Hey, guys! What’s up? This is Mihawk! I hope you are all fine, I hope you’re enjoying the fresh, new Tekken 7 game and yeah having a lot of fun with it. So today I’m going to be talking about all the moves or the explanation of the moves that I’m using in my combo videos so that you guys will get a hang of what all of those moves mean; all the letters, all the numbers. So yeah, let’s just get right into it! So basically Tekken has a two-dimensional component and it has a three-dimensional component. What you can see on the screen right now is that you will see the direction u, u/f, f, d/f, d, d/b, b and u/b and 1, 2, 3 and 4. What it stands for is… [coughs] Sorry for that! Basically the u stands for up, the u/f stands for up-forward, the f stands for forward, the d/f stands for down forward, the d stands for down and so on and so forth, I think you get the idea of this pretty much.

This is basically what all of those letters mean um those letters are just abbreviations of the full name of it so that instead of saying forward you will just say f instead of staying down you will just say d instead of saying back you will just say B so on and so on it’s pretty logical once someone tells you and once you get the hang of it. That’s that basically there are a lot of other moves and a lot of other motions which I’ve used on my videos which I’m going to explain to you now as well, so I picked Brian for this because he’s a good example to show most of the stuff, but I’ll just get into that. If we hold forward – oh wait I got to turn on the command history – all right, fine. So what I have to tell you before I get really started is that there’s actually a little mistake on the controller itself because all the letters you can see are written in capital letters.

Usually you wouldn’t write them in capital you would write them in lower case letters because in Tekken you will just differentiate between lower case (small) letters and capital letters I’m going to get into that in a second as well. And another thing is that you will see that on the controller you see all the slashes. Usually if you see it on a website like Tekkenzaibatsu, you would write it down that way, but to make the combos look shorter and to make it more sharp and more crisp I left all of those slashes, pluses and commas aside, because basically if you input a combo or if you input a move you would for example if I would say up forward 3 which is this move right; it’s up forward 3.

The way you would write it down is – uhm – you would say u/f in lower case letters plus 3. “u/f+3” in lower case letters, but the way I wrote it down with just uf in lower case letters and then 3 so no slash and no plus. Keep that in mind, guys! That’s just a little explanation for me to keep the combos more crisp more clean and a bit shorter for the little info box that I had. Alright so after I explained all the directions […] Oh! I totally forgot to tell you oh I totally forgot to tell you what the numbers mean what the numbers mean. So if you take a look at the numbers, you will see one, two, three, and four. one stands for square, the two stands for triangle, the three stands for x and the four stands for circle.

You have to get that down in order to write the combos down properly since everyone will be talking in numbers and letters so this will help you a lot understanding that. You should definitely get the hang of it but I’m pretty sure you will understand it quite quickly if you watch this video and spend like a little time for it. It’s not too hard to understand actually once someone tells you. What I’m going to be showing you is the different motions now. This is forward. This is holding forward so this means this is the capital F. Holding forward is Brian walking towards Heihachi. Capital F. Same thing goes backwards: holding back which is capital B to just hold back. If I hold down I’m ducking right; so I’m ducking I’m holding the capital D. If I hold up – oh my bad – if I hold up I’m jumping capital U.

If I hold up/forward I’m jumping towards Heihachi so it’s capital U/F. If I’m jumping backwards it’s pretty much the same: U/B. If I’m holding down back you can see that I’m crouching it’s basically DB in capital letters the same thing goes for down forward you can see how I’m crouching towards Heihachi and that’s the down forward motion, but holding it. So this is it. You will differentiate between holding and tapping things in Tekken. That’s really important. You gotta get that down. That’s why sometimes you use capital letters and sometimes you will use lower case letters. If i tap forward you can see that I just slightly move forward. That’s that.

All right, so in Tekken you have – right now we just covered the two-dimensional aspect of Tekken, however Tekken is a three-dimensional game so we got to cover that as well. If I tap up and down as you might have realized if you try to tap up and down you will see that your opponent starts to sidestep in the direction you’re actually tapping at.

If I tap up I’m sidestepping to the left which is abbreviated as SSL in capital letters. SSL stands for “sidestep left”. The same thing goes for tapping down which is “sidestep right” so tapping down means sidestep right, sidestep left means tapping up. Not that hard to understand actually once you get it down. So the same thing you can do even more than that but just by just holding for example right side walk left. By just double tapping up and then holding you’re starting to sidewalk so double tapping up lead into a sidewalk left.

That’s pretty important to understand, guys. So the same thing goes for sidestep right. You just want to sidestep or you just want to double tap down and then hold, that way you will sidewalk with your character to the right so double tap down and hold and you will sidewalk right. Okay that’s it. Now I’ll be talking about some motions which are used in a lot of my videos and which many of you are actually curious about what they mean and how they work. Unfortunately Brian doesn’t have a BT stance but what BT really stands for is it only stands for back turned. Some characters have some motions where they get in a back turned stance and then they can perform moves out of that. So that is what BT means. Another thing is that Brian for example has a QCF motion which I mentioned in a lot of combos as well which people didn’t really seem to understand, so I’m going to cover that as well: QCF basically stands for quarter-circle forward which is this motion here It’s down, down/forward, forward so in Tekken language you would say d,d/f,f4 or you just abbreviate that you just say QCF and people will know what it means so yeah that’s that.

