Hey, how you doing today? My name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by. Today We’re gonna go over how to defeat the Deepest Underground Boss in Mario Odyssey This boss can be found at the Sand Kingdom. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it. The first thing you’re gonna notice is That he’s gonna do a hand slam kind of like Mario’s ground-pound And if you get him to hit a piece of ice It will hurt his hand long enough for you to be able to control the hand. Use that hand to smash his face, right in the face With his own hand. He’s gonna come back at you with a double flying fist attack.

Go ahead and get out of the way. Just move to the left or to the right. The boss is gonna send some ice Flying down from the roof. Use the shadows to stay safe. Some of the ice on the ground carries heart pieces. You can use those heart pieces to keep your health up. Once the boss does another fist ground-pound, make sure he hits a little piece Of ice hurting him long enough to take control. All you have to do is aim for the side of the face that Doesn’t have a hand up spitting out ice at you. This final round will have three different attacks that can try and get you. The first thing is the flying fist attack and all you have to do is run off to the side The second attack is he’s going to try to clap his hands at you So you want to run either towards his face or away from his face.

I suggest using the long jump, so that way he doesn’t clap you And the third attack he’ll try to use is the ice raining down from the ceiling. Again, use those shadows to stay safe after a last ground pound Take control of the fist one last time. This time the ice is gonna be coming from the left side and the right side do your best to dodge it and make your way to the boss’s face for the win! and just Like that the first main boss and the sand Kingdom is done.

Thank you very much for checking out the video. Stick around for the end where I will show you where there’s a hidden moon and also a hundred coin stash just Before you get to the deepest underground. There is a Bullet Bill that you have to take over to get to the end room But if you look off to the right hand side. There’s a little platform that you can reach Get up to the top of this platform, and you’re gonna find yourself a stash of a hundred coins Pretty awesome, and if you look off to the side you’re gonna find yourself a chest that has a hidden moon inside of it.

The only way to get up to this chest is a hidden block that you will find really easily. All you have to do is jump right here and just Like that you’ll be able to get up to the chest Thank you very much for stopping by, my name is Relyea I really appreciate you for checking out the video. If there’s any Super Mario Odyssey related content You would like to see go ahead and let me know in the comments down below Please feel free to subscribe if you haven’t done so already and I look to talk to you more soon .

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