise Zoning: Using projectiles or other long range moves to lock down parts of the screen Mujinkyaku: ↓↙←+K EX Mujinkyaku: ↓↙←+KK Ressenha: ↓↙←+P Senha Kusabi: (after Ressenha) ↓+K Senha Resshu: (after Ressenha) ↑+K EX Ressenha: ↓↙←+PP Sappo: ↓↘→+K Orochi: (after Sappo) ↓+P Tenko: (after Sappo) P note: Orochi can sometimes pass through fireballs, even with a normal Sappo, as you saw during the intro note: These loops vary in effectiveness from character to character.

Ryu, in particular, needs to be crouching for this to work. Hasha no Kata: ↓↘→↓↘→+P Meaty: A move that is executed such that it connects on one of it’s later active frames, making the recovery that many frames faster Meioken: MP+MK (hold) V-Reversal: (while blocking) →+PPP.

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