HOLY CRAP, is there a lot to talk about in Super Mario Odyssey! We all thought the game had a bunch of stuff from the first trailer, even more than I initially found I’ll admit, but this new trailer just blew me away with how amazing it looked. With the trailer during Nintendo’s E3, the footage from the Nintendo Treehouse, and the on and off-screen demo footage of various Youtube channels, there’s an enormous amount of Super Mario Odyssey stuff to cover. And all of that is how this analysis will be constructed. Now before I begin, I’d like to shout out these Youtubers you see on screen, GameXplain and Common Wealth Realms, for the footage and gameplay to be presented as well as Nintendo for not only giving this footage as well, but also for making and giving us what seems to be the perfect Mario game.

In this analysis, I’m going to be going over the basics, you know like the main characters and the abilities, followed by some narrative, the main goal, the worlds and any extra details I’d like to point out. Without any more hesitation, sit back, grab some popcorn and snacks, and enjoy. Let’s get started. The story is the obvious trope of Mario stopping Bowser from reigning supreme and saving Peach, with a twist. Bowser’s actually holding a forced marriage and is up to Mario to physically object this unrequited proposal.

With the help of his new friend, Cappy, he’ll gain brand new abilities to help him on his quest. But how did Mario meet Cappy to begin with one might ask? We’ll know the full answers soon but from both the first trailer and the newest one, I have an idea of exactly how these two became friends rather quickly. In the first trailer, we see Mario confronting Bowser wearing his white tuxedo and top hat and another portion where Bowser was hatless but the camera was coming in towards Mario at an angle as if Mario was about to get hit by Bowser. I’m confident this is the beginning of the game where we are introduced to Bowser’s brand-new hat-throwing abilities as Mario is conductively attacked and thrown overboard leaving Peach yelling in distraught and worry as she scores her new wedding tiara in her usual pink attire. What supports this is we see Bowser in the new trailer ready to throw his Dapper with Peach held in his arm, exactly like how he did in the first trailer. This is likely the point where he begins to throw his hat and what also supports this is we see Peach later on in the second trailer wearing not just the same wedding tiara, but a white wedding dress to boot, just like what she’s wearing in the posters and ads celebrating the upcoming wedding.

What’s more is Peach is holding a bouquet of flowers, or rather Piranha Plants, which are likely a direct reference to the Super Mario Adventure comics where Bowser also held a forced marriage with Peach and Peach was under Kamek’s mind control holding the same bouquet of Piranha Plants and rocking a similar wedding dress. Hell, Mario & Bowser dressed as Dappers are probably references to the comic as well, but I see it more with Peach than those two. I’m betting Mario is hit overboard and will fall into the black-and-white Nightmare Before Christmas themed world, the Cap Kingdom, specifically, in a town called “Bonneton.” How was this town deduced as Bonneton? Well, with all the caps and hats themed throughout the world, it makes sense to call it a cap kingdom. But it’s not that simple, because some official artwork was released for Super Mario Odyssey with Mario and various enemies on screen. But behind them is an atlas of the entire world of Super Mario Odyssey which was also revealed. And in the picture, we can see six kingdoms mapped out. The Metro Kingdom to the South, as well as New Donk City, the Luncheon Kingdom to the East, which is the polygonal food world, as well as Mount Volbono, the Wooded and Sand Kingdoms to the West, also showing Kogwald next to the Wooded Kingdom, or what is actually changed to Steam Gardens, and Tostarena, the name of the village and ruins in the Sand Kingdom, the Cascade Kingdom to the north, as well as Fossil Falls above it, and lastly beneath it, the Cap Kingdom with a little island called Bonneton.

That’s primarily why and there’s the obvious hat themes everywhere but we’ll get to that in a minute or two. But with just six kingdoms on the map, is this the entire world in Super Mario Odyssey? I have my doubts because the developers of the game specified the game itself is going to be a long, adventurous Mario experience and there’s evidence supporting the possibility of there being more than six worlds. Plus, it seems a little hard to believe we’ll get just six worlds in Super Mario Odyssey, even if every single one of them thus far were shown to have MUCH to do in them. But how Mario and Cappy meet exactly might have something to do with Bowser.

Later on, when we see Mario talk to the Mayor of New Donk City, she thanks him from assisting her and the city from a previous disaster, which is likely the work of Bowser. Maybe it’s not too far of a stretch to assume Bowser’s already caused some chaos before mopping the floor with Mario. Speaking of mopping the floor, in the first trailer Bowser holds Peach in his grip and stomps on Mario’s hat. I’m more inclined to suspect he’ll either slash it or burn it as well or one of his minions might’ve torn it themselves even. Why? Because later in the trailer, we see Cappy hold a thread of Mario’s hat, with the M on it, and transform into a brand-new hat for Mario to rock around with that looks just like his old one. That’s right my beautiful viewers. Mario’s hat is gone almost the whole game. That’s why you see him a decent number of times with him not wearing a hat and Cappy next to him, as well as Cappy’s ghost-like appearance in his dialogue boxes.

Cappy’s a brand-new friend of Mario, but he’s replacing his trademark cap during this adventure, hopefully to fill the void in Mario’s heart. I mean, next to his moustache, how else are you supposed to recognize Mario in an instant? That hat was a part of him, he’s got to be upset losing a piece of his identity. Speaking of, that ghost-looking Dapper form of Cappy is actually is original form with his hair resembling a blue wisp. Is he the ghost within Mario’s hat!? I doubt it because you’d think he’d at least resemble his hat.

His lower body resembles that of an Eerie and he’s regarded as energetic, but timid. When he holds Mario’s hat’s thread in the trailer, he transforms and replicates himself into that hat with the same shape, form, color and everything. But it’s also at that point we see Mario chuck his hat like Bowser did, and it’s at this moment where he’s introduced to the cap-throwing ability and the capture ability. Yup, anything Kirby or Ditto can do, Mario can do better because with a flick of the wrist and a toss of his cap, Mario can embody and control anything he sees fit, living or non-living being. In the trailer, we see this with the frog in the trailer.

But can Mario really change into a frog in the game? If so what can he do? Can he jump higher and/or farther and reach places he normally couldn’t? Not too sure, we’ll have to wait and see. But throughout the game trailer and the E3 gameplay footage we can see Mario take over a variety of objects and enemies and gains all sorts of abilities and powers. Mario can take over a Goomba, walk around like one and stack a tower of Goombas as well, a Hammer Bro and chuck hammers like he can, a Fire Bro where Mario doesn’t have to rely on a Fire Flower to chuck fireballs and he can just possess one instead, a Bullet Bill and fly out to unreachable floating objects and places and break objects like stone blocks and cracked walls, a rocket ship in Steam Gardens as he shoots up into the sky, presumably to another portion of the world like he can in New Donk City as shown in the demo footage, a lava bubble which can traverse across hot substances like the pink Pepto-Bismol lava as we see screenshots of it and purple coins just sitting atop it as well as even be shot out of cannons to reach other destinations.

Binoculars we’ve seen previously to rise up and get a 360 degree view of the entire world, much like how they worked in Super Mario 3D Land and 3D World, those electric lights we see throughout New Donk City and Tostarena, which Mario can use to traverse throughout the levels, just like I predicted in my previous analysis, a Cheep Cheep, which can be used to swim and breathe underwater, a Chain Chomp which is presumably used to take down enemies and objects which would normally being more threatening, a freakin’ taxi which Mario can use to drive around, a Moe-Eye, a statue that can reveal hidden paths and walkways, little traffic pilons that Mario can use to fling himself up and down buildings and streets in New Donk City and even gain a speed boost while running, humans which in this case Mario uses to control a remote car, a Sherm which is those tank enemies and Mario can use to fire shots at enemies, manholes which Mario can move and use to enter secret pathways, Uproots, brand new plant enemies that stretch their legs upward and can reach massive verticality and allow Mario to do the same and hop up tall paths and ladders, a Piranha Plant which Mario can use to spit poison presumably or as a choker as it consumes Cappy but can’t spew poison, and a motherfucking T-Rex! One would presume Mario could take down almost anything in his path as a literal dinosaur.

Also, did anyone else think that was Monster Hunter at the beginning of the E3 trailer? Every time Mario takes over anything, his hat, blue eyes and moustache encompass it, telling that’s really Mario under there. You can tell between the first trailer and this most recent one, Super Mario Odyssey will emphasize surprise. There seems to be many possibilities to Mario’s hat-possessing abilities, on top of using it as a platform and springboard for either higher jumps or crossing longer gaps! Who knows what else Cappy could possess in Super Mario Odyssey beyond what we already know? This core mechanic really does shape up how drastically different Odyssey is from any Mario game ever. Mario can also throw Cappy like a boomerang and pick up floating or hard to reach objects and hit enemies and crates and other stuff. He can even throw him and let him roll on the rim of a hat down a path or spin him around similar to Mario’s Spin move from Super Mario Galaxy.

He can move around and around Mario multiple times and can even give Mario a slight hop midair when throwing the hat, though not as major as Galaxy did it. Cappy can also clear poison and make it safer for Mario to walk across certain areas. There’s even a Co-Op mode where a 2nd player can control Cappy while Mario can move himself along with the camera and they both can reach obstacles and collectibles, like music notes from the Galaxy games. It’s very similar to the Co-Op in Super Mario Galaxy 2, although it’s not bad but most Mario games are for the single player experience. This is a nice addition to have just in case. It’s not always an open-world 3D playground though.

In some instances, there’ll be a pipe or passage you’ll enter and Mario will pull a Link Between Worlds on us. Jesus, Mario, can’t you think of something one of your Nintendo pals didn’t do? Well either way, this seems to be put in the most efficient way possible. Because whether it be to advance to a different section of the level or for some collectibles, Mario will literally change into his 2D sprite form and walk along walls and platform like his good ol’ Super Mario Bros. days. Dodging Goombas, Bullet Bills and hitting blocks and such like the classics is how he’ll climb towers or reach higher ground that’s normally harder to nearly impossible to reach, but luckily isn’t closed off or completely unreachable in some instances like past games or other video games out there. He’ll even keep the same attire that he wore going into the 2D plane. Finding a pipe or exiting through a ceiling of a wall is how he can exit and return back to his 3D glory.

There’s even a quartet of bunnies that seem to antagonize Mario throughout the adventure. The short stubby one in the green suit is named Topper and the female one in the purple dress is Harriet. These bunnies are helping Bowser organize and plan his wedding as they were hired by him. The narrative and subtle detail is strong with this game. Mario and Cappy will travel the world in their hat-shaped ship, the Odyssey, as that’ll act like Starship Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 2, where you’re go across the world. Of course, you can’t run a ship without fuel, so how will Mario collect fuel in this game? Well in 64 and Galaxy, he collected Power Stars. In Sunshine, he collected Suns. To wrap up the trifecta, Mario will collect Power Moons. I sense a Pokémon Stars joke in there somewhere… And there does seem to be a focus on the moon itself, with how visible it is in New Donk City, the Cap Kingdom and on New Donk City’s flags.

Now it makes even more sense. But the thing with each Moon is that depending on the world, it has a different color. In the Metro Kingdom, it’s Bronze, in the Sand Kingdom, it’s Green, in the Wooded Kingdom, it’s Blue, and who knows what other colors there are. Red, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Black, Orange, Silver? We’ll see. Like before, there’s a variety of ways you’ll collect Moons in Super Mario Odyssey such as exploring high and low in worlds, doing platforming challenges, running errands, and more. You can even buy them at Crazy Cap shops! And just like Super Mario 64, not only are multiple Moons found within a level, but you can freely find them as you please in any order you wish. Hell, even in the Crazy Cap shops, it costs 100 coins to buy a Moon, just like how it costs 100 coins to get an extra Shine Sprite Star in Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. There will be a main Power Moon for you to go after, but there are so many other Moons for you to find within each world you almost forget about it and have fun exploring beforehand! Although, much like Power Stars were in previous games, a tall rainbow pillar of light will be visible from a distance, signifying where your main destination is next, and it’s there you’ll see Mario and Cappy perform a little dance and celebration animation where they celebrate obtaining the Moon much like how Mario obtained a Power Star or Shine Sprite in the past.

Also, after certain missions or boss fights, you’ll have the chance to earn yourself a Grand Moon as well, which is this game’s take on Grand Stars from Galaxy. Three Moons are attached to each other so one would assume it’s the same amount as 3 Power Moons, right? You’ll be able to view the total number of Moons on the flag of the Odyssey as there’s a number on the flag and there’s a moon logo on there. Some fans maybe saddened to hear there is no hub world, but that’s not actually a bad thing. You know why? Here’s the best part. Even if you collect any Moon, as well as the main one you were supposed to go after, you don’t go back to the ship or some world or anything. You can still explore the world and move on to the next Moon, as if nothing happened. This really does encourage you to explore more of each world and see what else there is to discover.

