What’s up guys, I’m back with another Street Fighter 5 tutorial. And I got a comment from ArtjomGlad who asks how and when to use throws. So today I thought I would do a quick little list of what are in my opinion the 3 most useful times to throw the opponent. So to kick it off, number 1 I’m gonna say is when your opponent is waking up. And this is also called “Meaty”, and if you don’t know what the word Meaty means, essentially what it means is on the first frame where the opponent is standing up, your move is active and will hit them. And the reason that this is so strong is that if the opponent is pressing buttons on their wakeup, like I have this birdie doing jab when he wakes up, the jab’s gonna get thrown, cuz his move has startup, but my throw is already active during the startup of his move. So that’s why this is so good, and the only ways out of this are gonna be throw teching on wakeup, or you could jump on wakeup, or if you have an invincible move like a dragon punch or a super that will get you out.

But any normals they are doing on wakeup are gonna lose to the throw, so this is super useful. Number 2 most useful time to throw is what’s called a Tick Throw. So if you haven’t heard that before, especially on block, the idea is that you do an attack and then you throw the opponent. And why this is useful is that the blockstun from the attack when the opponent is locked down, that gives you the extra time that you need to throw them. So the more advantage on block the opponent has, the better. Jabs tend to have a lot of advantage on block, or jumpins tend to have a lot of advantage so that’s another good time, but a lot of normals, anything that is plus on block is a great time to set up a tick throw.

So that’s number 2. And finally number 3 is dash up throw. Now almost every character in this game has a really long range really fast dash. So if you’re at neutral, and you’re both trying to poke each other, if you sense hesitation on your opponent’s part where they’re scared to stick out moves because they don’t wanna get counterhit or something like that, that’s a great time to dash up throw. Or if your opponent sticks out a move and you counterhit it, a lot of times people tend to block after that, so that’s another great time. Dash up throw is really great for almost every character. So that’s number 3. And so remember these guys, and start applying them to your game. And don’t forget that these are the best times to throw the opponent, and they’re also the times when the opponent is gonna want to throw you so if you find yourself in this situation yourself, where you’re waking up or you’re blocking normals or you see the opponent dash at you, remember these might be times where they wanna go for a throw. So hopefully you guys find this helpful, thanks for watching, and good luck out there.

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