Whazz up guys this is El Türko with another Anti Guide for Eliza after a request u added subs for this vid so that my english follower can enjoy this Anti Guide. I will translate the most important Infomation for you Lets take look at Vampirella on the bottem left she has 2 bars bars starts to fill after she hits Or after certain moves when she goes into her sleeps stance For example after the FF2 Another way is thru the D3+4 If a bar is full She has access to EX Moves Known from 2D Beat’em ups EX Moves have special Atributes For Example this one A Great Move 37 Damage.

A kind of a Double Projectile But we come back to this Topic Later First i show u her Special Moves QCF1 A close projectile wich d oes chip damage -10 on Block Its Special Mid QCF2 A long Projectile Does also Chip damage and its easy to step it has a bad recovery QCB1 This thing looks like a Homing Move but it isnt u can sidewalk it in both ways 20Frames Startup -14 on Block QCB2 step it to the left and it is – 13 on Block Her Divekick QCB3 Divekicks looks like this Blocked at close range this move is -13 on Block but from far range blcoked this move is safe QCB4 her close Divekick This one has shorter range and this one is safe She can perform the Divekicks from air (While Jumping) Lets take a look at her normal hits 1,2,4 no Jail.

the last hit is High. Duck and Punish Don’t get to gready. She can Mix that up with 1,2,3 The last one is Mid but very unsave her 2,2 is her 12Frame punisher. its NC and -12 on Block U can step it to the left You should also know that “Bela from Twighligt” can cancel the 2,2 into her special moves.

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