What’s up guys, I’m back with another Street Fighter 5 tutorial. Today, I’m gonna explain how to practice Hit Confirming. If you’re an experienced player, you probably know all about this, but if you’re more of a beginner I’m gonna show you a simple practice drill that you can do that with just a few minutes of practice, you’ll become a much much better player. So what is hit confirming? Let’s say we have a simple combo: for this example I’m going to use Medium Punch, Medium Punch, Hurricane Kick but down in the description I’ve put a list of combos for every single character, you can look up your character and find a combo. If you need any help with the combo notation, or getting the combo to work just let me know in the comments and I’ll reply to you. So we have this combo and it’s good and it knocks down and it does good damage, but the problem is if the opponent blocks it, if they block hurricane kick you’re unsafe on block and they can get a free combo on you.

So what Hit Confirming is, is we’re gonna use the 2 hits, the 2 medium punches, to check did it hit, or did they block it. And if it hit, we’re gonna end the combo with hurricane kick, and if they blocked it we’re just gonna end it right there. So the way to practice this is you set the dummy to Random Guard. You do the 2 Medium Punches, and if they blocked it you’re gonna end the combo, and if it hits you’re gonna finish the combo. And don’t worry if they block the first one and get hit by the second one, that doesn’t matter, just end the combo anyway.

Only worry about the first medium punch. So if it hits finish the combo, if it blocks end the combo. And practice this until you’re 100% consistent, it’s gonna take a little bit of practice, but you can get super consistent with it, and then once you’re 100%, you can start mixing it up. So like after they block it you can do a Medium Kick to push them back, or a Hard Kick something like that, or you can do dash up throw, all kinds of stuff guys. So get consistent with it, start mixing it up, and I promise you’ll see much more success online. You won’t have to do unsafe moves that you’ll eat a combo if the opponent blocks it. So give it a try guys, hopefully this helps you out, and good luck. Thanks for watching!.

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