Hello Guys I want to talk about Side Step (SS). We all know that we need to SS in this game. But from what I see, It looks like there are a lot of player who don’t know when…wait. Sound is fine, right? alright. The problem I see is that people don’t know when and how to SS properly. and People often think, “why can’t my SS evade his moves? why does good players SS looks perfect?” So what i think is that we all know what SS is, but we don’t know when and how exactly. In order to SS exactly, first we need to know what move is coming. But ask ourself. Is it possible to guess perfectly and move? I don’t think its possible. Because every tekken character has more than 100 moves so its literally impossible to read whats coming. Also guess is just guess not proper theory. ‘HellSweap will come’ if we even block still, its guess.

So Its not like our guess is always right, we need to think about his whole move range not one move. For example, when we play against DVJ or Kazuya, We often think ‘Electric or HellSweap is coming.’ we can’t explain in a logical way, but sometime there are situations everyone can guess enough. In those situations, we don’t consider one move. we consider his move range. Eletric or Hellsweap or mid moves. Like this, in many situations, we should consider his whole move range, not only one. Also it makes sense more. So far in conclusion, It makes sens to think about whole move range and we should follow it when we side step. To be specific, when we notice some situation where Electric, Hellsweap and mid moves are coming, we can make answer about where to move because we know his range.

So if its possible to guess his whole move range in different situations, then it sounds natural that we can SS properly. Because each character has 100 moves, but in some specific situation they have only few such as Electric, HellSweap and Mids. Then what we can do here is we just make this range and follow the answer. Right? For example, So in this situation where we think Electric, HellSweap are coming, then we should move to right. Hmm..Is it difficult to follow? am I talking in a difficult way? So this is precondition today, but i’m not sure if you could follow it. I’m not saying you are bad, I’m saying this is first time i’m doing it. Understand? cool. So, one more, If we can guess his range, then its possible to move properly.

We can’t easily talk about this range, but there should be some situation where we everybody can guess like Electric or HellSweap coming. Like this, there are a lot of situation we can guess his range in this game but we just don’t see it. there might be one question, “It sounds right and objective, but it also sounds subjective.” For example, one might ask. “Hey JD, What if DVJ uses another move in the situation? “you say in this situation, usually Electric and HellSweap are coming, but isn’t it still guess not a theory?” The answer is no.

Because in long term, every player has to play in objective way. Hhe needs to follow the range as well. and we can move against that range. Of course in short game, it sounds right that he uses some moves that are out of range. However in long term, he still needs to play in objective way so there are some situation where we can guess. In conclusion, This is precondition of today.

I wanted to talk about it and going to put this theory into some situation. Alright, So I’m going to talk about the situation wher we have very little energy. I have very little, or he has very little, or both like 1%-2%. I wanted to talk first about this situation because its easy to understand for everyone. So, As I said, First in order to SS properly, we need to make his range. we don’t know his move range and we try to SS, but is it useful? No. This is totally useless. Instead, If we know what moves are usually coming in this situation (very little engery), we can decide how to move. This is first step that I call making range.

Nothing special. This is so basic. The situation where we have very little energy is totally extreme. and both player know it. Because since we have very little energy, we just care about it. also time and map. In this situation, Moves are very limited because we do not have energy and everybody knows it. we just don’t talk, but everybody knows “ok either d4 or df1 is coming.” In this situation, Most of moves are limited like d4, df1. Because we don’t have to use something slow and risky, or something that has very bad hitbox to kill very little energy. Who does HellSweap to kill very little energy? So we can say that the range in this situation are usually composed of something fast. such as df1, d4..something very safe even when its whiffed. good moves? d4. High crush, so fast, hard to whiff punish. so..also df1.

Like this there are a lot of situation where we can make range but we don’t notice it. Because its very difficult. We have a few things to consider such as map, energy, his character, time.. However its still possible to make range and guess if we try. If my theory sounds right so far, then its predictable what moves are coming. Also its easier to do it once we understand the feature of all characters. Sounds right? So far, anything you feel confused? If you ask me, “i dont’ know where to SS this specific move.” I can’t answer.

Because there are a lot moves. Also I wanted to talk about something that you can’t learn yourself. You can figure out yourself. What i want to do is to let you know something you can’t do yourself. I have few example. First DVJ. Oh I forgot to say that.. It might sound difficult for low rank players. But I’m sure that from Green rank to Red rank, It is very helpful and you have to know it.

Once you understand it, you will see the game further. Also you will figure out yourself in some difficult situation. Alright back to DVJ example. What is his range when I have very little enegry? Usually its composed of db1, d3, d4, 1, df1 and uf4. Because DVJ doesn’t have to use something slow, risky, and that has bad hitbox as I said. No one uses Electric or HellSweap.

Who does HellSweap to kill this energy? Who does ws2? instead df1. So this is DVJ range. Here I have one more with bryan. So What is bryan range here? So..What we can think of here..is yes. db3. df2. (*people are talking on the stream) db4, db3, df2, db1…everything sounds right. So..It means Bryan never use qcb3, b1, or Taunt step to kill very little energy. So, like this, The range is limited and we can SS with this limited range. Step 2, ‘We can SS with limited Range.’ Theoretically, once his move range is limited, then its easier to SS because we have less things to consider. So If what I say is right, then we can make his range in certain situation and SS properly since we know this is a spot where we can see clear range. Also we can do counter-move against the range.

I have video to show you later. Earlier I talked about DVJ, so with DVJ, we can say that its better to move to left theoretically. The reason is that db2, up4, 1, df1 are weak to right SS. D3 tracks right but it doesn’t have high crush. So we can say right SS is effective. So..oh i’m saying when we have little energy, not him. Example 2. we talked about bryan as well. The range of bryan here should be df2, db3, db4..etc. What i wrote here is exactly same as what you guys say. Against this range, we can say its better to do right SS and crouch. Because df2 doesn’t track well and his low such as qcb3, db3 track SS. So from bryans perspective, he is likely to use low moves.

So, I think SS crouch is good for this spot and range. What you guys say on the chat is same as what I have prepared. we can discuss in this game like it. In conclusion, like these spots, we can make range and prepare against these ranges. One more tip here is..If my character has high-counter move like steve b2, then the opponent range is close to low. Because he knows that b2 is good counter move against his mid moves and its going to kill him at once.

So range is going to be close to low moves. For example, with DVJ, he doesn’t want to get counter hit doing his mid moves like df1, uf4. So probably we can say db2 is more likely to come. Do you agree? Of course there are so many game style. But in any games we need objective theory and i think this is very objective one. I have videos example here from real game i played..

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