Hey there pilots welcome to titan time, dan here, and if you’re like me, you’ve been playing on war games since it released yesterday and having a good old time using holopilot for t bagging yourself, as well as having a race along the wall by B. So after reading the patch notes you can image my surprise when I activated my amped weapon boost and saw this. That’s right pilots, the amped weapons boosts been nerfed and is now on a 30 second timer. Your amped weapons will dissapear after 30 seconds whether you die or not. At first, I was appalled, how could they do this to that boost I never change and always use to mow down everyone, and then 1 second later I realised what a great change this is. After hearing some of your comments on my discussion video on high tsk and boosts, a few of you highly respectable pilots out there mentioned how you find amped weapons makes those really good players even more dangerous, resulting in some players being on slaying duty for minutes at a time before they eventually die and lose their boost.

Well now Respawn have dealt with this issue, and I for one welcome this change. Even though I mainly leave amped weapons on, having it on a timer means I save it for when the time comes, like a Legion with smart core ready drooling as the entire enemy team spawns right in in front of them. So are there any boosts you pilots think need a timer too? Perhaps the smart pistol now that the secondary replacement slot trade off is mainly dead in the water now we have an extra weapon slot? Rich and I will be bringing you some more videos this weekend so make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already for those, for now enjoy war games and all the holopilot execution earning madness, and we’ll catch you next time..

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