Hey there pilots, welcome to Titantime, Dan here and today let’s take a look at another titan killer build, and in a world of tone’s and legion’s the ion titan is king…or queen, so let’s take a look at the build, and the ways in which it can be most effective. So for this build you’re going to need the the turbo engine kit mod and the Vortex Amplifier kit mod and whilst this loadout will be most effective in Last Titan Standing, it still applies for any other titan encounters. Now there are only 2 vortex shields in Titanfall 2, one being Scorches flame shield which destroys enemy fire, but the Ion vortex shield is the only one to actually fire back both titan and pilot fire, and the vortex amplifier is going to return the damage output by 20%. Now let’s see it in action. So as I come round the corner I’m met with not 1 but 3 legions.

Now in most circumstances, this would be a perfect time to panic, but the vortex shield takes all the incoming fire, and just by hitting one legion, my core instantly goes from 0-100%. So against 3 legions and a ronin that pops up on the left, I take out 2 full health legions and damage another, instantly taking out there heaviest titans before the match has even begun. Now some of you will say, well your titan was doomed, and it sure was, but sometimes you need to sacrifice your titan to do as much damage as possible before the enemy team gets their cores. But for those of you who aren’t convinced, let’s see some other examples. So here I’m against two legions, and instead of trying to damage them with my laser shot or splitter rifle, I simply keep using my vortex shield until I get my core.

The other thing that makes this a great technique, is that the vortex shield lasts longer than Legions sunshield if you have a full bar of energy, so you can just stand there and soak up all those bullets whilst the enemy thinks they’re invulnerable until all of a sudden their gunshield runs out and you can fire them back. Now I’m sure some of you will think, well these legion players aren’y very good, it’s their own fault for still shooting whilst you’re using the vortex shield…well…here’s where the vortex shield shines again. Once they stop firing, you just stop holding your vortex shield, which starts to build your energy meter. Because Legion’s predator cannon takes a few seconds to spin before it can be fired, you can time your vortex shield to co-incide with then they’re aiming at you. In fact, this Legion here ends up simply trying to punch me because every time he shoots me I end up sending it right back. And this is another way this technique is so helpful, it distracts the heavier damage dealing titans from killing other members of your team.

Essentially by keeping them busy and focused on you and your annoying vortex shield, they forget what’s going on around them, leaving them vulnerable to your teammates. And if you happen to be in a game where you have to carry the team, you’re still more than capable of doing large amounts of damage with the vortex shield. Whilst this video is tailored towards taking out legions, this technique can be used well against other titans, as you can fire those legion bullets back at any other titans you see, and i’ll cover other ion load outs for the other titans in future videos. So why should you pick the turbo engine? Well in my opinion, having the extra dash is critical to help pop in and out of cover when you run low on energy, as well as helping you push forward with your vortex shield on those titans who try to fall back. And energy conservation is key to this technique.

It’s best to use your vortex shield as your main damage output, and use your standard splitter rifle when the enemy is reloading or not firing at you, because this does not deplete your energy. The splitter rifle only uses energy when you aim down sights, so your better using that energy for your vortex shield or to use your laser shot to get those critical hits. Because of how quickly you can get your core whilst using this method, something like the overcore shield is not necessary. The ability to not only protect yourself from enemy fire, but to use your defensive ability as a weapon, makes this setup ideal for taking out the heavy hitting titans. Not only that, but I find I can easily hold an area of the map against multiple legions and tones with the vortex shield, so try it, let us know in the comments how you get on, and we’ll catch you next time pilots.

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