[MUSIC] Hey, guys! Welcome to ‘Body Count Fighting’ and this is the ‘Hitbox’. I am your host, Kyle Shire. Alongside… -Shayan Tamayo! -And today in the studio, we have… -Vagabond! All right! He’s going to give us some pro Necalli tips. How are you feeling? You get ready to get this going? Let’s do it. I’m excited. Let’s go! All right. Now mop the floor with Shayan. -Yeah, it’s a… -This is how this works. -Okay, knock this. -Yeah. . Very good! . Ugh! Ugh! -See that blow. -The stamping. I have my favorite homosexual couple in the background getting it on in the bus. -Yes. Oh, that was… ugh! It’s like you can’t do anything.

I mean, it really is remarkable. -Oh my gosh! -The bang bus? Yeah, that is the bang bus! . Oh my God! You’re stopping them. Oh my God! That was savage. Don’t put me in the bang bus. You put him in the bang… that’s going away. Oh, no. Now, Guile is going to get it all, man! Poor Guile! -You already know what happens after that.

-Oh, man! It’s like a video will be available for $2.99. Yeah. He was not willing. That was… I really hope that you got the money upfront. I did not. Uh-oh. Nice! Oh! I like this. The sound and game. Ooh! Oh! Okay. . Damn it! No, he flexed on me. Ah! No! Anyway, no disrespect. This is all fun and games. Yeah, it’s just… just critical on me. So you beat… so you beat my ass. What could I have done better in that case? Okay. First of all, you’re taking unnecessary risks. You’re doing a lot of the flash kicks when… if I do block a flash kick, I’m going to punish you for like 40%. Necalli is a…

He’s a heavy hitting character. He does a lot of damage. So, I think if you… if you threw more sonic booms, less on the flash kicks, only flash kick when you see me jump, I think you would definitely have better results, for sure. I’m not saying you’ll beat me. [Laughing] I promise I won’t. You… no, you can beat me if you just play a little more less risk heavy. Okay. That makes sense because… Now, going into the second round as a Necalli player, what’s probably like your favorite bread-and-butter Necalli move that you want to show people at home? Yeah. I… I like a lot of his v-trigger combos but… when he’s powered up. But there are certain ones and there are certain ones he can only do when he’s powered up. -Yeah. And I’ll show you guys that.

It’s… it’s max damage. It’s not too hard. I’ll explain it and everything, but it’s max damage without any meter, without using any resources in v-trigger. Nice! Nice! That sounds like an economical use all the time. Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay. So, let’s start off. You have your basic, you know, non v-trigger combos, but let’s go into v-trigger. Let’s power up real quick. Oh, he’s even on his tip of his toes. I love the way he walks.

L’OrĂ©al because you’re worth it. So, let’s just… Okay, there’s so much… I love it. Honestly, it does give me a lot of life. -It’s… it’s amazing. -It really is. I love it, yup. Okay. So this is his main bread-and-butter v-trigger without any meter. So, you want to start off with the basic. Well, you start off the combo with a jump. In like every other combo, you want to go for…

First, I’ll show you it off. -Let’s show it off. -Yeah, show it off. . -You see how much damage that did? -Whoa! No meter and Guile is a 1000-health character. It’s not like he has less health or you know, he’s not like one of those characters with 900 or it would do like half… or half health versus a 900 health character so… He has, he has normal health and is still doing damage, damage against him. So, let’s see here. To simplify the combo, I’ll even give you guys… I think a good way to simplify this would be… if you can turn on the inputs. So, you have the key display right next to me on the side, v-trigger Necalli, right? So you start off with jump heavy punch. That’s heavy punch right there. You’re going to jump heavy punch, crouching heavy punch, okay? So, jump heavy punch, couching heavy punch, .

