So you beat the game and the only power moons left are the difficult ones. Or maybe you’re just hunting purple coins? Or maybe you just suck and you need help beating the game. Well, lucky for you Nintendo built in some exploits that are VERY easy to pull off. A little… TOO easy. Now let’s get one thing clear here, the game isn’t hard. INITIALLY. But some of these moons… well… “Who told me- Who told me how to get this star? I NEVER would have known how to get that star.” There are a few ways to kind of, use everything Nintendo has to offer to…

Alleviate the stresses of 100%ing this game. It’s not cheating. No, not at all. Amiibo are the biggest help in this game BUT before you get COMPLETELY turned off by this video, you DON’T even need the Mario Odyssey ones. ANY amiibo will work. I got the Odyssey ones cause I’m a sucker. Also those two but those don’t count for this video. The peach one is hard to find apparently. I had to go all the way into the city for that one. The woman behind the counter asked if it was okay that there was a giant sticker on it. …Yeah I think it’s fine. If you bring ANY Amiibo to Uncle Amiibo, the roomba looking thing at the beginning of each kingdom, so long as you beat the boss there, Uncle Amiibo will send that amiibo off to find you one moon location and mark it on the map. It takes 5 minutes each, and you can do 3 at a time. This is ESPECIALLY helpful when you’re cleaning up the last few moons in each kingdom.

It’s much better than having to look up a walkthrough of every moon in the game, and then comparing your list to their list, or paying Toad 50 coins. The 5 minutes goes by fast. You can use that time to keep exploring for more power moons or to get some purple coins. The Odyssey amiibo have special functionality here too. At uncle amiibo they give you special outfits, each corresponding to the character that you put in. ALL of the outfits are available to unlock WITHOUT buying amiibo though. For Mario all you have to do is beat the game, for Bowser’s it’s 440 power moons and for Peach’s outfit it’s 480 power moons. Even Mario’s old amiibo give you outfits. Here’s where things get interesting and a little… shady. You don’t need uncle amiibo to input an amiibo. Hold right on the D-pad from anywhere in the game, and tap ANY amiibo to your pro controller or to your Joy-Con. Even an old Smash Bros one you have.

Any amiibo will get you one heart. That’s full lives from ANYWHERE in the game. The Odyssey amiibo are even better… or worse depending on your opinion of this. The Bowser Amiibo reveals the location of a random set of regional coins. There is NO cool down for this. So you can use this to completely wipe out a region of purple coins. If you were gonna end up using a guide to find the location of some of these coins anyway, why not just use an amiibo? This one is probably my favorite functionality because it’s useful, without feeling game breaking. Next is Mario, who grants you temporary invincibility for what feels like an absurd amount of time. It’s not cheating! No… not at all! Finally is Peach who gives you a Life-Up heart, to bring your total heart pieces to 6.

This is VERY useful for the Brutal boss run. Previously, I found myself running to another kingdom to buy a Life-Up heart before diving into the fight, which is also a good strategy if you don’t have any amiibo at all, or don’t want to buy one. But with Peach you can do it right from that Kingdom. Or… haha… literally in the middle of a boss fight, and AS MANY times as you want.

And again you can use ANY amiibo for a regular ol’ 3 piece heart. IT’S NOT CHEATING! Not at ALL! Even BETTER news is that ANY Mario, Bowser or Peach amiibo, including the Smash Bros ones, will grant you the same power ups. The only one that WON’T work is the Skylanders Bowser one for some reason. So if you have Smash Bros or Mario Party amiibo laying around already, don’t bother buying the Odyssey ones. Unless you think they look cool. Because they do. There is another way to make the game easier without the use of amiibo, and that’s with 2 player mode.

In 2 player mode a 2nd player controls Cappy. This means using the analog stick to float him in any direction. This is SUPER useful for precise throws, or to throw Cappy much FURTHER than usual. It makes it a lot easier to focus on platforming while another person focuses on enemies, or to get to those hard to reach coins. But, I don’t have friends, so I tried it alone and it does not work as well. Only do this if you REALLY need to float Cappy to a precise area or a hard to reach place. Now I have to admit, the only one I’m going to use frequently is Bowser. MAYBE I’ll grab a heart piece if I feel like it’s fair.

If I’m done with some enemies or just roaming around a level. These amiibo just make the game WAY TOO easy in my opinion. Almost pay to win in some cases, like for the Broodals boss run. Especially the Peach one but that invincibility is also kind of, game breaking. But I guess your always invincible if you could always just put a heart piece in. Of course I say this now, let’s just wait till I get to the last few moons and see how my opinion changes on this. SO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK about the Mario Odyssey Amiibo and the Amiibo functionality in general in Super Mario Odyssey? Or just some general ways to make the game easier for you? There’s also ways to farm coins I’ll link to a video on the easiest way to do that here.

That’s something that will constantly be changing and I don’t think this makes the game much easier especially if you have the Amiibo already. Cause you don’t need to buy heart pieces anymore and dying takes so little coins out of you anyway the only reason you need this is to buy stuff at the shop. Which I guess also counts for 100%ing it? Don’t forget about this shirt! The campaign link is in the description below. If you like or hate the way I say Mah-rio. We released an update video yesterday I implore you to watch that. There’s a lot of good information in that. Things are changing around here but you still get Tuesday games videos, Wednesday Comics, Wednesday Night Wulff Den Live join us for the live podcast.

Thursday that goes up archived. Saturday is the Backlog now. And Sundays are our gameplay streams on YouTube Gaming and follow us on Twitch cause we’re gonna be there a lot more now. If you watched the update video you’d know why. AS ALWAYS the most important things you could do is subscribe and share this video with a friend. A friend who also is playing the hell out of Mario Odyssey, is at those last few moons and could use a little bit of help.

Thank you guys very much and have yourselves a very good week. *I almost just ruined everything here* .

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