Checkpoint Flags make a return as well from Super Mario Galaxy 2, 3D Land and 3D World and act as not so much checkpoints, but more so spawn points. As shown in the demo footage, once you hit a checkpoint flag, just like any Mario game, your emblem is over it, but much like in Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario can travel to a specific Checkpoint Flag as long as he passed one. Fast travel is a thing in this game and boy, doesn’t it make travelling more efficient and more convenient? The poles of the Checkpoint Flags even match the colors of the Moons based on the worlds you’re in.

Hell, even the map you have resembles a brochure, as if Mario’s a tourist going on vacation. The map of the landscape is in the center, the left are little pictures and texts explaining the land and overall appeal, and the right is the same with local tourist attractions and goodies as well. The amount of life you’ll get in this game is approximately 3 points of health, just like Super Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2.

Hell, if you listened in the Treehouse, it even has the same buzzer sound when you’re on one point of life left. You refill your health by collecting Hearts, which make their return from Super Mario 64. They refill his health gauge and increase it by 6 if Mario collects Life-Up Hearts, much like Life-Up Shrooms from the Galaxy series. But here’s a game-changer. Not only do coins not refill your life counter, but there are no more lives. Coins act as currency in this game, like coins are supposed to do, and every time you die, you lose 10 of them.

Between buying items at the Crazy Cap shops and obtaining hearts for health, it seems there may be a difficulty curve compared to past Mario games, huh? Your health will be restored every time you find a Moon though. Not only do normal coins act as currency, but also purple coins, and the weird thing is they take on a different shape depending on the world. In the Metro Kingdom, they’re regular Purple Coins with the mayor of New Donk City’s silhouette on theme, in the Sand Kingdom it resembles the inverted pyramid, in the Wooded Kingdom it resembles a nut, and in the Luncheon Kingdom it’s a polygonal food of some kind and there are approximately 100 purple coins in each kingdom. You can spend coins and purple coins in the Crazy Cap shops that are located throughout each world. Coins are spent on Moons, Life-Up Hearts and outfits, while purple coins can be used for other outfits and souvenirs based on the worlds you’re in which are probably decorations for the Odyssey.

The kind of outfits you can find and buy vary in which kingdom you’re in. For example, in New Donk City, you can buy a Black Fedora and Suit and Mario will look like a businessman. In Tostarena, you can buy a Poncho and a Sombrero and Mario’ll fit in right with the Tostarenans. This outfit is also a reference to Qix, a 1981 classic arcade game as well as a Gameboy re-release where Mario wore a poncho and sombrero with even a guitar. In the Wooded Kingdom, there’s also an Explorer’s outfit and Hat, which a reference to Mario in Mario’s Picross. In the trailer, we see Mario wear a white wedding suit and Dapper hat. This is only obtainable through the new Super Mario Odyssey amiibo, where Mario wears the same clothes in the figure.

A Chef’s toque and uniform is also obtainable, presumably in the Luncheon Kingdom, and is also a direct reference to how Mario looked in Yoshi’s Cookie. In the Cascade Kingdom, aka, the new dinosaur world, we see Mario wear his American themed hat and overalls, which just like in Sm4sh, are a reference to his outfit in NES Open Tournament Golf. In the trailer, we also see Mario wear a swimsuit with goggles and a floating tube ready for the summertime, a football uniform similar to the Chargin’ Chuck’s uniform with even a 64 number on the jersey, and in the demo, it was revealed his Builder outfit from Super Mario Maker would also be a costume.

It’s also been confirmed every single line of amiibos would be compatible with Super Mario Odyssey. Just how many costumes are there!? Will Mario run around Station Square in a Sonic costume? Or wear the Minish Cap in Toon Link’s clothes? There’s a lot to uncover when it comes to the basics of Super Mario Odyssey. Between the abilities, the possibilities, the potential, the characters, the collectibles and such, the layers and detail is massive already and we haven’t even touched a single world yet! So far, I’m finding this super fun, but let’s go ahead and dive into these worlds, shall we? Because of the narrative and how I believe the Cap Kingdom is out first Kingdom we visit, as well as with how that was the world with the least shown off in quantity, let’s start off there.

Hope you guys aren’t too bored, this is only the beginning! Before we begin, I should also note each world ties into Bowser’s wedding one way or another so each world serves a purpose for the game’s story, practically as much as the quartet of Rabbits. And almost every world in the game has a day and night cycle, but different events take place depending on the time of day in the world as well. In the trailer, we see Mario dash down a hill with arms spread out after gaining speed. This is likely after or one of his first moments with Cappy as we can see the bridge in the background Mario later is on.

Off in the distance we can see the hat theme vividly encompassing Bonneton, the name of the town, which is derived from the word Bonnet, a cap small children and women often wear on their heads. All those white hills seem to be fogs as Mario can run through it. In the view, you can see a 2D section on the wall here, and a giant building with a hat on top of it. But at the summit is one of Bowser’s Airships, which is likely where you’ll fight one of the Bunnies. With the giant full moon in the background, you can see a silhouette of the town continuing with even more hat-themed structures taking shape as well as with the town that’s close by. Before Cappy lands atop Mario’s dome, we see behind him hat-shaped lights on the path behind him and in the corner in the ground, a hat street light literally behind him, with the sign having many little hats along it that are black and gold, a crate near that light sitting in the corner, a stack of crates further down the path, and two hat shaped buildings, with both buildings having windows shaped like hats as well.

But the odd thing here is the building to the left looks a lot like the Odyssey, Mario’s ship as it has the same shape, smoke emits from it like the Odyssey, and there’s even a structure for a sail. Will Mario and Cappy have to find pieces for the Odyssey and build it themselves, or is it just concealed from outsiders? Did Bowser use this world to get his wedding attire? As Cappy moves, we see more hat lights on the bridge’s handles, more crates behind him, and there’s even a red and white something back there. That’s likely a poster spreading the word of Bowser & Peach’s Royal Wedding. With more hat lights along the handles of the bridge again, there’s a ghostly figure wearing a black hat floating behind Mario and Cappy. He’s likely a local resident of Bonneton.

We later on see Mario toss Cappy to break open a crate by the tall hat structure we saw earlier. There’s even a lever switch next to him, plus even more wedding posters at the base of the building. When Mario breaks open the crate, little swan birds fly out and you can notice that each bird is wearing a black and gold Dapper hat. Isn’t that cute? We then see Mario throw his hat along the sign from the bridge to reveal invisible coins and Cappy grabbing them as he returns to Mario. Those hats on the sign begin to unveil their subtly by being the big gold hat in the center, the other hat lights, the smaller golden hats and even the freakin’ bars of the sign shaping out a hat if connected.

They don’t call this place the Cap Kingdom for nothing. We even see that same ghostly figure from before with a friend on the bridge where he was before. But what’s this platform out in the fog? Is there a lower section of the town that’s hard to see from the fog? And this is how Mario learns of his hat throwing abilities, from meeting Cappy on this bridge. Where Mario learns of the capture ability is likely later on as there’s more white grass and overall color surrounding Mario and there’s hills Mario can jump up and Coin Rings he can go through for some extra coins.

We’re almost done here but I seriously feel like the hat building we saw before was the Odyssey because the sail is just to uncanny to mistake it. And if we look at the treehouse footage, the interior is similar to the Cap Kingdom. Not only can we see an atlas on the floor of the interior, but the black, white and yellow color scheme matches and the hats are literally everywhere. To the coffee table in the center, to the shape of the wardrobe, the knobs on the wardrobe, the shape of the mirror, a little emblem at the base of it, an emblem on the lounge chair to the left as well as the chairs by the table, the windows of the cabinet doors, on the center of the wall in the back, on top of the dressers up against the wall, and even the ropes holding the curtains away from the center of the window.

Speaking of which, the wardrobe on the right is how Mario changes into the outfits you bought from each world. The hat themes were already apparent outside the Odyssey as well with the emblem on the cover of the lower front, the door, the light, and the windows and more. Even the exhaust pipes on the back of the Odyssey resemble top hats. What’s more is you can enter them as well and wind up inside the Odyssey, much like how the chimney on Starship Mario led you to the engine room in Super Mario Galaxy 2. And that’s all regarding the Cap Kingdom, between both Bonneton and the Odyssey. Now let’s dive into one of the already highly-popular worlds, the Metro Kingdom, aka, New Donk City! STOP! Now I must interrupt your regularly scheduled program to discuss past SMT being late on covering recent news on Super Mario Odyssey. You are now listening to SMT of the future. So past SMT started this analysis a couple months ago but new information sprouted since and for the sake of a better structure, I’m gonna tackle some of that news now before we head straight into New Donk City.

Firstly, it’d be best to shout out these other Youtubers and resources for this analysis you see on screen right now rather than bit by bit. And even though I gave the names of the first 4 Youtubers at the beginning, the resources were significantly large and got bigger and bigger as time passed. Go check out their content as well as the first 4 Youtubers shouted out as well.

This couldn’t have been made without their content. Now, the UI has also gotten some changes as well. We got a glimpse of the main menu for the game and you can see outlined circles underneath your coin counter, indicating how many Moons are in a world. For instance, there’s at least 18 Power Moons in the Luncheon Kingdom, but I’m inclined to suspect Secret Power Moons exist. Either that or they took some circles out to not fully give away how many moons are in that kingdom. There’s even a compass on screen giving you your direction and upon approaching a Power Moon, that can also show up as well. Regarding the Moons, it’s been confirmed there are Purple Moons, Cyan Moons and Yellow Moons, in the Seaside, Luncheon, and Cascade Kingdoms respectively. But wait, Seaside Kingdom? What do you mean? For those who are unaware, after Gamscom, it was confirmed for there to be a seaside kingdom. That could be that little snippet of underwater gameplay we saw, although some have argued it’s actually the lake kingdom, but we’ll get to that much later.

What’s more, is the Super Mario Odyssey amiibo were revealed in their packaging and can we take a moment to appreciate these figures and their beautiful renders? … ok, but the main draw is that packaging reveals 3 more kingdoms. The Mushroom Kingdom, the Snow Kingdom and the Lake Kingdom, which makes sense because even back during E3, that little island up there looked like an upside-down mushroom. But that makes me feel stupid for not seeing it sooner. The Snow Kingdom’s borders also resemble snowflakes, which makes sense as well. Even Bonneton is on a hat-shaped island. Another piece of info is during the luncheon kingdom gameplay at Gamscom, is there is a Captain’s Hat Mario had which is actually native to the Seaside Kingdom. But enough about the other kingdoms, we’ve yet to talk about the Metro Kingdom, specifically New Donk City. The demo starts out with Mario next to the Odyssey on the outskirts of New Donk City, beginning “A Fresh Start to a New City.” New Donk City is inspired off New York City, is well-known for its humans, its nickname, ‘the city that never leaps,’ which is a play on a nickname for New York, ‘the city that never sleeps,’ and was allegedly claimed to be, by the residents, one of the founding locations for the Crazy Cap shop chain.

He can go to the right and knock over or kick some traffic barrels, and throughout New Donk City, most traffic barrels will likely drop a coin after being kicked or knocked over. He can also walk up a ramp to a line of 3 blocks with yellow coins and 3 purple coins behind them. The Purple Coins are also regarded as Local Coins and are given a name depending on the kingdom you’re in.

In the Metro Kingdom, they’re City Coins, in the Sand Kingdom, they’re Pyramid Coins, in the Wooded Kingdom, they’re Bolt Nuts, and in the Luncheon Kingdom, they’re Polygonal Tomatoes and there’s 100 Purple Coins per kingdom. Back to New Donk City, to the right of Mario is another path to 3 more city coins and a blue tarp that can be ground pounded for some more yellow coins. And some crates can be smashed here for some extra yellow coins but also, you can walk inside the girders via an opening on the left side of the girder, leading a path to a Bronze Power Moon, in the “Secret Girder Tunnel!” of the 30 to potentially 50 Moons you’ll find. Oh, I forgot to mention? It was confirmed each world would inhibit 30-50 Power Moons for you to find. But that begs the question, just how many Power Moons will be in Super Mario Odyssey? 10 worlds confirmed so far, we’re already looking past the 120 mark, like the total number of Stars and Shines used to be, probably even the 242 mark from the Galaxy games.

