Hey guys, I’m Scruffy and today we’re gonna be doing an expansion in the Luncheon Kingdom glitch! If this is your first time here, make sure you hit subscribe because I post a lot of glitch and out of bounds videos. If you like this video, check out the link in the upper right corner for more Nintendo glitches! So the original glitch was found by Raito 1337 (I am probably saying that name wrong, I’m sorry), and first things first, you need to get a fire bro or a pan bro. Then to get into the main glitch, you come over here and pretty much just jump around in this corner until you get in. You’ve probably also already seen that you can get into this little building here, and that’s pretty cool. Now, if you go back here, you can tell what areas of the floor are safe for walking by throwing fireballs or pans. And if you see them go right through the ground, that means you will also fall right through the ground in that spot. Alright, so this is what I found when I was messing around inside this glitch and it is just my favorite part.

So if you jump up onto this pipe, and then you turn your camera just right. Then hold forward and jump, and you’ll be in the 2D area. And it’s crazy because you’re in it, but you’re not, because you are basically invincible since you can’t be killed by the hammer bro or the flames. You can also throw fireballs through the walls. You can jump all around in here, and I just think it’s really cool to see all of the 2D stuff kind of behind the scenes. And now we’ll actually go through the pipe the correct way and run through the 2D area. You can’t go through there as a fire bro, so the game will turn us back to Mario. So now that we’re out the other side, let’s go grab another fire bro because I want to show you another expansion area.

Alright, so we’re back in the glitch and we’re going to come over here by the food, and you can go into the food, and under it. So I recommend tilting your camera up so you can see from the top every so often. That way you can see where youre headed because it’s easy to fall out. And you’ll see that you can go back and forth through the wall in this one spot, but right next that spot you can’t do it. So we’ll hop all around so you can see how far we can go, and the fire bro’s head will pop out of the food, and as you can see it’s really easy to accidently jump out of the glitch because of how the bros hop. Now back in the glitch, we’ll come over here, and if you angle right, you can jump up on the next level and you’ll be halfway in the wall. Is that salt? Is it sugar? I don’t know! Over here you can also jump up on the higher level, and I’m guessing you might be able to jump even higher than that.

I love the back view of the 2D area because it looks like the flames are jumping into nothing. Also, you can even jump up on this other pipe and jump into the 2D area from the opposite side. You can also get into the food area from this other direction. And you can come over here and hop up this hill of salt. Now if we go back inside the building, you can not only jump up on top of the doorway, but you can also jump way up on top of the hat! It doesn’t seem like you can get up any further to get into the pot though.

But, if you go back down you can also get into the pillars on each side of the door. Alright guys, thanks so mutch for watching! Please hit subscribe, and I’ll see you here next time! Bye! .

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