Position:88% Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Hitbox. I’m your host, Shayan Tamayo joined by TekkenTim. -What’s going on? And in case you don’t about his name, we’re going to play Tekken. So today… -No, actually, I thought we’re going to play Barbie’s Wonderland Adventure. -Oh, that’s, that’s the next episode. -Oh, okay, my bad. -It’s for later, it’s for later. -I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

But Kyle is not with us today, but we have… Tim is going to show us a lot of cool stuff. Tim’s going to show us Steve. -Yeah. -Who’s his main. -Yup. So can, so can you tell us little about Steve, like what’s his play style like? So, Steve’s play style is he wants to really just frustrate the opponent because the thing about, the thing about Steve is you want to like poke all day until people just get frustrated and try to press a button to stop it.

And then you get what’s… the notation for this is back 1, which is back square. -Yeah. So if I counter hit you with that. Walk forward. I get a full combo. Geez! Whoa! Look at all that damage. All just from a counter hit? -Yeah. -Wow! And it’s also one of the fastest counter hit moves in the game, it’s thirteen variants. -What? -So… -Wow. Yeah, it’s pretty strong. So what are like some of your favorite combos to do with Steve? My favorite combo is any combo that lands them on the wall. -Oh! Because it gets a lot of damage from that. So, I can show you an example if you want to walk forward real quick. -Yeah.

There you go. -And then… -Whoa! Talk about a wall carry. -Can you walk us through that again? -Yeah. So it’s forward 4, 2 and then down forward 1, 2, 1. Flicker 1, down 1 and then sonic ring. Wow! That’s, that’s, that’s his basic combo. For a wall carry, I’m not used to this stage, let me see if I can get him all over the wall. Nope, that didn’t work. And then you get this for the wall combo. -Whoa! And that’s 76 damage. -That’s a lot of damage. -Yeah, yeah. Like right out the gate too. So, can you walk us through it a little bit? -Yeah. So I did forward 4, 2. Go forward a bit.

So forward 4, 2. Forward 4, 2, down forward 1, 2, 1 and then flicker 1 down 1. And then after the flicker 1 down 1, you want to do forward 2, 1, forward 3, 1 and they hit the wall, that’s forward 2, 1. -Whoa! -And then instant, while standing, 1, 2. -Wow! -So… -Jesus! Yeah, that’s… it’s a lot of notations. Yeah. That’s a lot. I mean, but he’s a boxer and he hits really fast, so it makes sense.

-Right, right, yeah. Is that… so that’ s like your favorite one to do? Yeah, definitely. Is there like one that you like to do when you’re like kind of being disrespectful to someone? -Oh, yeah, yeah. I’ll show you that. -Yeah. [CHUCKLES] My favorite thing in the game to do right now is… so, he has this move that’s called back 2. It’s minus 13 on block, but it catches ducking opponents. -Oh! So if you’re ducking and I hit with you that, that’s when the disrespect comes in. -Oh! Because when my life is low, I go straight in the ray jar.

Whoa! -Now, that is pretty disrespectful. -Yeah. I didn’t even bother trying to do a combo. I’m just like, “I’m just going to super you and you got to hold that wall that’s going on.” Look at all that damage, 63 damage. -Yup. And That’s the pretty easy set up too. Yeah, just back two and then both punches, that’s it. Wow! So like, what is… so like basically, somebody say like a lot of this game is mind games, yours with especially Steve is basically just poke until you… Until you frustrate him enough to get the counter hit and that’s over. -Sure. And yeah of course, obviously, with a move like that, I can see why it’s frustrating. -Yeah. But… [CHUCKLES] God! That’s going to do it for us here at the Hitbox. Thank you so much Tekkentim. -Yeah, no problem. Once again, I’m Shayan Tamayo. Make sure you guys hit the like, subscribe button. Leave a comment below. Let us know who you want to see in the future Hitbox. Who do you want to know about? Who do you want to learn? -Yeah.

What combos do you want to know? But I think you got so much. We’ll check you later. [MUSIC].

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