So before we start just a quick note on spoilers. This video is spoiler free, you will see a lot of footage from the first three levels of super mario odyssey but I won’t spoil any cool secret moons. Okay with that being said, Odyssey finally arrived and the game is brilliant. There are tons of worlds to explore, secrets to find, moons to collect and creatures to mind control, all of this is a ton of fun but what I personally find the most impressive part about the game is mario’s insane movement. I don’t think any game character ever had so many amazing movement options which felt so good to use in any game ever.

Not even mario back in super mario 64. What I want to do in this video is to talk a little bit how nintendo made this insane movement possible, designed it’s worlds for two completely different types of players and I quickly want to explain how to perform the most useful more advanced movement tricks in odyssey. So are you ready? Let’s do this! The first thing that is really important to keep in mind when talking about the movement in odyssey is that the whole game is designed for skilled and unskilled players at the same time. Every challenge in the game is beatable without advanced cappy moves, but most challenges have a second, completely crazy path to beat them as well. Take the first moon objective in the desert level. Mario usually has to transform into a bullet blaster here a couple of times and to make his way through a cool 2D platforming section. But if the player controlling knows what he or she is doing Mario can make it to the tower without transforming into a bullet blaster once and the 2D platforming section is skippable as well.

And while this may look really cool, that’s really just the surface of what’s possible in this game. A little bit later mario finds himself in the inner of a pyramid and has to transform into a bullet blaster once again in order to make it over this gap. Or he can do this instead to reach the other side. There are literally hundreds of examples of such crazy skips in the game, almost every single challenge is built in two ways. As a rule of thumb: If you wonder if it is possible to reach something in this game, it probably is. The game never requires this movement but it is always built with it in mind. One of my favorite examples of this was posted on the nintendo switch reddit a couple of days ago. In this room it is actually possible to reach the top of the entryway by some crazy movement tricks and while this looks like something that is clearly unintentional there is actually a huge pile of shiny coins hidden atop this place.

The devs knew that this was possible, and actually reward players who manage to make it up there. I think they even built it intentionally in a way that allows a player to get up there. The whole game is built this way and this is genius because it always allows players to pick a path through the levels depending of their skill level. And it will probably bring us one of the best speedruns of all time but that’s a different story. It’s really interesting because as far I know the game never teaches you all these crazy moves. They are simply there, and can be discovered by players who like to master mario’s movement and all worlds are built with mario’s movement in mind. But what’s even more impressive, is how simple these really crazy movement combos actually are.

All jumping combinations in this game only use different combinations of three buttons. There is the a button for jumping, the Y button for cappy moves and the Z button for ground pound moves, and that’s it. No other buttons are needed for this movement. It’s really amazing but the x, and the b button actually are unused in this game. The reason why so little inputs can lead to such complex movement sequences is because nintendo allows mario to chain moves together like puzzle pieces.

If mario decides to jump he can then either throw cappy or ground pound. If he ground pounds he can afterwards decide to jump out of the ground pound, to start to roll with a boost once the ground pound lands or to belly jump in order to get some additional height. But if mario threw cappy before, he can now belly jump on top of cappy and is able to perform all the moves from before once again. Combine this with wall-jumps or bounces off of enemies and really simple things suddenly allow for really crazy sequences. The really cool thing is even less experienced players benefit from these additional moves, because only jumping out of a ground pound and throwing cappy feels really rewarding even without any combo moves added on top of it. The controls for this game are perfect for less experienced players and for really skilled players and everything is built in a double way for these extreme types of players and everyone in between. Because of this movement odyssey actually succeeds to be a game with an extremely high skill ceiling and being incredibly accessible at the same time, which is an incredible achievement.

There is only one thing which really annoys me about odysseys movement and that is that motion controls often have no button mapped to them as well. In general the motion controls work fantastic and are really fun to use, the problem is when playing in handheld mode it becomes really irritating. I don’t want to shake my switch as hard as possible in order to role efficiently when playing in handheld mode. I can hardly move my joystick and shake my screen at the same time and these inputs need a button mapped towards them in addition to the really fun motion controls.

I really hope they patch this. So before I end this little video I just quickly want to explain how to pull off the two most useful advanced tricks. So there are two really important movement combos one for a maximum of horizontal movement and one for a maximum of vertical movement. So how to get mario high into the air. I played around with this for several hours because I wanted to get on top of this wall in order to beat the tutorial frogless, and while I wasn’t able to get up there, I’m now almost certain that the maximum height can be reached by, a ground pound jump, followed by a cappy throw, belly dive onto cappy, cappy catch, wall jump, cappy throw into belly dive.

This might look a little bit extreme but it’s actually surprisingly easy to pull off when practiced for ten minutes or so. If you want to learn this I’d recommend to start by a simple wall jump into cappy throw into belly dive, this gives you a really good height and is a little bit easier to learn. Okay so horizontal movement. As far as my testing goes starting by a speed-jump is faster than starting by a triple jump.

We want to cancel the speed jump at the last possible moment in order to get maximum distance then the combo is cappy throw, belly jump onto cappy, cappy catch, cappy throw, belly jump, and then we either made it or are dead. If you want to practice this I’d recommend to start by learning just to speed-jump into a cappy throw into a belly-dive onto cappy. Once again this looks far harder than it actually is, just give it a try, once mario masters this movement tricks the game opens up in an insane way and things that seemed impossible before are suddenly super doable, and give our plumber a lot more swag. Thanks for watching this little video, I hope you enjoyed it, if you enjoyed it don’t forget to leave me a like and maybe you feel especially belly-jump today and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that you have a wonderful day and to see you soon, goodbye! .

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