QCF literally means quarter-circle forward abbreviation again stands for down down forward forward so what else do we have we have a crouch-dash. Crouch-dash simply means that you want to do a forward then neutral and then down/forward and then qcf. Forward, neutral, QCF that’s how it looks. That’s what a crouch-dash is. And in case you’re wondering what that little space in there (the command history) is, is that which is actually missing on the controller as well it stands for the neutral. In Tekken you will have neutrals. It stands for the N and a neutral simply means that you let go of your controller or your stick for a split second and that way you will get motions down which you actually were struggling with or which you wouldn’t know how to do. And the thing is they are marked in the practice mode with a star I don’t know if Ryan has any move where you have that kind of motion with a star in it.

No I don’t think he has but if you look for your character and if you see a move in the move list where it says that there is a star in it it only means that you have to leave it as neutral so that’s a crouch-dash guys I just explained what a crouch-dash is. It’s forward neutral QCF.

Forward, neutral, qcf. That’s a crouch-dash. Now we got another thing which I mentioned in my videos which is called full crouch or abbreviated FC so for example while crouching you can execute some moves with certain characters. For example brian has this one: While I’m crouching it’s FC down/forward four. FC,df4 and you will see he does that move. Definitely a thing that you want to learn and want to get the hang of in order to understand how the game works and how the mechanics work. Another thing we got is “while standing” which I wanted to explain as well. So while standing basically stands for a motion that where the opponent first crouches and while he’s rising up, while he’s standing up again he’s performing a move. This is “WS3” of Brian. This is “WS4”, this is “WS1”. This is “WS2”. While I’m rising up, while I’m standing up I’m performing a move.

And the same thing you can do the same thing instant which is called which is called iWS I’m going to cover that in in some other videos as well. That’s how you do it instantly or you can do it in the slow version which is this one or you can do it quick, but I’m definitely going to explain that in another video as well, how to do that and what you have to watch out for if you do it all. Now after we covered while standing we got to move on to while running (WR). WR simply means that it’s a motion where a character starts to run and you can execute moves out of that. You can see here I’m just jumping back to show you guys after a certain amount of time or after enough steps he starts to run as you can see. You need some space between you and your opponent to to make that work or if you’re good with your execution you can do it instantly so that you can you can either get this motion this WR3 from a longer range or you can do it instantly.

It just takes practice, but you can definitely get the hang of it that’s what it stands for it’s stenciled while running I need to do it instant same as instant while standing it’s a small eye and then double you are in capitals so small i wri means instant while running which is this motion instant while running three all right so people who are asking me what the f exclamation mark mean it only stands for a screw so what I’m what I’m going to be showing you is that I’m going to do a combo and at the exact moment where I use the move to spin my opponent that’s why in the in the description or in my info boxes I inputted the S exclamation mark the capital S exclamation line so I’m just going to be showing you guys some things oh wow Oh once again so this is the screw as you can see oh wow as you can see just the back to four is the screw loose there so that moved that way I can extend my combo.

That’s really important to learn and to understand so as you can see here yeah that really explains it like there are certain moves which you can find on the mukhlis by checking this out so this one these green these green hints on the right side of the move or on the right on the bottom right will explain if it’s a screw move or not so this move here is the screw if it hits on counter hit but for example the the one that I used after a launch back to four is a screw move as you can see any it extends my combos so that’s all it stands for really and then people kept asking me what the W means what the w / means but I’ll be talking about that in a second alright we’re back um so basically I’m going to show you what the W exclamation mark means it only means that you can see that if I input forward for 2 which is board for triangle or you would abbreviate it with FF 2 it knocks me help C against the wall in walls slats you can see that he crushes against the wall not every move wall slice as you can see this move feels wall flat but this for example does and you have to find out which moves of your character do wall / so this is really important.

What for – for example wall flat and that’s why I use the W exclamation line to just show you guys that this move actually walks lat that’s important because not not every move wall slash in this game that’s important that you understand that for example one to four walls plan not every move does that so keep that in mind guys another thing that I wanted to show is understanding water rage what are a and capitals and our D stand for so I’m going to put on my rage I’m going to change the position back to neutral again so what you can see now is the blue version of this here is called rage Drive abbreviated as Rd alright so blue version is called our D stands for right strike can lead into a huge combo if you don’t mess it up if you do it properly so as you can see huge combo same thing goes for Rey charts are a powerful move if it hits your opponent it does handle damage and depending on how much life you have left it does more or less damage so try to use it as a whip Punisher or try to use it as a good combo anger or something like that because it can be really useful so I think this is pretty much it if you guys have any questions let’s make sure to leave a leave some comments I’m definitely going to be linking a guide from Tekken Zaibatsu in the description so you guys can check that out as well what I wanted to show you as well before I end it here I wanted to show you basically this this little thing here.

So it says that what you can see here is it describes all the tech notations so it says for word is sent for at backwards stands for be use tent for up downstairs set based on my god these day stands for down and stand for neutral and so on and you can see that the neutral stance for the star icon let’s punch Right punch left click right click and the states are explained as well if you see any character specific stances or any character specific stuff in my combo videos it’s more more or less going to be a stance of a character that that has that special stance but that stance is explained as well in my videos if you if you just have a look at those infographics I made after every stance ends or after every move ends you will get the idea of that pretty much after every slo-mo I put an infographic on it so you can just you should just try to pause it there and see what I do and like try to learn from it yeah I’ll be definitely be linking tecna’s.

I bought two on the description so you can check out all the message and what notations what they mean I’m gonna link this picture as well so you can get an idea of it and yeah that’s pretty much it make sure to LIKE subscribe check me out on this Court if you want if you would like to hang out with me if you would like to talk to me I’m going to link my discord as well I’m going to link my Twitter make sure to follow me there and definitely check out my Twitter stream because I’m streaming twitch and it’s going pretty well at the moment so check that out and I wish you a super nice day hope to see you soon guys take care everyone

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