But back to New Donk, after backing out of the girder, the end of the path has a blue tarp that can be ground pounded for some extra coins, but you can see a skyscraper that seems traversable in the distance northeast. There doesn’t seem to be any power lines Mario can use to reach it though. Unless it’s too far away to render or if there’s a pipe you can use, how do you get there? Too far to render might be the case because we see some citizens in New Donk City render from 2D models to 3D upon approach, or even disappear totally. We even see later on a fire escape have trouble rendering as Mario’s barely out of range for it to properly load, so it’s possible.

There is another possibility I have in mind though which I’ll discuss later on. Mario then zips down the power line onto Cranky Avenue near Squawks Park, a Checkpoint Flag on the Main Street, and a pair of Binoculars. Near the building on the left are some City Coins. But Mario decides to hop on a Scooter, ride around just like in the trailer, and get a general view of New Donk City. Let’s get familiar with our surroundings. Mario turns off Cranky Avenue to Dixie Street, passing advertisements, the crazy cap shop and a man controlling, “Remote Captured Car”, in a little obstacle course with a Power Moon in a little cage. We saw Mario take over a human in the trailer and that’s primarily how he’ll obtain the Moon, by controlling that little car and driving it to the Moon through the course. It’s worth mentioning Mario can climb, jump, run and explore places much like he could climb trees and such in Super Mario 64 and Sunshine as he climbs the streetlight.

On the rooftops of the building next to the Crazy Cap Shop are some city coins and yellow coins along the buildings. Speaking of the Crazy Cap Shop, what you do say we start “Shopping in New Donk City”, as this and other Crazy Cap stores have Power Moons, Life Up Hearts, and clothes with yellow coins. But with local Coins, or in New Donk City’s case, City coins, you can buy more attire and statues, figurines, stickers and other decorations.

These are for your ship, the Odyssey, so you can bask and show off your souvenirs and products from around the globe and various locations. That explains why the Odyssey model in the lost footage from back in May had stickers on them, because you can actually decorate your ship in the game. Even the Mushroom Kingdom Sticker can be found on the Super Mario Odyssey website. In the Crazy Cap shop here, and most likely other ones in the other kingdoms, you can buy a black suit and a fedora, a Life Heart, and a Power Moon. And with City Coins, you can buy a Builder Outfit, a New Donk City Sticker, a Skyscraper Statue and a Golden Pauline Figurine. Ahead of Mario is that little construction platforming section we’ve seen numerous times, Mario continues to drive down Dixie Street and turn onto Krool Street, but on the turn by the Construction Site, is a manhole Mario can capture and go into to doing a puzzle and get a Power Moon.

“Inside the Rotating Maze”, filled with movable walls and Piranha Plants, Mario must collect 5 Moon Shards, which become one Power Moon, similar to Silver Stars from past Mario games. There is also another Power Moon dubbed “Outside the Rotating Maze,” as Mario can jump on top of the maze to obtain the Moon on the other side. Back out the manhole and curving down the intersected Expresso Street, as we go down, I wanna stop and talk about the guy on the bench. He looks kinda lonely, but look what happens when Mario sits next to him.

Shocked, right? Similar to Breath of the Wild’s secrets and collectibles, Power Moons and other goodies just might be in plain sight in Super Mario Odyssey. In this case, Mario makes “Bench Friends” just by talking to a local resident. Back to Mario driving the scooter, Mario can drive left in front of the other end of the platforming girder section with an apartment to the right that seems to be open for Mario to explore. There’s a sign with a Tostarenan with 3 Moons on it. When you walk inside, it’s actually a game called Slots, in this case the “Metro Kingdom Slots,” where you have to line up 3 Moons in order to win a Power Moon. The game is hosted by a Tostarenan and costs 10 yellow coins to play. But what would happen if you lined up 4 Moons? Back outside, there are 3 purple coins in a small alley between the buildings. Mario goes back down Krool Street, onto Rambi Street, where to the left is a Checkpoint Flag signaling the Outdoor Café, and some indication of an underground Power Plant as a New Donker, local residents of New Donk City, suggests it’s unreachable at the moment.

A certain event must take place if we want to access it, assuming it’s under the manhole blocked by the taxi. We then turn around to see a pillar of light signifying our specified location, which is the New Donk City Hall Plaza where a Checkpoint Flag can be seen. As Mario goes down Rambi Street, he then reaches a brand-new street, Rattley Street, which is another Donkey Kong Country reference to Rattley the Rattlesnake from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest. Driving into an alley, Mario goes behind the New Donk City Hall only to see someone familiar catch viewers eyes on some girders and believe it or not it’s Captain Toad, hailing from Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

“How You Doin’, Captain Toad?” He says he’s taking some “me” time away from his expedition and is travelling the world like Mario is right now. He even stumbles upon a Power Moon inside a girder and hands one to you upon conversing with him. Continuing on the scooter, Mario knocks down boxes and such to obtain coins and move on, with stacks of them all the way at the end of the path. Speaking of, coins can pop out of dumpsters in alleys if Mario hits them. Back on the main street, Mario can turn left at this section to find an open door, likely leading to a mini level where a Power Moon can be found. What kind of mini level it is, thanks to the Nintendo Treehouse during E3, is called “Bullet Billding,” a pun on Bullet Bills and the word “building” and it’s basically a platforming section where you climb poles and dodge bullet bills wearing visors as they try to knock you off while you make your way to the Power Moon.

Along the level, of course, are some yellow coins and a few city coins as well. As Mario gets off the scooter back outside, another door is open into an apartment, or in this case another level, thanks to the Super Mario Wiki, which is “Taking Notes: In The Private Room,” which I couldn’t find footage for. You’ll know what Taking Notes is when we get to the Sand Kingdom. Mario then rolls into Squawks Park obtaining some city coins while some women are playing jump rope, some seeds are seen on the ground and a small crowd of New Donkers are enjoying a man’s guitar playing skills as he scores a red tuxedo. Mario tries to jump rope and fails, but Mario becomes a “Jump-Rope Hero” and gains a Power Moon by jumping 30 consecutive times. A Man nearby mentions how 100 jumps would be a dream, and just like this game, it’s a dream come true as Mario can gain ANOTHER Power Moon by jumping 100 times, becoming a “Jump-Rope Genius.” Mario picks up the seed and bounces on a pot, which is where you’ll plant those seeds.

As to what they do, they’ll probably create a ladder or platform of some kind to reach places that’d normally be hard or perhaps impossible, probably to a Power Moon. You can even see a Power Moon design on the pots themselves, so it’s either going to cause a Power Moon to grow, or just give you another pathway to some place. What if they’re like the magic seeds from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and carry you to some location depending on where the seed is planted? Maybe it could carry you to that skyscraper we saw at the beginning.

Mario then captures the power line to zip up the building next to Squawks Park to the rooftop next to some electrical cooling system, a water tower, and two other buildings next door with the same thing, some girders and another power line to zip up. More of the same things are up on the higher building as Mario climbs, but some purple coins are floating in mid-air for Mario to grab as a steel girder is just placed over a dangerous pitfall. But in a later level, we see the player let Mario jump down into a pitfall with purple coins over it leading to a brand-new area. Could the same result happen here as well? We can also see a Power Moon hover beneath the girder in between a “Girder Sandwich.” As the camera turns left, we see some coins and a ground pound switch, which will open up a path temporarily for Mario to walk across the rooftops.

There’s also a man in a red tuxedo on the other building. Why is he up there? As Mario walks along the path, below we can see some yellow coins and city coins along fire escapes and rooftops. Mario then proceeds to long jump down back to the construction site on Expresso Street and climb some apartments and snag some more city coins. He then longs jumps to the fire escape across the street, where another pot is seen up on the rooftop of the building next door. Might as well hit a pedestrian sign and get a coin while you’re at it. Travelling up the building to the right of the plaza, if Mario actually took that scooter up here, he could gain a Power Moon by simply parking it next to a parking meter and a New Donker.

“Free Parking” nets you the Power Moon like I said, and there’s also a wall jump section behind the building next to you so you can grab some yellow coins and city coins. Kicking some construction stands, grabbing coins and checkpointing the Helipad, Mario can cross a few girders here to grab another Power Moon “Swaying in the Breeze” and even see some girders lined up vertically behind the tower for wall-jumping, presumably for city coins, but Mario proceeds to climb up the New Donk City Hall. Before we go up with him, I can see another path to the left of Mario before he ascends, which is likely the New Donk City Hall Interior, where Mario will climb the inside of the NDC Hall to a higher level of the tower without climbing outside, while dodging unstable platforms, micro Goombas and Urban Stingbies and their maggot forms.

You’ll have to take elevators and platforms and hit blocks and wedding posters to survive, as well as collect coins, yellow and local, but what some don’t know is the “City Hall Lost & Found” is up on a higher section of the tower by wall-jumping from a pole to another pole above. Back outside, at a slightly higher level, are some more city coins and a Checkpoint Flag, mapping out the New Donk City Hall Rooftop, as seen later on. Mario continues to climb up “Dizzying Heights,” but you can see a pool on the rooftop of the building by the Outdoor Café with a Power Moon hovering above it. Jumping on the umbrella on the rooftop is how Mario can obtain it. There’s even a scaffolding with a stack of coins behind it too if you jump over. And when he reaches the top, a Power Moon “Glittering Above The Pool” is sitting up there to be snatched.

And then you’re left with an awe-inspiring view of the entire Metro Kingdom, as if you were up on the Empire State Building, which you technically are. A beautiful sight, isn’t it? Let’s head back down and head to the Construction Site on Expresso Street, where you’re able to walk “Inside An Iron Girder” by smashing crates and getting a Power Moon as well as a few yellow coins. Along the site is of course a Checkpoint Flag for you to landmark the location with some coin stacks next to it. After crossing it back to Dixie Street, there’s a lower portion of girders going around the buildings here. Where this’ll lead you to is some city coins as they were visible from the beginning in the distance or by a power line on top of the building. Rising up past billboards and advertisements, behind those signs is a pile of trash. But get it all out of the way, something’s glowing from the vents. Turns out a Power Moon was hiding there.

“Who Piled Garbage on This?” To the right is the apartment we first saw with the city coins. But on the roof, Mario is seen backflipping with another pot up on that roof. Back to the roof of the Power Moon we just got, there are some more rooftops to the left where some more coins can be grabbed in Nintendo‘s developer footage. Mario then notices some traffic pylons across the rooftops and flings himself across, grabbing local coins as he makes his way to a Rooftop Garden with a Checkpoint Flag and even a Football.

Along the way is an electric wire Mario can travel through to the next skyscraper, to view not just city coins along the side of the skyscraper across the street from where Mario is going, but also city coins beneath his destination as well as another pot by a little water tower. I wonder what exactly happens when all 3 pots have seeds placed in them. Mario reaches another building with crates and traffic pylons encouraging him to travel upward. When he reaches the top, northwest of the whole city, there’s a lone rooftop with a pipe in the distance, and only through using the traffic pylon on top can Mario reach that area to snag over 130 local coins and a few city coins.

But what about on the other side? There is a power line extended out to another rooftop with a Checkpoint Flag, a football, and a Rocket Ship. These Rocket Ships will also be in other worlds and when Mario captures one, he’ll be able to go to another level within the world to find another Power Moon. In this case, you’re “Hanging From a High-Rise” and flipping from pole to pole around a skyscraper to reach a Moon. In the midst of it however, there is some covering forming a wall up here. Is there a secret? Quite possibly because the Mario Wiki confirms another Power Moon, “Vaulting Up a High Rise”, which requires vaulting upwards from one of the poles, and I believe this is the location.

Then you’ll be taken back to where you first saw the Rocket, which was in Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park. Wait a sec… Mayor Pauline, as in Pauline from the original Donkey Kong? The damsel who’s always kidnapped in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong games? Wait, we never actually went to our main destination did we, the pillar of light seen from afar? Oh damn, it actually is the same Pauline! Apparently, she’s the mayor of New Donk City in this game, marking her first debut in the mainline Super Mario games. This city just can’t get enough Donkey Kong, I see. Actually, she even thanks Mario for bringing the city back to normal. Back to normal from what? She then thinks of creating a festival for the city, but needs four musicians first. Mario can find them scattered around the city. The Drummer is right next to Pauline, the Guitarist is in Squawks Park, the Bassist is in the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park, and the Trumpeter is up on the skyscraper above the Outdoor Café.

