Tekken 7 is an immersive 3D fighting game that tests the player’s reflex skills and mental prowess within the environmental battlefield of gameplay. One of the most important things about Tekken is movement and it’s a very basic skill but it can also be one of the hardest things to master in the game. You’ll notice there are various forms of movement whether you’re just backdashing, sidestepping, sidewalking, you have to use this movement in order to actually gain advantage in the match and really prevent your opponent from overwhelming you You’ll notice here that I’m just showing some of the basic moves that you can use with Kazuya and how you’ll be able to react to that in gameplay. Tekken 7 allows you to move around the playing field seemlessly so whether you’re sidestepping to evade, dashing forward to advance or holding back to defend, the controls in Tekken allow you to immerse yourself within the virtual space of the fight. It’s using this movement with with the actual moves from your movements that really helps create the flow of the overall fight. You’ll notice here that some characters have stances and they also have different options within those stances.

Certain characters like Hwoarang or Xiaoyu will have certain movements and stances such as Right Foot Forward, Right Flamingo and that really adds a really different moveset within those stances. What you have to remember: once you’re in these stances you don’t have access to your natural movements. Aside from that other characters also have natural movement stances as well such as the sway back which you can see from Paul and Nina here. You have this quarter circle forward motion which adds to their overall flair and their individuality. It’s important as you’ll learn your characters within Tekken that you learn all the different options.

Here is a quick example of how important movement is. You see this option with Kazuya, this poke string. You’re able to sidestep it with Akuma because you know it’s not that a tracking moves. Because of that you can create an opportunity and land a huge juggle and overwhelm your opponent. Using the same kind of poke strategy here, Kazuya is now going for a tracking move and Kazuya is going to have to adjust because he’s no longer sidestepping the tracking move.

But because of that, if you do have the kbowledge you’re able to punish, you can still turn the tide to that battle. There is movement, there is also not moving. You have to know both times. One of the things you have to remember as well that is so important especially against certain characters like Akuma who has the fireballs. Knowing how to move and how to evade is important. As you practice Tekken 7 it’s important that you learn the basics for every character and learning how to move around the playing field.

We’re looking forward to showing you more of this from the community as Tekken 7 comes out..

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