So you want to earn a bunch of coins in Super Mario Odyssey fast in order to buy all those sweet outfits huh? Well, how does maxing out you coin counter by earning 10,000 coins in one hour sound? Here’s how you can do it. In Bowser’s Kingdom, quick-travel to the Beneath the Keep checkpoint. Now turn around and drop off the roof on the right to find a seed on a ledge below. Carry it to the pot just ahead–being mindful of the spikes and enemies–and toss it in, then catch a ride on the top of the beanstalk that grows to quickly reach a bonus area above.

Now this bonus area might seem difficult with its high-speed gameplay, but it’s actually super easy! Just don’t touch the control stick at all, seriously–keep your thumb off of it. All you have to do is focus on grabbing the rocket flowers and jumping the gaps to grab all the coins along the way. And then do a ground pound rigth at the end to net the final 5 rings. If you pulled it off, you’ll have just earned yourself 202 coins. And since it drops you right back in the same area, repeating the trick over and over is a breeze. Oh, and an entire cycle take just over a minute, you can max at your coin counter @ 9,999 coins in just about one hour.

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