That same man wearing the red tux on the rooftop is actually one of them, just like the guitarist in Squawks Park wearing the red suit. As a matter of fact, all the musicians are wearing red suits, so that should narrow down the search for you. Upon approaching the Trumpeter by going up a power line in an alley on Rattley Street, some city coins can be seen below you as you go up the building. Getting each musician on board will take you to the New Donk City Hall Auditorium where the band will play and the audience will increase with each musician you find. Upon gathering all of them, the musicians will play the Overworld Theme from Super Mario Bros. that sounds very similar to the Smash 4 remixes.

Pauline thanks you for finding them but clarifies that the underground power station isn’t working and the festival cannot be held without power. Even though it’s troublesome for Mario and Pauline, at least the New Donkers are enjoying the band. Despite these troubles, it seems the New Donk City Festival is still spreading around the city as posters, billboards and ads can be seen all over. You’ve likely seen them as you were watching along with advertisements for Mount Volbono, landmark of the Luncheon Kingdom. The name might be hard to see, but the color scheme matches the pink and blue one of the polygonal food world perfectly.

This game really does try to connect its worlds in various ways, huh? Speaking of power, a Power Moon can be obtained through power lines in a level in New Donk City. You can’t access it through normal means however. This is how the outfits you buy in each world actually serve a bigger purpose than you think, as there’s a building by the Outdoor Café that’s in need of a construction worker. You’ll be able to access it if you’re dressed up as Builder Mario from Super Mario Maker, which can be purchased with 15 city coins at the Crazy Cap Shop.

Once you enter, you start “Rewiring the Neighborhood,” and by that, the game means you’ll be collecting Moon Shards by going through various power lines and dodging Fuzzies along the way while as usual, finding more yellow and city coins. We’re also introduced to brand-new hedgehog like enemies that come in various colors that seem to be only defeated by using Cappy as they’re spiky. Even though they can be defeated, they seem to sprout out of the ground and respawn. A treasure chest can be accessed by using Cappy, similar to using Koopa Shells in Super Mario Galaxy to open chests. Coins come out of this one and who knows what may pop out of other chests. What’s more, is along one of the wires, which are escapable mid-travel, on top of a skyscraper, are some crates hiding, holding a Power Moon. “Off the Beaten Wire” and into the fire I see? Or crate in this case. But not only is Pauline the mayor, she appears to be the lead singer of her band as in the E3 trailer, a festival for New Donk City takes place and at the end, we see Pauline’s back snapping to the tune as she sings the game’s main theme, “Jump Up, Super Star!” Who knew she had such a tender and marvelous voice? She thanks Mario for assisting her and the city from a previous disaster of some kind.

Could she mean Bowser? And she wishes to gather up a band and set the New Donk City Festival in motion. Maybe Bowser wanted Pauline and her band to play for the wedding. What if the New Donk City Festival was the party location for the wedding? Can’t think of any other reason that New Donk would tie into the wedding at all. That’s all for New Donk City during the day. But what about at night? That’s right, New Donk City is traversable at night as well as at nighttime during a storm of rain, “The Scourge of the Skyscraper” is causing travesty on the city as electric lights flicker throughout buildings. This is in fact, the first event that goes on in the Metro Kingdom, so Bowser did cause that disaster Pauline spoke of earlier.

It was a future event everyone’s played before. But Bowser’s airship is floating around the tower as well as Peach shouts for help and his advertisements for the wedding are all over the buildings and billboards, you can see from here. Mario fast travels to the New Donk City Hall Rooftop to confront this beast. Even one of the New Donkers tried to confront it as well, but his friend states he never came back. Well that’s a little dark. Maybe that’s why it got an E10 rating… Before Mario approaches the monster, you can see beneath him there’s a wall jumping section with city coins able to be picked. The boss, known as a Mecha Wiggler, knocks Mario off the tower and proceeds to attack with Sherms at the base of it, tank-like enemies that try to shoot Mario.

Surrounded by giant barriers with ads promoting the wedding, Mario can take them over and shoot the Mecha Wiggler on its back segments which are its obvious weak spot. But Wiggler can shoot balls of electricity. Take out all 9 segments and Mecha Wiggler will not only try to charge at you, but it’ll grow 7 more! Don’t worry though, you can anticipate its moves and shooting its projectiles can nab you some hearts. Upon defeat it coughs up a Grand Moon for Mario, leaving him with a confirmed total of 31 Power Moons in New Donk City thus far. We’re almost done with New Donk City, but there’s still some details and things left to discuss. For one at night, Sherms and Urban Stingbies run amok in the city as Bowser and the Mecha Wiggler reign over the city and Mario has to stop them.

You can see more wedding advertisements on the billboards and posters on the walls and ground. Mario can even dodge Sherms’ bullets by crouching. But my question is, why is there a girder here? This is by Squawks Park and is definitely in front of the Crazy Cap Shop. Why would there be a girder here? Was Bowser building something? Or was that there to construct the little course for the remote-control car? Can you go inside it? I wonder… Mario can use Cappy to interact with inanimate objects. For instance, Mario can throw him on a fire hydrant to spritz water. It’s cute touches like these that give the game extra charm. In the hall auditorium, there’s a little Cat Peach behind the curtain and is ready to throw out a Heart if you need for Mario to get, or 5 coins from the heart if your health is full.

Could the same happen for Cat Mario up on the tower and what if there’s more Easter eggs like this? Are there more Super Mario 3D World Easter eggs or is it stretched out to more Mario games in this form? And let’s not forget Mario can control a taxi here too. We just don’t know why he’ll need to yet. And that is everything out of New Donk City! Quite a lot to take in, isn’t it? Well it’s only just beginning as Mario and Cappy board the Odyssey and are ready to take off to another kingdom. As we say farewell to Pauline’s humble abode, how about we absorb and take in the Sand Kingdom next? Especially a little town known as Tostarena.

But feel free to pause and just take a break when you need to. This isn’t going anywhere. You still here? Ok, good! So, let’s board the Odyssey, toss your cap on the globe, choose the next destination and set sail! 😊 Mario lands outside the entrance to Tostarena, which is inspired off of Egypt and Mexico, near some little icicles directed to a Power Moon “Atop The Highest Tower.” You’re able to hit the small icicles for coins and occasionally hearts, but trail off to the left, you might be able to find some hidden treasure. But those cacti aren’t treasure unless you’re a glutton for punishment. What’s neat though is upon interaction, Mario’s nose will have thorns stuck in them with Mario’s nose swelling red.

You can almost feel his pain, but that extra touch of detail is worth appreciating. Continue down that way and there’s 65 coins in stacks to grabs. But it doesn’t end there as Mario can find a Rainbow Note leaving a path of smaller ones. Rainbow Notes return from Super Mario Galaxy, Galaxy 2, 3D Land and 3D World, and when all are collected, a Green Power Moon dubbed “Taking Notes: Running Down.” Oh wait, “Taking Notes?” Didn’t I say to remember that when we went over New Donk City? Well this is what I meant by that and that’s not the only rainbow note themed mission for a Power Moon so now you know exactly what Moons have that requirement as long as they’re named Taking Notes.” And you can see Mario’s nose is still red and sore from the cactus thorns.

It makes him look like he’s got a cold, huh? As Mario rolls, back to Tostarena, you can see various posters along the walls of the buildings and a Power Moon tucked away atop the highest building in the village. There’s a little flower next building Mario approaches and can jump up for a boost as he slowly descends, much like how he could jump off Fly Guys or Spindrifts from Super Mario 64. In the E3 Trailer. There’s another one on the other side of the village, but here Mario has his poncho and sombrero on.

But pause here for a second and look off into the distance. There’s a floating pyramid in the sky. But how does Mario get up there? And what exactly is up there for him? But I’m getting a little too far ahead of myself. As Mario collects the pyramid coins on both icicles, a Tostarenan tells Mario water suddenly gushed out the ground and froze in place all over the kingdom. Bowser’s no doubt the cause of this and as if it weren’t apparent already, Mario needs to find out how to melt all the ice as before and later on we see pyramid coins trapped in ice. The power lines along the buildings are just like from New Donk City as Mario can travel from building to building and grab any extra pyramid coins and other goodies. In the Crazy Cap shop are more souvenirs for Mario to buy, such as a Tostarena Sticker, a Jaxi figurine, and an Inverted Pyramid Statue. but my question is why is there a Power Moon behind the desk? There wasn’t one behind New Donk City’s Crazy Cap Shop’s desk and there’s a glass window blocking access, so is this an extra obtainable moon? It has to be because “Shopping in Tostarena” nets you another Power Moon with the one behind the counter still there.

And if you go back outside to the left of the building, there is a little crevice Mario can crouch into with yellow coins. And look at that, Mario can nab that Power Moon behind the counter. “Hey! Employees Only!” Even the employees will be startled Mario upon conversing with them. Going around the village, the frozen fountain has the pyramid coins we’ve seen frozen inside earlier, and to the building on the left are some flower pots and a seed. I really wanna know what happens after planting those seeds, Nintendo. Taking the flower up again, Mario jumps on Cappy across the roofs, but what’s that pipe beneath them lead to? Well, it leads you to a secret room with a Tostarenan telling you to ‘feel’ the presence of a Power Moon.

I have a feeling HD Rumble might be involved or you just might feel a regular rumble to find the Power Moon, which is in the upper left corner of the room. Upon ground pounding that spot, “Can You Feel It?” Taking the pipe back out, Mario and Cappy continue and reaches the Moon on the building, “Overlooking the Desert Town.” Along the edge of the rooftop are some pyramid coins behind the Power Moon as well breaking crates next to a Tostarenan. He tells Mario the couple went to the ruins and never came back.

Uh-oh. But what’s even scarier is this Tostarenan frozen in ice, not to mention the one we saw in the previous analysis back in front of the Crazy Cap shop. Now that’s cold, bruh. In the back of the building is a locked door guarded by a Tostarenan, who says access is granted only when you are wearing the proper outfit. He asks maybe the locals could inspire Mario, and sure enough, it does as he’s able to walk inside with wearing a poncho and sombrero. Upon entering, there’s 5 Tostarenans and standing up on stage in the circle brings Mario to dance along with them as he plays a guitar. Aw, he can’t enough of the spirit of the kingdom. A Power Moon is granted by “Dancing With New Friends” when it’s over. Cappy even spots Bowser’s footprints going into the ruins. But slow down, Mario, there’s still more goodies in the village.

The name of the village is really Tostarena Town as Mario hits the Checkpoint flag in the center of it. In the pink building to the right of the fountain is a door leading to another slots game like in New Donk City, and just like there, you have to line up 3 Moons to earn the “Sand Kingdom Slots” Power Moon. But the big question is, why is there 3 slots here and in New Donk, there was 4? Maybe we’ll find out some other time. There’s also a rocket on the right building in the back of the town unfortunately frozen, which likely leads to a Power Moon. By the way, I mentioned in the previous analysis the palm trees out east of the town could lead to an oasis. And thankfully, my intuition is spot on as Mario approaches one upon following a glowing bird.

Too high for Mario to reach, he slides along the frozen oasis and palm trees and grass feeding life to this spot. I have to agree with Cappy, this place is pretty. The bird descends low enough for Mario to hit it giving him a Power Moon. “Bird Travelling The Desert,” which means you don’t have to go to this oasis to get the bird, because the bird does fly around the kingdom and you can hit it as long as you’re able to reach it. Moving on, pyramid coins trapped in the frozen water here as well, and even a fishing Lakitu is encased in ice.

Poor guy probably wanted to get those coins or maybe some fish. Climbing up the palm tree northeast of the entrance, Mario finds another Rainbow Note, with 6 smaller ones spread out on 2 palm trees. You can use Cappy to get them all in time, but I personally like to long jump the old-fashioned way to obtain them. And what do you get when you get all the notes? You guessed it: a Power Moon, by “Taking Notes: Jump on the Palm.” The oasis is levelled down in a ditch and you can get out either Hip Drop Jumping, Back Flipping, Side Somersaulting or using the flowers on the side to bounce up.

From the oasis, travelling northwest up to the ruins halfway near the poisonous lake, there is a red Koopa Troopa wearing a sombrero giving Mario a challenge. You have to walk like a champ by walking around a circle of arrows that fades a third of the way around, leaving your memory to guide you and you have to at least score 80 points, which means you have to travel along most of the circle. The prize you get for “Walking The Desert!” and scoring 80 points is a Power Moon. I can’t help but think the developers made this mission in contrast to Koopa The Quick from Super Mario 64.

