What’s up guys I’m here with my very first Tekken 7 video, and I’m extremely excited. I’ve been looking forward to this game for a very long time. What I kind of wanted to do is start a tutorial series for this game that’s kind of aimed at people who might be coming from 2d fighters or coming from a different fighter series and never really gotten into Tekken or 3d fighters before. Or maybe dabbled in it a little bit but haven’t really taken them seriously until now.

And that’s kind of the boat I’m in too, I’ve been a street fighter player my whole life, I’ve only ever sort of messed with Tekken a little bit, so with Tekken 7 I’m looking to jump in all the way and get super serious with the game, so I’m hoping that I can make your transition as smooth as possible into learning the game as well. So for this first video, instead of getting too in-depth with the mechanics, I kind of just wanted to talk about why I think Tekken is cool, and why I think if you’re coming from a Street Fighter background, there’s a lot that you’re gonna enjoy in this game. So for me one of the primary things is that I think you can get to the real meat of what playing Tekken is like very quickly in this game. In something like Street Fighter, you know the real core, high level of Street Fighter involves a lot of footsies and whiff punishing and that kind of thing, but there’s a lot of plateaus that you kind of need to overcome before you can get there.

You know, you have to learn how to deal with fireballs and jump-ins and dragon punches and random tatsus and all this stuff, and then you know after you’ve played for a couple hundred hours, maybe you can whiff punish a low forward with a sweep. Haha, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but still there’s like a lot that you have to get over to play the “real game”. Whereas in Tekken I think you can get to that level much more quickly. That’s not to say that Tekken is an easy game, of course it’s not, it’s very difficult like all Fighting Games. But I think that very quickly you can get on your feet and form a basic gameplan. So to show you a couple examples of what I’m talking about, a really simple strategy that’s super effective in this game is, after a little bit of a poke, you sidestep and then you go for a launcher. So what you can actually do is you can confirm, you can see did they whiff something, and if they did you can punish them for it. And if they don’t whiff anything you can just not do anything.

And this isn’t difficult guys, this is like 5 minutes in training mode you can learn a good setup for this and kind of get it in your gameplan. It might take a little bit longer to get your reactions down and to get consistent, but you can start applying this very very quickly. And this is like, high level Tekken, right? If you watch pro matches, they’re doing stuff exactly like this. They might be a lot better at it than you are, cuz they’ve been playing for so long, but still this is like a core, solid fundamentals type thing for Tekken in general. Another one would be like, if you’re kind of playing neutral, you know, moving around the screen and that kind of thing, you can bait a poke and then whiff punish it from pretty far away.

And this is another thing that like, this is fundamental to the game. And it’s not that hard. I mean, your reactions are gonna have to be pretty on point, but it’s not gonna take long at all to figure out what are some good whiff punishes, figure out some of the basic movement to get moving around the screen and that kind of thing, so that you can apply this. And you can see Paul, he’s just doing deathfist, it’s just quarter-circle forward punch, but the damage is so crazy, so you get a big reward for applying this simple gameplan. So really that’s about all I wanted to talk about for this video, give you guys an idea of some of the concepts I’m going to be getting more in-depth in later. There’s gonna be more videos coming very very soon, so please if you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel, hit the little button so that you get notifications whenever I make a new video, there’s gonna be a lot of videos coming this weekend, I’m planning on making some tutorials to get a little more in-depth in the mechanics and get you guys on your feet so you can understand the game a little bit better.

And that’s about it guys, thank you very much for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one..

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