Hey, how you doing today? My name is Relyea and thanks for stopping by. Today We’re gonna go over the top 5 hidden moons in Mario Odyssey in the Sand Kingdom. Right now We’re in the Underground Cavern Just below the inverted pyramid and If you capture this Bullet Bill and head over to the platform off to the right you are gonna find that there is a little Secret path that you can take. And if you get up to the top, there’s a hundred coin stack that you’re gonna be able to get. After you pick up these hundred coins, turn to the right and Across the way you’re gonna see that There is a chest that contains a hidden moon. You find this area right before you get to the Deepest Underground Bossfight. To reach the chest all you have to do is hit this invisible block here. Jump up and get the moon out of the chest And just like that you’ll have the Underground treasure Chest Moon The second secret moon can be found on top of the buildings in the main town on the right hand side There is a rocket that will take you to a minigame area.

In this mini game area. There’s actually two moons You’ll be able to find one moon by making it to the end of the mini game There’s a second moon that you can only see if you turn the camera angle just right Mid way through the map you’re gonna see a block with some coins off to the right-hand side I Originally thought that you were gonna have to collect all of these goombahs that you see along the way and use them to get up To the top to where the moon is located. Turns out if you jump on top of the coin block There is actually a hidden block just above the coin block. That’ll allow you to get the hidden moon: Above a Strange Neighborhood Once you beat the first rabbit boss, and you beat the deepest underground main boss You’ll be able to use these electric wires to get to the top of the inverted pyramid Once you’re up here for the first time you’ll notice that there is something crawling around Under the ground and you’re not gonna be able to get to it Unless you hit it with your hat if you’re ever not sure what to do Just throw your hat at it.

Once the bump is stunned all you have to do is give it a ground pound and if you Miss, just attempt again Once you land that ground pound you’re gonna earn The Lurker Under the Stone The fourth hidden moon is in a very secret spot underneath the sand You all you have to do is let yourself sink down But not too far once you get your head under just jump like crazy to get into the secret room This will give you a moon called: The Hidden Room in the flowing sands This fifth and final moon is one that you may have seen people get when they’re speedrunning through the demo This one is in this little alcove back this way, and it’s actually called Alcove in the Ruins Thank you so much for sticking around and watching the top 5 hidden moons in the sand kingdom I really appreciate it.

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