I wonder if anything special happens when you get 100 points though… Now enough on the town and oasis. Let’s dive into the Tostarena Ruins Entrance. In the E3 Trailer, Mario can enter the ruins, but I spy with my little eye a Power Moon above the entrance. How can he get up there? We’ll get to that later. Mario meets some Micro Goombas at the entrance and ahead of him. Some bumps come out of the stone thanks to the sand, but Mario can ground pound it and level it out. There are 3 blocks ahead, all with coins and the center block with multiple coins, and if you take out the cactus to the left with either a Bullet Bill or Cappy, not only will it give a coin, but there is a small path leading to 3 pyramid coins. Moving on to the main path, a bullet bill can hit Mario unless he jumps or captures it and ahead are some coins, coins rings only used by Bullet Bills and a heart above a sand geyser. When capturing a Bullet Bill, you’re able to accelerate and go farther than normal. Reaching the other side, Bullet Bills are able to break those cacti and stone blocks, but there’s a glowing one near the corner.

Bust that down and “Inside a Block is a Hard Place,” or in this case, a Power Moon. You can also use that Bullet Bill to go out “On the Leaning Stone Pillar” with a Power Moon on it. Careful it doesn’t hit you or Mario will lose a point of health and will be covered in smoke and dust. But down on the side of the pyramid is a crevice where you’ll find another seed to plant in that pot back at the town. Not sure where the 3rd seed is though… Moving along to a flower with coins above is the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar and some coins ringed around an icicle near the Flag.

Sand geysers erupt and encourage Mario to jump across with more coin rings, and some cacti and a bump on the ground. In the pipe, Mario is first seen travelling into the 2D realm as 8-bit classic Mario, hitting blocks, dodging bullet bills and maybe even getting some pyramid coins near the end. And Mario can jump out of the 2D plane back into 3D by hitting the blocks near the end and jumping out. Or by going back and entering a pipe. Some more crates are up here, a pair of binoculars in the one in the back, and one of them is shining. If it’s shining, then it’s most likely a Power Moon. “From a Crate in the Ruins,” the Power Moon flies on top of a bump across from Mario to the left behind the entrance, but look off towards the entrance. There’s the Power Moon we saw earlier, which can only be access by that same Bullet Bill. “On Top of the Gate” is the name of that Power Moon. If you drop down to the left of the Power Moon we just got, there’s a lever switch pulling down a gate, giving you a shortcut in case you want to go back to town.

But you might wanna drop down underneath the platforms near the Bullet Bill & Bill Blaster. Why? There’s an “Alcove in the Ruins” with a Power Moon inside. Really easy to miss if you just move on ahead. But if you head north from the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar, there’s actually more quicksand and a sinkhole emitting cool mist. Mario can fall down here and travel a path towards a Moon. While falling, you can see the Power Moon is up on the highest path, and as a matter of fact, the background is very much like that one area from the first trailer, where Mario walked down a corridor with giant icicles in the background. To the right of the highest path are coin stacks. As you fall down, you’ll notice this is actually the ice cave.

It’s gotta be significantly colder down here than on the surface. You have to walk along an ice path and be careful not to fall. Pyramid coins are along the first road you take intersecting with the road you’re supposed to turn on, and on the main path are rising and falling pillars you’ll have to run past. At the end is a flower you jump up and some blocks you can hit for more coins as well as more coin rings. Another flower will elevate you to the high path and Cappy can nab 2 pyramid coins to grab. To get up on the high path, you’ll have to wall jump between the columns rising and time your jumps. Turn around to see those stacked coins and to reach that stack of coins you’ll have to use Cappy or long jump as you’ll net 125 coins, but you’ll have to take that high road again if you want that Moon.

Once you wall jump up there, the “Ice Cave Treasure” is within your hands. Taking the pipe out of there leads you to the Jaxi Ruins. A Jaxi is that stone jaguar like creature Mario was riding around on in the first trailer. You see various stone carvings of it around the Tostarena Ruins and it appears at stops like these, which are in the town, near the oasis, one north of the Ruins by a long pillar, near the ruins northwest of the kingdom, and more that’ll go without saying. At these ruins are 2 treasure chests and a checkpoint flag. They open by hitting them with Cappy and the chest on the right gives 50 coins, while the left gives a Power Moon. “The Treasure of Jaxi Ruins.” Upon talking to the Jaxi for a ride, another Power Moon comes into view atop a pillar near the inverted pyramid.

It costs 30 coins to ride Jaxis, but riding them will give Mario immense speed and an easier time to travel around the kingdom. Jaxi can hit cacti and even walk across poison so he can get those 4 pyramid coins sitting in the lake and extra couple coins on the 3rd island. But there’s a secret entrance at the base of Jaxi Ruins in the lake that can only be accessed by a Jaxi. You’ll be taken to a level that is needed for Jaxi because the entire path is poisonous. Coin rings will be found along the way as well as pyramid coins depending on your path, but along the way, there’s a path to left that reveals another Rainbow Note, and you guessed it, is needed to obtain another Power Moon by getting the smaller notes, although you’ll have to be quick and steady as some have trouble steering and driving Jaxi.

Instead of taking notes, it’s “Jaxi Stunt Driving.” Opposite of the path with the Rainbow Note are 2 pyramid coins hiding behind cacti and on the path taken here, are 3 more pyramid coins while the other paths to the left and right have regular coins. Once you reach the end, you’ve become an official “Jaxi Driver” by the decree of the Power Moon you have in your hands. Back outside, if you head south from the poison lake you’ll see a cactus near the edge of the land. But the tall cactus has a bulb on it, which Mario can capture and move. A glowing spot on the ground will be seen and ground pounding that spot will pop out a Power Moon. “Wandering Cactus” is the next Moon you’ll get. But before we get off track, let’s head back to the Tostarena Ruins. Behind the ruins is a Giant Sphinx we also see in the Wooded Kingdom and it’s an omniscient statue that’ll give you riddles and questions based on the items Bowser’s trying to get for the wedding.

Answer it correctly and he’ll open a secret path, in this case, to the “Sphinx’s Treasure Vault” where a Power Moon will be in a chest, but 280 coins are in the room as well. Above it is a little path where you can drop and wall jump for some pyramid coins. Back at that Bullet Bill and Bill Blaster near the base of the tower holding the Power Moon. Going up, you’ll have to enter a pipe the opposite direction of the stairs guarded by cacti. You’ll be taken to another 2D section afterwards where you’ll have to climb upwards dodging Bullet Bills and getting coins to reach the top. But on the bottom path, there’s a secret path that is trying to hide 4 pyramid coins. At the end is the top of the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower and the “Atop The Highest Tower” Power Moon hovering over a panel that turns the color of the Power Moon once you collect it.

After that, a new path opens where you board a moving platform in the air and you have to dodge stone blocks and ring-burner robots, especially if you want the yellow and pyramid coins. But back up to where that camera stopped to show the platform appearing. You can see that floating pyramid from a while ago but you can barely make out a Power Moon over it. The only question is, how do you get there? I’m really buying into my idea of beanstalk platforms of some kind like in New Super Mario Bros or Zelda Ocarina of Time with those magic seeds you had to plant for Gold Skulltulas & other items. At the end of the path is a small island called the Moe-Eye Habitat, where we’re introduced to a new enemy that can see anything that is invisible to Mario, whether it be an invisible path or an invisible block.

The gimmick here is you have to capture a Moe-Eye and see and remember where those paths take you: to one of 5 Moon Shards you have to collect, pyramid coins, regular coins, or death. A Moon Shard is ahead of where we landed up, another on a sand dune and when you take the platform up, you’ll have to take a left at the middle pillar and go forward for the other, or you can go north from the start to get some hidden yellow coins. Back on the base level of the island, going in the direction of the town, you’ll find a Moon Shard between two cacti. Also, around here is an invisible block you can see thanks to the Moe-Eye. The last Moon Shard is along a hidden path that stops halfway across the lake, which is easy to spot.

Then all 5 Shards turn into a Power Moon. But look south from the island. There’s something on the other side encased in ice on a stone platform. What is it? There is a flower on a that side as well on a path. What’s more, is to the right at the corner of the poison lake is a P-Switch frozen as well. I wonder what Mario has to do to melt all the ice… Bowser’s footprints are seen again as Cappy believes Bowser was huffing about in a hurry.

But after finding “Moon Shard in the Sand,” our work here is done. After that, a new area is opened which is at the base of the big inverted pyramid. The “Inverted Pyramid Showdown” is upon you as your next mission is to make it to the top as Bowser’s Airship and Peach’s cries for help reign over it. You can even see little Jaxi carvings along the edge of the pyramid. You can take a platform to the north of the kingdom and check some binoculars for another view of the kingdom and your next destination. Tostarenans are on that side and wonder what’s happened to the Wedding Ring inside. The Wedding Ring is fabled to bind two people to be together forever, and that sounds very scary in Mario and Peach’s case. Does this mean Peach could actually be stuck with Bowser forever once they get married, with restrictions beyond any normal marriage? Well I know Mario doesn’t want to find out. Moving along the edge of the cliff is a side you can fall down for some coins and a secret door, which was seen in the lost footage from May.

Entering it takes you to a course where you need to capture Moe-Eyes to show a path and figure out the exit and where the Power Moon is. Unfortunately, this clip was unable to finish it in time, but now we know what that door is. But heading to the Tostarena Northwest Reaches, we enter another level leading to two Power Moons. The level is a maze where you have to use Bullet Bills to fly across different paths obtaining yellow coins, dodging walls and obstacles over poison, in order to reach the Power Moon. The smaller hole in the beginning, the platform after that, and the right path all contain yellow coins. Taking the left after that halfway through, you’ll see a left path branching off leading to a Power Moon, the “Bullet Bill Maze: Side Path.” Going back on the main path, after dodging some rotating walls and reach the end the “Bullet Bill Maze: Break Through!” has been met thanks to Mario.

Normally a pipe at the end of the maze will take you to the top of the ruins, but some good ol’ fashioned Mario parkour can help you out as well. And at the top are some bumps and a scarecrow? Weird… If you capture it, a mini platforming segment will be access and through crouching and wall-jumping “Sand Kingdom Tick-Tock Athletics 1”’s Power Moon is as good as yours. But wait, 1? You’re saying there’s more of this in the Sand Kingdom? What about the other kingdoms? Are there more beyond just the Sand Kingdom? Moving along, an icicle is trapping a taxi leaving a New Donker stranded. He can’t get the car to budge, but with giant ice leaving it there, how can you? Next to it are some cardboard boxes and a glowing spot in the ground and of course, another Power Moon labelled “From The Taxi Luggage.” But there is a pyramid shaped ice block here as well and look inside and you can see a Grand Moon is frozen in there. Ok, Mario, there’s gotta be a way for to melt all this ice right now. Going backwards a tiny bit, we see a Tostarenan in a circle and is distraught because three sheep of his scattered.

All 3 are spread out on in the area you’re in and you can ground pound or hit them to scare and lure them in the circles. One’s by the frozen taxi, another nearby closer to the ruins and pyramid, and another north of the circle behind a dune. “Herding Sheep” equals another Power Moon. All that’s left is the Inverted Pyramid. Upon entering, you find a path needed by a Bullet Bill and reaching some coins as well as the other side. Then a 2D platforming section is met where you’ll have to jump from the ceiling and normal gravity dodging Bullet Bills and hitting blocks and getting coins, much like how some levels worked in Super Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2.

Reaching a pipe at the end, continues the 2D section but brings it outside on the side of the pyramid. Travelling upside down and jumping on Goombas, you’ll have to grab coins and not get hit. But quickly, I daresay, I really love that idea of having 8-bit 2D sections because it actually fits, like what some 2D levels in the Galaxy games tried to do. You’ll want to take that pipe at the end, but don’t because there’s a secret path ahead where you can grab 40 extra coins and a Power Moon.

Looks like the “Secret of the Inverted Mural” was found. Going back inside, the 2D section ends, but Mario has to use that Bullet Bill to break down the stone blocks and traverse over a gap to reach some flowers, leading to the top of the pyramid along with some coins. Some cacti are at the top as well for some coins before heading back outside. At the very top, is a heart, which could turn into 5 coins if your health is full, leading to the big boss fight with Harriet, one of the Broodals, Bowser’s wedding planners, as they mock Mario for being too late on finding the wedding ring. Harriet jumps down and challenges Mario to fight. Wearing a metal cap, she uses her ponytail as a spiky wrecking ball to attack Mario, but Cappy can knock it back and knock her cap off so Mario can jump on her and each time she gets attacked, 10 coins pop out.

