Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Hitbox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo. Kyle Shire is not here today, but we do have Galo here, pro-Tekken player, here to give us some Tekken tips because I know how much you guys love Tekken. Now, how are you doing Galo? I’m doing all right, man. How are you doing? Doing all right. Cool, man. So Galo is going to show us some stuff. He has uses Lucky Chloe, the character he’s going to show us. She’s pretty cool, she got a little furry hands. She’s a dancer, you know, so she…

That’s her hold moves that… it looks like dancing. She’s just… -Really? -…practically dancing the whole time. -Oh, wow! -So… -That’s a nice little stuff, wish I could do that. -To start off, she is considered a low-tiered character. -Really? Let me start off by saying that. She’s a third low tier. Meaning that she’s just not very strong as far as numbers go. On paper, she’s one of the most punishable characters in the game. -Wow! -And that’s never a good sign when… -No. …leaning towards a character. So, so at such disadvantages, how do you use it, man? Yeah. So, that’s why I think they named her Lucky Chloe, the luckier you are the more damage you do. I’m going to start off with some of her basic moves. So she has a hop kick, just like that. It’s a hop kick just like any other character. A lot of characters have hop kicks.

King has a hop kick as well. The only drawback with hers is that it’s launched punishable, that’s one of her… that’s attack but she can get launched back for it, which is really bad. So you can do a hop kick right after with King as well. And it will, it will hurt her. But, you know, that’s one of her best attacks. So if you just hold forward, I’ll show you how much damage she can do with a hop kick. She does a lot of damage. -Whoa! And then after you’re stuck on the floor, she gets that or she gets a mix up.

-Whoa! So, that’s the thing about Lucky Chloe, if, if you’re lucky enough with her, you’re going to score a lot of damage. -Yeah. So basically, you have to get lucky to get a combo. But when you do, it’s going to do a lot of damage. Oh, yeah, for sure. Can you just like show us like some of your favorite combos to do with her. Yeah, sure. So hop kick, you, you have so many option. You can do like 3 down, forward 1 and then… and it will… you know, another spin punch. Or if you want to get transi, you can do the one I did earlier, which is the… just frame one. It’s a little harder and end it with a spike to get a mix up on the floor. -Oh! And that, that one’s actually a better combo to use because like I said, it ends in a spike and there’s three variations you can use there once they’re spiked onto the floor.

You can do a back 1 to hit him off the floor. You can do standing 4 to hit them while they’re trying to get up. Or if you feel like they’re going to get up and you want to do a little more damage, you can do a low. -Whoa! -So you have a few options off of that. -Yeah. And this is like the one that she’s known for, right? So this is her biggest combo. Wow! And then you end it with a spike. At that point, you know, if you get hit by this move…

-Yeah. …you’re pretty much dead. Oops, sorry! Kind of like on the back turn. When you get hit with that, it, it spells death for you. And that’s pretty much what everyone’s trying to avoid when they fight Lucky Chloe. They’re trying to avoid that specific one. A lot of characters have ways to counter it. The best way to counter that is to side step, but a lot of people are not trained in that so well. And also, you got to be really sneaky and sneak it in.

And then, once you do get lucky and sneak it in, you pretty much won the match. [CHUCKLES] Because it ends up doing what? Let’s see, 87 damage. That last hit does… that does 21. -Wow! So you’re looking at 87 plus 29 damage. Can you, can you show us the one that people are worried about? Can you like break it down a little bit? Yeah, sure. So, unfortunately, she doesn’t have a manual back turn. Some characters can go into the back turn stance manually, she doesn’t. You’re going to have to use one of the moves that put her in back turn. Forward 4 is one of them, back 3 is another, slide step 4 is another and there’s a few others like this move will put her in a back turn as well. But, you know, once you do happen to go on a back turn, it’s time to mix up.

So you press both kicks after the cali roll to get the initial launcher, right? And then after that, you can choose which combo you want to do. There’s a few easy ones. My choice is always the optimal. -Of course. -Yeah. And a lot of people don’t like the optimal combo because it’s easy to drop it. Oh, makes sense. But I always go for the optimal one because there’s no, there’s no reason not to. If you’re going to play this character, you better be serious about it. So… because she’s not like the best character in the game, so you want to get, you want to get the most damage out of ever hit with her. Yeah, for sure. Because you can lose real faster with this character. Yeah. Why would someone… what’s the advantage of having a back turn instead of a forward turn? Oh, well, some moves only come out of back turns. So when she’s back turn, it’s a little trickier. She can do… she has a whole move set for back turn and it can be really tricky.

A lot of people tend to fall for like a lot of her back turn stuff because they’re afraid of the cali roll. This is the one that does the most damage. So often, they don’t want to duck, right? -Yeah. They stay standing the entire time. That’s when you start throwing in the lows. That’s when you start, you know, mixing it up like that, applying the pressure that way. So and… well, she’s, you know, facing forward obviously. That’s her primary move list. -Yeah. But the back turn one is only like a smaller move list, simply to confuse your opponent for a brief moment. Unfortunately, she can’t move backwards from back turn with… besides the cali roll. -Oh! But that’s pretty much it for her back turn stuff. She can throw from there too. -Oh, wow! Unfortunately, there’s no mix up to it. So it can be broken really easily. But it’s another tool, you know, from, from being back turn.

And she has a lot of set up step to put her in the back turn as well, which is really cool. Same with this move, this move after the first hit, you can go on a back turn. -Oh! But she also has a second hit if you get dancy. You know what I mean? And she… -Whoa! …she’ll kill you for it. So, that’s kind of pulling the nutshell, you know. Just a tricky character, you just want to take advantage of all her really gimmicky stuff because that’s the way she was designed. So she would… the way they balanced her was… -Wow! …high risk, high reward. That’s how they balanced her. So, high risk, high damage, you know, play it out. Well, she’s definitely a cool character. And thank you so much, brother, for coming on and showing us. -Yeah, no worries. Once again, and this is the Hitbox.

Let us know in the comments section who you want to see… who you want to see tips for in Tekken. But thank you so much for showing us Lucky Chloe. I know she’s a hard character, low-tier, I mean look… -Yeah…just because it’s low-tier, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them. -True. Obviously, you see all the damage they put about. Thank you so much and we’ll check you guys later. See you. [MUSIC].

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