Stomp, which is down forward, down forward plus medium kick. You want to do the medium stomp. -Yeah. If you do the heavy stomp, you can get damage not max damage for this situation. So, what you want to do is medium stomp and then crouching strong, which is medium punch. So, I’ll start over. It’s jump heavy punch, crouching heavy punch, medium stomp, medium punch. And then to finish the combo off, this is almost every combo of his is going to end in this move right here, which is slash. That’s a slash move. So, you want to end your combo in that for the most part. So, going from the beginning, jump heavy punch, crouching heavy punch, medium stomp, crouching medium punch, medium slash.

Whoa! Now, that… I know the slash is a charging move. -It is. At what point do you start charging it or like does it give you enough time? The catch is, in v-trigger, he doesn’t need to charge it when you’re canceling from a button. -Oh! So, I can show you right here. Watch. I have no charge. . I got the slash. Because normally, I’m going to have to charge it like that. But if I do it from a button press from a normal, I don’t have to charge it. . -Wow! -Back forward, back forward. That is insane.

I didn’t know that. Yeah, yeah. So, that’s… that’s only in v-trigger. Outside of v-trigger, if I was to show you the combo outside of v-trigger. Go ahead and reset it. Yes. . The point you want to start charging is when you… when you… when you start landing that jump fierce or you want to do your crouching fierce, crouching heavy punch while charging down back. So that way you’re getting back charge, okay? So, it looks like this. I’m charging like that. So now, if I was to do the whole combo, . there you go. -Whoa! Did you see that? So at that point… by that point, I will have always… I’ll always have charge. So obviously it’s not as much damage as the v-trigger one. You see, it’s like almost a hundred points of less damage. But… and I have to charge as well for the v-trigger one. There’s no point at which I have to start charging, so I can just do… sorry about that. I could just do… I wasn’t charging at all. So much damage. So look, you see how big of a difference it is. -Oh, definitely. -Yeah, yeah. Now, what’s like your one, like big note for Necalli players? Necalli players, I want to make sure all Necalli players know how to use his…

If we reset it, please, know how to use his v-skill, which is… Boom! …the …the seismo. -Yeah. -Yeah. The reason why is because this is going to be one of your main tools, because it builds your v-trigger. The v-gauge, the v-trigger gauge… once it fills up is when you basically become the best character in the game, which is his Super Saiyan his v-trigger. Yeah. Yeah, you know, his Super Saiyan 3 form. So, you want to focus on… you got to… you got to be able a little conservative. You can’t be too careless with this because as you can see, there’s a long wind-up.

Like it’s a slow… so you want to do it in situations where you’re outside of their jump range. They won’t… like if you jump as Guile, you won’t be able to jump from that range. So, I’m still safe. -Yeah. Even… even if you jump before, I’m still safe. But now, if I did it from here and if you jump… let’s try again. . That’s where you could get a full jump and a combo. Now, you’re on the defense. Now, you have a life deficit. It’s not going well. So, is there a way to control the… how do you know where the stomp goes? There… okay. That’s a really good… really good question. There’s three variations. The way you control is… by the way, the v-skill is done like every other v-skill with medium punch and medium kick. So the way you control is, if you have no directional input and you just do seismo, it’s going to be this middle one always, always in that spot, right there. Now, if I hold back like this and I do v-skill, .

It’s going to be the close one. -Uh-huh! And so the last one, the third variation is holding forward. And so when I hold forward and do v-skill, it’s the far one. So that’s another part of the mind game… Yeah. So you definitely, you definitely want to make sure you practice and you know the right seismo to do in the right situations. Yeah, for sure. Oh, good! Well, thank you so much for being here, Vagabond. This has been a really great segment. Yeah, really appreciate it. Yeah. So yeah, that’s been this… this has been this edition of the ‘Hitbox’. I’ve been Kyle Shire, alongside… -Shayan Tamayo! And this has been Vagabond. Please subscribe to ‘Body Count Fighting’, wherever that is and have a great day! -Thank you! -See you guys later!

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