After attacking her, her hat turns into a flying saucer dropping lava bombs and hot doom for Mario if he’s reckless. After defeating her, she drops a Grand Moon, declaring the winner of the “Inverted Pyramid Showdown” to be Mario. We’re almost done here, but there’s still more things I’d like to point out. For one thing, this kingdom has a night cycle as well, which most likely triggers after the pyramid showdown. Because we see later at nighttime the pyramid rising up as the beam of light that shows our main destination is shown in the first trailer and in the treehouse at the base of the pyramid. Also, at night, Chinchos come up out of the ground. They’re little zombified Tostarenans that can hurt Mario like any other enemy. Also, in the E3 trailer, we see Mario facing off against an Olmec-like head underground. But it’s head looks a lot like that ice block we saw earlier with the Grand Moon in it, and since it’s a boss where you have to capture its hands and use them on his head, it’s likely the same Grand Moon.

The boss seems to have inspiration from Eyerok, the boss with the giant hands and eyes in the palms from Super Mario 64. And in the trailer, when Mario comes from the pyramid to the tallest tower, he travels through power lines. Power lines probably spread out along the level after defeating bosses and completing certain events. Also, there’s another Power Moon back down in the ruins as you can see before the camera changes from Mario travelling through the power line. It seems to be back by the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar where the geysers are. Of the 36 Power Moons we saw and the presumed 4 we’ve yet to see, there are a total of 40 Power Moons in the Sand Kingdom and there was a lot of stuff to take in. Don’t forget you’re always welcome to take a break and come back later if you’re tired, but if you stuck out this long already, you’re the real MVP, just like Mario.

And the meat of this analysis, New Donk and Tostarena are so far done with, so what do you say we head on over to the next kingdom shown off, the Wooded Kingdom? Still comfy? Good! Then let’s be one with nature… Our next stop: The Wooded Kingdom, specifically Steam Gardens. We start out where we started in the last trailer, but this time the area is lusher and filled with sunshine compared to the trailer from January.

We see the watering plants from before, the same 2 coins in each tree, and the Crazy Cap shop nearby as well as various bushes in the area, some of which release regular coins and maybe even a stack. The Steam Gardeners, which are robotic teapots that water the plants in the kingdom, are spinning out of control due to anxiety of recent events, and how Bowser has stolen precious flowers from their kingdom. As a matter of fact, those flowers are needed for the wedding. Approaching the shop, you’ll find 2 Bolt Nuts in the tree like in the first analysis. You’ll also find some cardboard boxes and a little radio where Mario can dance next to like in New Donk City.

You can purchase a Blue Power Moon with the yellow coins you have. With the Bolt Nuts, you’ll find an Explorer’s Outfit & Hat, a Steam Gardens Sticker, a Pot of Flowers, and a Steam Gardener figurine. The path you’re on ends to another Sphinx up ahead. There’s a tree next to the Odyssey and some rocks around the whole area, but behind this tree is a special rock you can hit. Normally they give coins, but this one is glowing. And it goes without saying, it probably has a Power Moon in it. Nearby there’s also a Rabbit, which make their triumphant return from Super Mario 64 and 3D World and just like in the original Super Mario 64, this rabbit wearing a cute little top hat will give you a Power Moon when caught. Looks like he was “Caught Hopping in the Forest.” Mario rolls to the other side of the road behind some trees and you can already spot some coin rings, which will probably be reachable by an enemy later on.

Approaching the base of that tree, you’ll see a little hole with Bolt Nuts inside and to the right of Mario is a glowing spot on the ground, where Mario will likely ground pound for another Power Moon. Heading back on the main path, the big tree northwest of the Odyssey has 3 Bolt Nuts behind it. Speaking of the Odyssey, next to it is a stone ridge Mario can walk across. On the other side from the stone step you can use to jump up is a lower ledge with 3 more Bolt Nuts. Standing along the ridge, you can see more clearly Steam Gardens is inside a giant dome, as if were greenhouse as outside are mountains, but clearer skies. I wonder how this kingdom came to form and how long it took. Mario, however, seems to just want to relax as the atmosphere is just soothing and natural as he yawns and gets tired. You think he’ll sit down and sleep like in past 3D Marios? He does at least stretch a little when he’s bored. Moving along the ridge, you’ll eventually see 3 Bolt Nuts midair you can reach with Cappy.

But you can just jump into the abyss and fall in the Deep Woods. You can be able to see exactly where to fall into it as you can see a gray area beneath you and a darker, black area ahead of it. Shrouded from sunlight, Mario shivers and shakes as it’s pretty cold down here, almost like he’s back in Tostarena. The atmosphere is pretty spooky. There is a Steam Gardener to the left and in front of you is a shimmering light above a pot filled with dirt you could plant a seed in, which you can get from that Steam Gardener we just saw. There is another one ahead though, and to the north of the pot in front of you is another glowing spot, likely holding a Power Moon. Further along the left side of the Woods, there’s a weird raised platform with the center rising up higher.

A bit of an odd place. Further to the left are some stairs leading up to a tree at the top. Moving down to the main path, there’s another raised platform near a big tree, and ahead another pot under a beam of light. There’s a tree trunk hanging over a cliff next it, but Mario wants to climb those stairs leading to the tree. Turns out there’s a bulb on top and Mario capture it and move it. “Beneath the Roots of the Moving Tree” is another glowing spot with a Power Moon inside. Mario then walks along that trunk to grab 3 more Bolt Nuts. Heading back, Mario turns left onto the main road. But a Tyrannosaurus Rex wearing a top hat is sleeping on the path! This was that creature we saw a glimpse of in the first trailer where its tail stuck out as Mario walked in the Deep Woods. I wonder how much collateral damage T-Rexes can do in this game. Unfortunately, we don’t see. Continuing on, there’s a cute little river from the trailer and a tree trunk pointing upwards, leaving more Bolt Nuts for Mario to collect.

Going up creek, to the left of Mario is another glowing spot out of the ground, which again, is probably another Power Moon. To the right is a blue scarecrow, which likely triggers another Tick-Tock Athletics mission from the Sand Kingdom leading to another Power Moon. Moving along, there’s another Steam Gardener with a seed in it and at the top is a regular Steam Gardener and the waterfall. But if you look behind the Waterfall, there’s a locked door. I wonder where that leads to exactly. Perhaps another Power Moon? Mario then takes a seed from the first Steam Gardener we saw down here and plants it in the last pot and a beanstalk rises out of the ground. It takes Mario all the way back up on the end of the ridge on the surface. We see some floating Bolt Nuts, and to our right behind a tree is another spot to plant a seed and a brand-new enemy.

An Uproot, which is an enemy that can raise its legs and increase in height. And those spots are actually how Uproots spawn. They just grow from those spots. And you might’ve missed here behind this tree are some Bolt Nuts along a path near the Red Iron Building in the distance. There’s more up ahead as well near the building on a rocky ledge. To capture these enemies, you need to knock off the flower pot on its head, and once their captured, you can reach higher platforms, objects and jump out of harm’s way if necessary.

You can see some platforms along the building behind Mario, which will likely lead to those Bolt Nuts or what’s on the other side. Using the Uproot is how Mario can stretch and reach those floating Bolt Nuts and the Coin Rings we saw earlier. Behind the tree we saw the Uproot and planting spot is another Uproot and another spawn spot, but the tree to the right is one I want to highlight. Because, the Uproot can reach high platforms going up the tree with a nut at the top.

Hitting it will unlock another Power Moon, “Atop the Tall Tree.” Towards the iron building is another river and inside is a Fire Bro chucking Fireballs, but as Mario can knock it with Cappy, his hat falls off in the process. And it turns out Hammer and Fire Bros have hair as shown here, and in the Luncheon Kingdom gameplay. Who knew? Hunched back and always hopping like Hammer Bros always do, Mario can chuck Fireballs as if he had a fire flower. There’s a little campfire he could make here and there’s a switch Mario can pull. It opens a gate taking you to another part of the kingdom on a ledge, where below is some more red iron structures and buildings making a path with blocks, coins, rocks, piranha plants, binoculars, a river, poisonous blotches and a checkpoint flag below. Ahead is a tower with Bowser’s airship hovering around it, which is definitely where you’ll fight the Blue Broodal that can spew poison from the first trailer.

You’ll most likely get a Grand Moon from fighting him as well as Harriet gave you one upon her defeat. But turn around and you’ll find another path with an Uproot behind you. 3 Bolt Nuts are up on a higher ledge, and 3 more are over along scaffolding on the side of the red iron building. Heading backwards where Mario left the Fire Bro are some walls along a path and another nut at the end of it, and as you “Climb the Rock to Get the Nut,” you get a Power Moon. Going back to the Sphinx, he’ll ask what item did Bowser steal in this kingdom. Answer it right and another path will be opened, with 3 Bolt Nuts along it as well.

The path ends at literally the same place we were just at. Coming out, there seems to be another way of entry that’s blocked off by stone. How do we remove it? And Cappy’s usefulness never ceases to amaze me as he’s passing flower petals on the ground, Mario can toss him and clear the poison that’s on the ground. But be careful not to touch it as Mario will be drenched and covered in it. Clearing some poison will even net you coins.

Jumping over the fence on the left, Mario will find 2 Uproots behind him and 3 big brick blocks as well as a path to the right, which is likely a path leading to another Moon. In front of Mario there’s another Steam Gardener and a little lake with coins in it, which is the same lake from the first trailer with the pipe in it.

There’s also unstable platforms and 4 Bolt Nuts on that path. Taking the main route, Mario can jump up, reach 2 Bolt Nuts by the Wall, get 3 more on the river below by the start of its waterfall, and hit the checkpoint flag to reveal the location, which is the entrance to the Iron Road. Let’s take a dive in this lake right here as 12 regular coins are in the water and look how magnificent it is to see Mario swim underwater here. His air meter from Galaxy returns, and behind Mario is a pipe, leading him to a mini level with Fuzzies and rising and lowering water.

After swimming and carefully dodging Fuzzies and grabbing easy to see regular coins and 3 Bolt Nuts, you’ll find the Power Moon at the end of the “Flooding Pipeway.” Using Binoculars to see the road ahead, Mario can see a Big Piranha Plant blocking the “Road to Sky Garden.” I wonder if it’s the same Sky Garden from Mario Kart: Super Circuit… He’ll use the Iron Road and jump, platform and hit blocks, brick and question, to follow the road. Looking back to the building next to Mario above, are some Bolt Nuts in a tree, a platforming segment, another nut, likely holding a Power Moon, a ramp in the center taking him upwards higher and higher, and a Steam Gardener before the ramp going up. Furthest to the right are some Bolt Nuts below on the side, and a Rocket on top of a platform with some blocks behind it. This is likely the same Rocket we saw in the E3 trailer, which most likely leads to a Power Moon.

Getting a heart in the block on the middle right, getting coins, hitting Piranha Plants, clearing Poison, and jumping along rising and lowering columns, Mario forges onward and along the way, Mario is obviously going to need Uproots to move on ahead. After getting the Uproot, Mario reaches a platforming section before some blocks and hitting the center brick block with give you multiple coins as you don’t even have to jump. You’ll then need to use the Uproot to push the elevator and break blocks along the way. But after the first brick blocks are broken, go back and take the upper path. “The Nut in the Red Maze” is up there and reveals another Power Moon. And this section is what you would expect, use the Uproot, reach coins, raise elevators, break blocks, etc. But near the end, you’ll want to keep some blocks there as rising on top of them reveals 4 more Bolt Nuts you can collect.

The end of that section is only the Halfway Point of the Iron Road, and Mario approaches more poison, more Piranha Plants and a checkpoint flag. And it turns out Mario can capture Piranha Plants as well if they have something in their mouths, like a rock and not Cappy. Mario can spit poison, and presumably fire depending on the type of Piranha Plant, and the Big Piranha Plant is your main goal. Behind it is a cage that is actually trapping another lever switch. After destroying the Big Piranha Plant, a Power Moon will emerge, as the “Road to Sky Garden” is complete. We’re almost done with the Wooded Kingdom, but there’s just a few more things I’d like to point out. In the E3 trailer, we see stacked Goombas and Mario controlling a stack. This is likely up the iron building Mario was closest to. With the ramp and taller structure, we saw in the binoculars. The path behind him leads to some yellow coins, 3 Bolt Nuts on top to the left of a stone wall, and 3 to the right along a red iron ledge.

