All right so we’re going to talk a bit about the electric wind god fist electric wind hook first or whatever you want to call it and how to perform it on a d-pad or more importantly the sony dualshock4 dpad so we’ll be using this, not this. never use this to do electrics. this will always give you incorrect inputs. so, always use the dpad. so the first thing we’re going to do is a simple crouch dash – you tap forward, press down and then kind of rub it in a quarter-circle forward motion so this is what it looks like when you put it together this is a crouch dash now this will get you wind hook fist, very easily the problem with doing an electric with this method is that you don’t know when to press the right punch, right so since you’re actually doing three parts of the motion you’re pressing forward, then you press down and then you kind of rub it to get the down forward, right so that’s three parts, and you don’t know when to press the triangle, right so here’s the solution, you press forward and then you push the hat down in a particular direction to get a down-down forward input right.

this will let you do the entire crouch dash motion in two inputs as opposed to three so to repeat again forward and then you push the d-pad hat to get the down down forward in command history now this is what this looks like as you can see I’m still getting crouch dash, but this time I’m only using two motions, right, now you just have to time your right punch with the second motion and you’ll get electrics..

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