Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Hitbox. I’m your host Shayan Tamayo. Kyle is not here but we have TekkenTim. -What’s up? -What up? He’s playing some Tekken with us. Who would have thought? So today, he’s going to show us his favorite character, Heihachi. -Yup. Dude, how are you doing today, man? -I’m great. How are you? -Good, man. Excited to learn more about Heihachi key tools, some of the basics that go with him. -So… -I like his hair by the way. -It’s really cool. -I know, right? So, when you’re playing a Mishima at high level, you always want to be able to do what’s called an Electric Wind Godfist. -And that’s basically… -Sounds so epic. It is. It is kind of epic. Because like when you get hit by it, it’s just… there’s just lightning everywhere.

-Whoa! So… and how you do that is you basically just do a shuriken like you would in Street Fighter. -Yeah. But you use… but you put a neutral between the first forward and the first down and then you just do it. -Oh! What? -Yeah. I see what you mean. So, that’s one of his main tools to, to really whiff punish, like if somebody misses like a standing jab or something, like they’re getting launched. Oh! So it launches them whenever they whiff? Yeah, walk forward. Watch. -Oh! -And then you get all this. What? Whoa? All right, all right. You need… just do that again. So, it’s electric.

You have to do an electric poise and then after the second electric, you do forward 2, 3, and then back forward 2, 3. -Whoa! And then Raijin stance, which is forward 3 plus 4, and then press 2, 1. -Show us again. Show us again. -Yeah. -Walk forward. -Oh, yeah. Oops! Wow! I hate it… I hate how like when you’re trying to show somebody something, you can never do it. But when like you’re just playing, it works. Whoa, 79 damage. Oh! Out of a normal launch and that doesn’t have to be counter, it’s just… -Wow! And then he also has the same combo at this launch, which forward 4, 2. Wow, 71. Not as much, but still that’s a lot.

-Yeah. Is that… are those all your favorite combos to do? Yeah, definitely, 100%. Do you have like a swag combo you like to do with Heihachi? Yeah, actually I do. Hold forward. So he has what’s… he has a normal Thunder Godfist, which is not that, that, right? -Yeah. Okay, but he has just frame version of it. What does that mean? -If you do it fast enough with, which is just forward… -Yeah. And then you don’t press the down, you go forward, immediately into down forward and press one. And then that’s a just frame move. And what that does is you’ll see… if you do it correctly, you’ll see a boost spark come out when he goes like that. -Oh! It’s a launch.

-Yeah. -A clean launch so you could… whoa! -Exactly. That’s so nasty. And what’s crazy about that move is it is safe from block. -So if somebody blocks it, they can’t punish. -Really? -It doesn’t matter. Yeah. -Wow! So, and then you’re going to get all of these out of it. So, 87 damage. So, with Heihachi, you want just basically control your spacing a lot, control your movement and to make sure you’re, you’re really on top of whether or not you’re opponent presses a button, because you want to make sure that your whiff punish would make him pay for pressing that button.

He has his… his low game isn’t that strong, but he does have a pretty decent one, which is down back 2. And that leads for like super frame advantage. So if somebody tries to press a button after it, like here, after you get hit by it, press a button, like reading that. -Oh, yeah. So basically, he’s kind of just a counter? He’s not really a counter, he’s just more of a I’m going to control the spacing of every aspect of this game character because he has punishes for almost every time you whiff something.

-Wow! So, there must… yeah, that set me on a mind games, because out of all those punishes, it’s hard. -Right. Which one is one for people like that would be a good go-to, like you want to… -For Heihachi? -Yeah. If you can’t do an Electric Wind Godfist, then you shouldn’t be picking him. -Really? Yeah. So yeah, that’s pretty much Heihachi. -So basically just learning to give any counters… -Yeah.

…learn how to punish. -Right. Basically that’s good. But, yeah, that’s pretty simple when it comes to him. -Yup. Well, thank you so much TekkenTim, really do appreciate it. That’s going to do it for this episode of Hitbox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo. Once again, joined by TekkenTim. -You follow him, all the links will be in the description.-Yup. And also, make sure to like, subscribe and comment. Let us know who you want to see on the Hitbox and let us know what other tips you guys might have. Maybe we can help each other out, but thank you so much, dude. Make, make sure you it the like button right now. And the hit the bell too, that is really nice. -All right. -All right. We’ll see you guys later. [MUSIC].

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