Also, some official screenshots confirm a Power Moon to be in a 2D section in the kingdom, and some coins and Goombas as well to be in there. There’s also a gif of Mario crouching into a tiny hole, but I’m not sure where this leads to. And that’s pretty much it for the Wooded Kingdom! Of the total Power Moons, we’ve seen and presumed to be, we have 21 Power Moons so far in this kingdom! Quite a lot shorter compared to the Sand and Metro Kingdoms, huh? Well it’ll be a similar length for the Luncheon Kingdom.

So, sit tight and be ready for real treat. 😉 Off the bat, we have a look at the main menu screen with Mario and Cappy on there as well as the world map in the background, an action guide, options, and resuming with one or two players. This could be the pause menu as well going off the resume option, but either way, here’s more UI revealed. The demo starts Mario off in the Luncheon Kingdom with a mission called “Under the Cheese Rocks.” The Luncheon Kingdom is actually based off Italy and other European countries, combining lava/volcano worlds with food themes. The demo starts Mario off in front of a Power Moon he already collected, which is likely the first Power Moon of the kingdom as the panel lit up with a cyan color and main Moons usually have those like back in Tostarena and Steam Gardens.

Ahead of Mario are 3 Polygonal Tomatoes and something sticking out of the wall, with salt lying on the ground. As Mario moves, you can see a fork stuck in the wall, which is likely something Mario can capture, like the pylons in New Donk City on the walls, to fling himself and reach those Polygonal Tomatoes. Mario then approaches Peronza Plaza, with lots of giant polygonal food and Volbonans nearby, fork-like creatures who reside within the kingdom. You can see Apples, Peppers, Tomatoes, Turnips, Shrimp, and what seem to be Mussels. On top of the pile of food to the left, above the alleged Mussels are 3 more Polygonal Tomatoes and Mario can interact with the giant food by getting coins on the stems of the Apples after tossing Cappy. The one by the Polygonal Tomatoes gives you a heart.

Behind all that food to the left are some coin stacks and to the right is a building with the same sign as the Slots sign from New Donk City. This likely means this is a Slots building as well and there’s one for every kingdom, and you’ll get the chance to get a Power Moon. On top of that building though is a pyramid of cans, which I wonder why that’s up there… Look over to the food pile behind the binoculars and you can see a Polygonal Tomato probably leading to more. Back down in the plaza, the Volbonans are worried about the bird taking their pot on the volcano. Everyone was getting ready to dig in some Stupendous Stew until it showed up, and that same stew is another item Bowser wants for his wedding. It seems the Bird is think about a slab of meat. By the way, the birds name is Cookatiel, and it likes to eat a lot.

With no time to stop, Mario moves along east past some buildings, one of which is locked and the other is a Crazy Cap shop. There’s a big pot to the right which you can kick different food scraps you find on the ground in. In between the buildings are a stack of crates which you could break or probably climb, poles which can be removed, and to the right are weeds for Turnips that can be plucked straight out of Super Mario Bros. 2. The locked door is only accessed by chefs dressed to cook. After buying a Chef’s outfit, Mario then goes back to the Volbonan so he can open the door. But look at the Apple behind the Volbonan. Why is there an arrow there? What happens if Cappy was tossed there? A Power Moon? Can’t say for sure. Inside is a path to a level where 2 Volbonans are cooking something in a pot, and the one on the right thinks it could use a hotter simmer, as nothing is worse than a so-so simmer. So, the optimal solution would be to capture a Lava Bubble, fall in the pot, and cause a Cyan Power Moon to appear after creating “A Strong Simmer.” Mario can capture the Lava Bubbles we see and traverse across lava and hot substances.

Dashing and moving ahead, we’re introduced to new enemies called Magmatos, and as the name implies, it’s a burning tomato that can burn Mario upon contact. Lava Bubbles can thankfully cause them to melt into lava puddles, giving Mario a path to travel while keeping the Lava Bubble. At the end of the solid path is a Magmato underneath Coin Rings and another pot is at the very end. Just like the first pot, you can simmer this one as well for another Power Moon, causing “An Extreme Simmer.” Heading back outside, you’ll notice the crate at the top of the pile, is glowing and glowing light = Power Moon. You can wall jump the buildings to get it, use the crates if they’re still there, or use the fork on the side of the building, which gives us a view of some more Polygonal Tomatoes behind the building. “Is This An Ingredient Too!?” No, silly, that’s a beautiful Cyan Power Moon.

Cappy plucks the Turnip, Mario picks it up, and tosses it into the pot in front of the store, giving him some coins. But the middle turnip is golden, and you can guess what it gives after cooking. Yup, like the Golden Chain Chomps from Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy, cooking this golden turnip gives a Power Moon, the “Golden Turnip Recipe 1.” If it’s one, there’s probably going to be more. Climbing atop a golden apple next to the pot, gives us a better view of what was behind us. Behind the pot are 3 Polygonal Tomatoes, between the closest columns seems to be a Baby Cow? It doesn’t look like the Volbonans and it shakes a little. I really don’t know what that is, but the outline and color reminds me of a baby cow wearing a hat.

Along the lava are more Polygonal Tomatoes, little islands with salt and a checkpoint flag on them, a tiny island floating off in the distance and when you reach the last column, the path we’re mowing seems to be glowing. A curious Mario sweeps and steps his foot on it out of adorable curiosity, but you know how this works, Mario. Ground pound it to reveal a Power Moon! “Atop a Column in a Row” is a Power Moon thee bestows. Moving on, there’s a path Mario has to traverse using the Lava Bubble like before. But coins are floating over the lava and there’s some poles blocking the right side. But before he captures it, up ahead, you can see some coin rings, but what’s more is a Power Moon up ahead atop a tall structure. Wonder how you can get up there…? Going into the lava unscathed, Mario makes his way across and finds 3 Polygonal Tomatoes underneath the solid path he was just on, up a lava fall with columns blocking the way, but a Polygonal Tomato on the other side, and some lower platforms to the right side of the main path.

Reaching the platform below the Moon, you can see Goombas wearing Chef Hats, and as the camera pans, you can see Polygonal Tomatoes on the other side. Going on that side is a cheese rock up against the structure. You think there’s a door behind it? There’s gotta be something since you can break it. Moving to the left with some Spinies and Hammer Bros with Chef Hats throwing Frying Pans, Mario approaches cheese rocks. Why they’re so hard like a rock is because of the temperature and heat in the kingdom. The moisture around Mount Volbono is all dried up and hardened the cheese into rocks like what you see on screen. Just like with the Fire Bro back in the Wooded Kingdom, Mario can chuck a barrage of frying pans by shaking the joycon, breaking the cheese rocks and even hitting question blocks. Breaking the cheese ahead can reveal some Polygonal Tomatoes and regular coins, but especially a lever switch, freeing the Power Moon that was trapped we passed before.

Before Mario makes his way back though, in the distance, you can see Polygonal Tomatoes on the surface of the lava, and Mario gets 4 coins approaching the Power Moon. Before he grabs it though, the camera change perspective, giving up a view of what’s ahead and from left to right, we see some floating Polygonal Tomatoes, more at the base of the structure, and something at the top. It looks like a bag or something, but it could also be that slab of meat the bird wants as well. But you shouldn’t keep Mario waiting man, he’s sweating under the intense heat. This kingdom really is a giant oven. And during the animation, you can see more structures beyond the Polygonal Tomatoes. You gotta love how massive this kingdom as well as the others look, man. Thus, concludes “Under the Cheese Rocks.” We’re almost done here but there’s more details and questions I’d like to point out. Look at the map behind Cappy and Mario, especially Mario.

Because it’s right here, we have confirmation of a Seaside Kingdom. Also, in the E3 trailer, where Mario captures that Hammer Bro with the Frying Pans, this is likely at the structure after the main Power Moon. The part where Mario is shot out of a cannon is definitely the beginning of the kingdom as the Odyssey is sitting right there. What’s more, is behind the building behind the Odyssey are some question blocks, some coins above the lava you can see right here, 3 Polygonal Tomatoes along the wall parallel to Mario, and 3 more along the buildings ahead. As Mario is shot in the air, you can see Goomba on the solid road and steamed corn on a cob in the lava. There’s also more Polygonal Tomatoes along the lava east of the main path. There’s a gif of Mario along a path, which is right before the first main Power Moon, with a block already hit, a Lava Bubble and floating coin rings. Then we see Mario dash across the lava again, which is by those little salt islands we saw earlier.

Also, if you wanna add another move to your arsenal, jump, ground pound, then immediately jump again when you hit the ground. This move of Mario’s is called the Hip Drop Jump. Also, remember here you can see the UI changes with the Moons outlined you need to collect, your view of the map and the menu. The Luncheon Kingdom has at least 18 Power Moons, and we found 9 since we’re adding the one we saw atop that structure and the Slots building, but it’s confirmed each kingdom has 30-50 Power Moons across the board.

I’m betting to believe there will be secret Power Moons like secret Power Stars from past Mario games we need to find on our own. It’s beyond the definition of clear this game is utilizing exploration to the fullest as you should be a veteran Mario player to naturally scour every little corner of the worlds. In the January trailer, as well, near that building with the Slots logo Mario was chasing a rabbit carrying a turnip. But the rabbit’s not there in the demo. Did it get scrapped? And it’s most likely that bird is a boss that’ll likely cough up a Grand Moon. And that’s it for the Luncheon Kingdom! Quite a delicious looking world to explore and feast upon, physically and mentally, isn’t it? Well the adventure’s still continuing as we now check the Cascade Kingdom, aka, Fossil Falls! And again, be sure to come back and check again if you’re tired and wanna save this for later.

The E3 trailer started out with a dinosaur roaming and Cappy and Mario popping out of it. When Mario’s running down it, you can see parrots on the ground, as well as a giant fossilized skeleton of a Torosaurus, an herbivorous dinosaur that lived 70 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. The island the Cascade Kingdom is on actually looks like the Torosaurus’ head as well. There’s also a Heart up on its back as well. As Mario runs down, ahead of him is a platform with 4 yellow coins, a sign post, and down the path leading left, there seems to be buildings that look a lot like the hat shaped buildings from the Cap Kingdom. There’s also a Checkpoint Flag up there as well. The camera shifts to Mario triple jumping along the waterfall under a rainbow, but just before Mario is a Power Moon with a panel underneath.

This is likely the first Power Moon of the Kingdom. But where Mario’s headed is a building with an incomplete sail and a Power Moon symbol with the number 4. You think maybe you need at least 4 Power Moons total to access something over there, or do you need to find 4 Power Moons in the kingdom itself? Then we see Mario and Cappy stand atop the front of the Torosaurus as if he’s king of the world. The scene changes to Mario facing the same rainbow Hedgehog-like enemies from New Donk City as he throws Cappy and Cappy circles around and around.

The path ahead leads east with coins leading you as well. Then Mario is running next to a cliffside and blooming 8 flowers as Cappy circles around them, giving a heart, much like how flowers circling each other in Super Mario Sunshine would give coins upon spraying them quick enough. The scene changes again to Mario taking his head out the ground probably from being stuck there for a bit. Is this a cutscene of some sort? By the way, Mario, I had the same face when I saw you at E3. We then see Chain Chomps near the head of the Torosaurus, one of which Mario has captured but is knocked out of by the other Chain Chomp, but there seems to be weak stone that can be broken. Mario should’ve probably tried smashing into it before getting knocked out of the Chain Chomp. And we can bet for sure that’s what Chain Chomps do because not only do they do that in other Mario games, we have a gif of a captured Chain Chomp pulling himself back and busting down a cracked wall, revealing a Yellow Power Moon.

There’s another cracked wall to the right of Mario as well. At the end of the trailer, Mario takes over a sleeping Tyrannosaurus Rex and roars a might roar, scaring little parrots away. But look, another yellow coin. Lastly, in a recent screenshot, we can see Mario throw Cappy, but behind him are 3 Purple Coins of the kingdom, resembling round stones with a hole in the center. Could these be Stone Coins or Fossil Coins? And that wraps up the Cascade Kingdom. Pretty short compared to the others, and we only got found 2 Power Moons from that.

But that’s not a problem. There’s still a tiny way to go so hold on and don’t stop just yet! Let’s tackle the other 4 kingdoms quickly, and for those unaware, the boxart of the amiibo, again, reveal 3 more kingdoms on the map, being the Mushroom, Lake and Snow Kingdoms! But I’d like to start off at the Seaside Kingdom since that we have gameplay for. The gameplay we got from E3 shows Mario as a Cheep Cheep swimming underwater. As he swims, Mario’s eyes glow like a flashlight, giving him an easier time to see underwater.

