Hey guys! Welcome to Body Count Fighting, and this is the Hitbox where we show you tips, tricks and combos for your favorite fighting game characters. I’m your host Kyle Shire alongside… Shayan Tamayo. And today in the studio we have Stupendous from Wednesday Night Fights. He’s going to show us some pro Zangief moves. How are you doing today? -I’m doing good. -Yeah. Awesome! Are you all right? You’re going to show with my… my man crush, Zangief. Zangief, all right. Yeah He will be a great bear. He is a great bear. [CHUCKLES] He actually has a costume where there’s a bear on him. -Yeah. -Oh yeah! It’s so dope. Mm-hmm. …but not ran although… No. Anyways, so let me begin with news and tips with Zangief. Yup. Okay. So, Zangief is a very slow-moving character, but he does a massive amount of damage. Yeah. Okay. But because he does so much damage…

And he also has a lot of health. But his drawback is he has very, very low mobility. Mm-hmm. So, opponents will likely try to keep him out and try to defend from range. So, Zangief’s job in this game is to slowly back the opponent into the corner by slowly blocking, blocking, blocking… Mm-hmm. …blocking, blocking, punishing their very visible moves and blocking, blocking, blocking. So Zangief is a character where you have to kind of have the presence of mind to know what your opponent might do… Mm-hmm. …and then try to punish that. And you have the whole round and the whole length of the stage to walk him to the corner to figure out what they might or will do next. Hmm. Okay. Now, Zangief is not a very… oh, I don’t want to… he’s not very hard to use character because he doesn’t have too many hard combos to do.

Mm-hmm. Technically, he has like maybe three combos, and this is one of them right here, a basic jump-in, head-butt, leg kick, there you are. All right, that’s one of his bread-and-butter combos. Mm-hmm. A harder one to do would probably be like linking a super at the end. So you can do a neutral head-butt, like this, into a medium punch, super! That’s probably his most damaging combo. Well, I mean, most damaging in the game, not the most damaging but very, very, very, very powerful… yeah. Oh goodness! It’s like 50%… It takes 50%, right. It takes all his meter, but it’s… it’s great to punish them if they ever do something very punishable or if they’re dizzy or if you… you just get them when they’re off-guard. For sure! Yeah. The funny thing about Zangief is each of his move is very, very high risk, very high risk.

In other words, if he tries to do his signature move called the SPD. In this game it’s called the Screw Pile Driver… -Yeah. -…okay. If he does this and it completely misses, he’s very open to a counterattack, which is very bad. But, if he lands it, it’s very, very rewarding because it does a massive amount of damage. He gets to dash-in and he gets a free setup. Oh. So, Zangief is a very gambly… gambling-heavy, 50/50 character. His risk is very high, but his reward is also very high. So, the… the goal of Zangief players is to get this, all right, and to put them in this little vortex situation where he can do this again. -Now… -Yeah. …the only way to escape this, really, is to back dash or jump.

But Zangief has an answer for that. So if you know your opponent will not do anything, then you do this again, but if you know they’re going to jump, then you do the… the air version of that, which is basically the same thing and it puts… -…again in the 50/50. -Oh! That’s nice. Zangief can do this about three or four times before they get dizzy which would result in a win. Yeah. [CHUCKLES] That’s mostly his game plan. He also has this one abusable move… not abusable…I think it’s abusable. It’s called the… his V-skill. It’s his… his iron muscle. Hmm. His iron muscle can absorb any move, up to two hits. And if he starts walking like this, he can absorb two more. -Ooh! Nice! -Okay. So this move allows this so that your opponent… if they throw an attack, you can absorb that attack and immediately punch them without any block recovery… Yeah. …or any heal recovery. It’s a very, very strong move, probably one of the only unique ones in this game that can actually make your opponent think very carefully before throwing out a move.

