First off, warp to the Observation Deck. Grab the purple coins on the left, then capture Glydon and head towards the garden. When close to the ground, release Glydon and capture the Coin Coffer. Once it’s all out of coins release it and ground pound the Coin Coffer, then collect the coins it released. Grab the moon, then throw Cappy at the bot to retrieve the giant seed. Take the lift to get back up. Once at the top, throw the seed while standing right in front of the “vase”. Even though it looks like you’ll save some time by throwing the seed while still jumping, this will often result in missing your target. Capture the Uproot. It can be captured in one hat throw with the right timing. Stand to the platforms’ edge, so that if you miss some coins you can jump back and try to get them. Try not to stretch too much, as it might waste you some time. After collecting the coins stretch as much as possible, release the Uproot, get the moon and press ZL. If you do as I did, you might not get the coin from the Uproot. If you press ZL too early, you might not get the moon.

Rinse and repeat. You’ll get 283 coins per cycle. I like to use Glydon to move around because it feels faster. Not sure if it is, though. With this method I was able to go from 890 moons to 999 in about one hour. I hope this helped. Thanks for watching! .

As found on Youtube