But if you look back at that building behind you, you’re able to see some holes with coins, and a Purple Power Moon in the top middle one! There’s an entrance at the base of the structure, and broken columns further away, and on the one to the right of our view is a Moon Shard in a bubble. The shape seems uncanny from afar, and maybe they’re inside that building. As Mario swims, there’s a ledge underneath him, signifying this body of water can go deeper and deeper, much like an ocean. And looking at the surface, there seems to be some platforms along the water and the building itself looks like a castle. But some have speculated this could actually be the Lake Kingdom instead.

Similar to the ocean, a lake is a wide body of water, we haven’t seen any seaside or beaches or anything like that, the shape of it looks like a lake, on the box art you can see Cheep Cheep labeled near the kingdom, it makes sense to believe this might be the lake kingdom instead. However, this could still be the Seaside Kingdom. The calendar still had Mario in swim gear underwater w/ Cheep Cheeps and a purple power moon, which is visible here as I previously mentioned, and on the box art of the game, it shows the exact same location, except Mario is in that swim gear.

Most Mario games also associate Cheep Cheeps, along with tiny fish, coral, seaweed & algae, with the ocean as well. And who’s to say they can’t be in both kingdoms? They very well could. Plus, the castle on the surface kinda looks like a sand castle and the columns and castle underwater give off Atlantis vibes, which would fit more in the ocean. Not only that, but Noki Bay in Super Mario Sunshine did something similar with that Atlantis theme in Episodes 4 and 8. Along with the holes and ridge, I get pretty serious Noki Bay vibes. Its structure looks smoother than the ridges on the right, and some beaches have those as well. It could be like Starshine Beach Galaxy or Beach Bowl Galaxy, where it was deep underwater but harder to visibly see a beach and we don’t really know how big each of those 2 worlds will be. It really is a tossup between whether this is the Seaside Kingdom or the Lake Kingdom. My gut’s telling me this is the Seaside Kingdom, but I could very well be wrong. I have no idea. As for the Mushroom Kingdom, it makes sense to include it with its landmark looking identical to a Mushroom upside down and it’s a kingdom.

Why not include it as this is most definitely the first kingdom we are starting out with in the game? I can only hope they push it to the max and let us explore beyond Peach’s Castle. I even wonder how we’ll get introduced to the Moons in the Kingdom as well. Will we be able to jump through paintings again like over 20 years ago? Will we see the common landscapes and Bowser’s Castle of the Mushroom Kingdom? I cannot wait! And the Snow Kingdom’s landmark is surrounded by snowflakes. Could the snowmen from Super Mario 64 return? Or the penguins? Will we see log cabins, a tall mountain, and other goodies we’ve seen before? Cool, Cool Mountain is one of my favorite levels from Super Mario 64 and I’m dying to see it. And that basically covers every single kingdom we know so far! We definitely have over 100 Power Moons already, presumably 113, nearing the total Star and Shine count from Super Mario 64 and Sunshine! But we’re not done yet.

Before this analysis ends, there are still some questions and theories to acknowledge. For one thing, I’d like to look at the game’s vocal theme sung by Pauline, “Jump Up Super Star!” and analyze the lyrics. “Here we go!”, which is Mario’s catchphrase, “Off the rails, don’t you know it’s time to raise our sails?”, like the sails on the Odyssey or maybe she’s secretly referring to the Switch’s sales or the game’s sales because we all know this is going to be one of the most highly anticipated games to date, “It’s freedom like you never knew”, like the free roaming sandbox exploration gameplay, but unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a Mario game, “Don’t need bags or a pass,” because you just need the Odyssey to travel the world, “Say the word I’ll be there in a flash!”, which could connect to the fast travel in this game between the checkpoint flags or how you can toss Cappy on the globe on the Odyssey and choose your next destination, and “you can say my hat is off to you,” which is an obvious hat connection as that’s one of the themes of the game.

“We can zoom all the way to the Moon,” possibly referring to travelling to the actual Moon if that’s the case or Power Moons, “Round this great, wide, wacky world,” which is the Earth itself and all the big, wide, crazy, fun kingdoms, “Jump with me, grab coins with me, oh yeah,” like how Mario always jumps and grabs coins, but maybe Pauline wants to join in as well, “Jump up in the air, jump up don’t be scared, jump up and your cares will soar away,” meaning don’t be afraid to take that chance and be free, “And if the dark clouds start to swirl, don’t shed a tear cuz I’ll be your One-Up girl,” which is to not be afraid as Pauline will be Mario’s One-Up girl. That’s cute, but ironic because there are no One-Ups in this game. “Let’s all jump up super high, high up in the sky, there’s no power-up like dancing,” continuing connecting Mario’s reputation as Jump Man, power ups in the Mario series and there’s nothing like busting a move compared to any power-up.

“You know that you’re my Super Star, no one else could take me this far,” wow, it almost sounds like Pauline’s trying to speak out to Mario, as Super Star is a compliment and it gives up invincibility in Mario games, “I’m flipping the Switch,” the Nintendo Switch, “get ready for this,” as in this game, “Let’s do the Odyssey,” an obvious one.

“Spin the wheel, take a chance, every journey starts a new romance,” It really sounds like Pauline is trying to express her feelings for Mario or something like it’s 1981 again, “A new world’s calling out for you,” a new kingdom and world to explore, “Take a turn, off the path, find a new addition to the cast,” which equals do not just stick to the main road, but explore, go through the grass and rocks and check out everything the world has, and maybe you’ll find a new or familiar face, like the Tostarenans, a Jaxi or Captain Toad, “y’know that any captain needs a crew” which could also connect to Captain Toad. “Take it in stride as you move side to side, they’re just different points of view,” which is actually referring to the 8-bit 2D sections, “Jump with me, grab coins with me oh yeah.

Come on and Jump up in the air, jump without a care, jump up cause you know that I’ll be there,” more romantic swaying, “and if you find you’re short on joy, don’t fret just don’t forget that you’re still our One-Up boy,” which Mario is, to Pauline and everyone who loves him. “So go on, straighten out you cap,” another obvious cap connection, “let your toes begin to tap, this rhythm is a Power Shroom,” like the Mushrooms, “Don’t forget you’re the Super Star, no one else could take me this far,” maybe to Pauline going as far as being canon in the 3D Mario games, “put a comb through that stache, now you’ve got panache, oh let’s do the Odyssey.” This is to encourage Mario, saying he’s got confidence and stylish flair, with his regular attire, the various attires of the kingdom and his increased expressiveness and character. And then the first part of the first chorus repeats, “Now listen all you boys and girls, all around the world, don’t be afraid to get up and move,” that’s self-explanatory, “You know that we’re all Super Stars, we’re the ones who’ve made it this far,” again, self-explanatory, because everyone, especially you guys watch this are super, “Put a smile on that face, there’s no time to waste, let’s do the Odyssey,” which is smile, let’s go on the adventure and enjoy.

In several instances, it almost sounded like Pauline was reaching out to Mario in a romantic way, but maybe this is for Mario and Peach instead. Could Pauline actually have feelings for Mario? But enough about the lyrics of the song, let’s look at the map and the other enemies I didn’t point out. In the Metro Kingdom, there’s Chargin’ Chucks, which we haven’t seen, in the Sand Kingdom, there are Glydons, which I have no clue what that is, in the Cascade Kingdom, there are Burrbos, which I’ve no idea what those are either, and Gushens which reside in the Seaside Kingdom.

The Mario Wiki states this, it’s probably on the amiibo boxart, but I don’t have it on the map in front of me. There’s also the Soirée Bouquet, which apparently, has taken a liking to Peach. Does this mean that bouquet is stuck to her and will forbid anyone but Bowser from trying to approach her? But right here, we have 10 kingdoms total so far. Personally, I don’t believe 10 is the total amount of kingdoms we’ll get. Like I stated before, the theme of Super Mario Odyssey is ‘surprise.’ The game may shock us with not just how expansive, detailed and massive the worlds are, but also the amount.

I’m at least expecting 1-4 more kingdoms, because if the Mushroom, Cap and Cascade Kingdoms can create civilizations on tiny islands like those, who’s to say they can’t add a couple more kingdoms here and there? I mean the Metro and Luncheon kingdoms are literally next door to each other, and the Wooded and Sand Kingdoms are on top of each, the Cascade and Cap kingdoms are even closer. Where can they possibly add more kingdoms? How about where the Metro Kingdom is on this spot? The upper left of the continent looks like Yoshi’s head so maybe there’s a kingdom for Yoshis. Southeast of the Lake Kingdom could have a kingdom, south of the Seaside Kingdom as well, there’s a group of islands, maybe an archipelago where the Odyssey is that looks like a palm tree, and what if some kingdoms aren’t on the map? What if you don’t register more kingdoms until you find them? Landscapes and landmarks can go undetected on a map, and kingdoms can be added at any time.

Take the idea that people think Bowser will make his own kingdom, or the Moon will be one. It can be brand new and the Moon is obviously not on the Earth. There’s reason to believe there will be more kingdoms, and even Nintendo confirmed more worlds are unannounced. And I have my own personal theory on the number. What if, there are 20 kingdoms? I’m getting faces and laughs right now at how ridiculous it sounds, but it’s possible.

Again, the kingdoms all around are massive as hell, but on the map, some look like tiny islands. Not only is there room for breathing room, but look at New Donk City’s logo for a sec. The city is silhouetted and surrounded by stars and the Moon, right? And there’s several connections to New York with New Donk, even more that I didn’t even mention. If you count them all, plus the Moon, you get 20 kingdoms, and this supports the possibility of the Moon being a kingdom. But, just like the United States of America’s Flag, there are the 50 stars representing the 50 states, New York being one of them. So, what if these stars represent the number of kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey? Also, keep in mind how long it took to develop the game, as well as Breath of the Wild.

For Breath of the Wild, when Zelda was teased back in 2013, it seems to be ready for release 3 years later, but because the Wii U failed, they had to port it over to the Switch which took up more time coinciding with the Switch’s planning and release and such. After Super Mario 3D World, which came out in 2013, it probably went through similar development obstacles. Both games pretty much were made for roughly the same amount of time and Breath of the Wild is insanely, ginormous. Super Mario Odyssey could very well be a similar case in the grand scheme of things, so it’s not impossible. The idea based of New Donk’s logo is a tad farfetched because that is a lot, but again, ’surprise’, the scope, the power of the Switch thanks to Breath of the Wild, and plenty of things in Super Mario Odyssey are hiding in plain sight. This could very well be one of them. It’s also been stated by several fans that on the Japanese Super Mario Odyssey Twitter, the map we’ve seen is only a part of the world itself, and this maybe one hemisphere, but I’m not believing that because I haven’t found the specific tweet myself.

Either way, it could be possible for 20 kingdoms in total. There’s at least more than we know as of now. Also, let’s look at the main artwork for Bowser and Peach, specifically from the main website on Super Mario Odyssey. Peach’s Tiara has pink eyes and eyelashes and she doesn’t look happy with Bowser’s misdeeds. Could she be a companion for Peach, like Twink or TEC from the Paper Mario games? Could we see Peach and Bowser behind the scenes while Mario’s doing his own thing, almost exactly like Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door? I think it’s possible. Some have theorized that she’s hypnotizing Peach, which I don’t find that likely, but there’s also the possibility of her being the princess of the Cap Kingdom. Think of how a cap is compared to a tiara.

One is basic headwear, while the other displays royalty and class, kinda like how Mario is to Peach, Mario’s a regular, non-plumber adventurer, while Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Are we trying to save two damsels in distress here, and is Cappy the Mario to Peach’s Cappy’s Peach? Then what about the possibility of Bowser’s top hat being a sentient being as well? It would make sense since Mario has the same hat-tossing abilities thanks to Cappy.

Could Bowser’s hat be possessed as well and could it even be the King of a kingdom, let alone the Cap Kingdom? Must be an evil King to team up with Bowser and cause global chaos. Or maybe Bowser’s the one who forced him against his will as that could be why Bowser went to the Cap Kingdom to begin with. Overall, we at least know why Mario and Cappy team up at this point. Thus, ends this Odyssey sized Super Mario Odyssey Analysis! Thank you all who managed to stay up until the very end and thank you so much for taking all that time to watch this! Please, share this to fans anticipating Super Mario Odyssey as there’s an absolute crap ton of stuff to go over now and there’s lots of ideas, theories, easter eggs and more to discover and analyze. Once again, I really appreciate you supporting and watching this and be sure to stay tuned later on the channel for a big announcement, specifically for Sonic fans, and especially Mario fans.

Stay super! .

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