So playing against Zangief… playing against Zangief is very different than playing against other characters in this game… Mm-hmm. …which is why it’s very fun playing as Zangief because you have to make them guess whether you’re going to do this one or the air one, or if you’re just going to try to punch them by doing this over and over and over. So it’s a gigantic mind game. Mm-hmm. So another thing too that I’ve noticed especially when you play Zangief is you… you do the V-trigger a lot… Mm-hmm. …and you kind of suck them in with that tornado. Yes. How do you… like, explain to the people how do you use it? How do you use it as an advantage to that mind games? Okay.

So his tornado game… -this right here. -Yeah. Okay? It sets them in. It puts them in a juggle state afterwards and you can link it with an air spin like that, right? Which puts them again into… into SPD 50/50. But whenever… the only time I usually activate it is if I could confirm that he has got hit, like this. Like if he got blocked, I usually can’t confirm that he got blocked and I will activate it. So as you see, these two moves right here… this one, I will try to confirm and if it gets hit, I’ll link it. If it’s Ryu or anyone with a… with a slow projectile or a slow activating projectile, this V-trigger will go through projectiles and set them as well.

Ooh. Okay. Sometimes I like to activate it ahead of time and then try to jab them into it because once it’s activated, you can link it from almost any normal he has, almost any normal, even from this far. He can just do this and… …so if you would like to cause the pitch of death… [CHUCKLES] …yeah, you’re like half a screen away and you basically hit him with a light… light attack and then it links into V-trigger and then… 50% of the life… super. Mm-hmm. Some people like to do things that aren’t real. And what I mean by “aren’t real” is that… I am going to spin this first, and then we activate it again. Okay. So let’s say I hit them and I activate into like this, usually people would expect me to continue it and set them into the vortex, gets him into the air juggle and do SPD… …but sometimes I like doing… I like canceling it and doing into a raw spin… or Screw Pile Driver because people don’t expect it. Yeah.

And because I can do that, it resets the damage on… on… on the damage scaling because it’s not a combo. Hmm. And because I do that, it puts them again in 50/50. Okay. So it’s kind of a mind game that if they think I’m going to continue the combo which does less damage overall, but it’s guaranteed damage or if I’m going to reset them with the Screw Pile Driver and put them again in the 50/50 for a higher risk, higher reward.

Okay. That’s usually how I use it. There are other advanced things about Zangief too which is kind of hard to explain. Should I… should I try? -Give us one. -Okay. So Zangief has this thing called the Delayed SPD. Hmm. Delayed SPD is basically he gets a dash-in, wait a bit and he does Screw Pile Driver. Oh. Oh, okay. So during that pause, he’s actually… he’s holding down back… Okay. …so he’s blocking, all right? The only reason why you ever do this, right, is after this mix-up right here, you dash-in, you do a delayed SPD, if they do a quick get-up and back dash, you will catch the back dash. Mm-hmm. If they do a quick get up and they do a reversal… like, Ryu can do a Shoryuken…

Mm-hmm. …and you do a Shoryuken because you’re already holding down back, you block it and then you go for a big punish. Okay. So it covers two options… or it actually covers three options. It covers if they back dash, it covers if they do a reversal and it covers if they just sit there and do nothing. Wow! That’s awesome, man. But if they wake up and press a jab or a button, you end up blocking it because you’re holding down back anyways. Hmm. So the only way to really escape that is if you wake up and immediately do a throw or if you just jump.

Okay. So it covers multiple options. It’s an option select, all right? It covers multiple options with one move. Yeah. And that’s one of his advanced things that’s kind of hard to… -No, yeah, yeah, yeah. -Yeah. Yeah, I get it. It makes sense like… like you said, it’s just all about mind games. Mind games. I love that mind games. [CHUCKLES] Thank you so much for coming by and showing us some Zangief because I sound like five more times.

Thank you for coming by and showing us some Zangief, Stupendous. -You’re welcome. -It’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much, brother. -Appreciate it! -All right, you guys. That’s it for the Hitbox. Be sure to hit “Subscribe”. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know any other Street Fighter characters that you want us to cover on the Hitbox. I’ve been your host Kyle Shire, alongside… Shayan Tamayo. And that’s Stupendous, and goodbye! [MUSIC].

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