Hey there pilot’s, welcome to Titantime, Dan here and it’s time to go into the titan killer load out in more detail. If you haven’t seen the first video already, make sure you check it out first, but right now let’s start off with why the charge rifle with charge hack is the best anti titan weapon when paired with the a-wall.

For this test I’ve gone against Legion as this titan has the most health. On the left is the charge rifle with charge hack, and on the right with the regular charge rifle. Now the main thing to remember when using the a-wall technique is that you need to do as much damage as possible as quickly as you can, before your a-wall ability runs out. With charge hack you can get the Legion titan down to just 1/3rd of it’s doomed bar left before your a-wall runs out, by yourself. Notice that most of these shots in both cases are critical shots, and the charge rifle is the most pinpoint accurate of all anti-titan weapons to give you the best chance of getting crit hits repeatedly. Well what about some other anti-titan weapons? Well let’s take a look.

Whilst at first it seems that the archer through the a-wall does some very decent damage, you cannot get a Legion titan to a doomed state before your a-wall runs out. As the archer requires line of sight to lock on, you have to not only wait for the lock but also the travel time of the projectile. So more damage per hit but much longer time to kill. Ok well what about the MGL? Well first of all, look here, the legion is actually too far away for my grenades to reach him, which means you’ll have to be up close to do serious damage, close enough for a titan to dash forward and punch you easily.

Not only that, but you have to make sure your grenades actually pass through the a-wall, so if you don’t have higher ground, you’ll have to aim over the a-wall just to hit the titan, making your a-wall useless. Even with the a-wall it still takes too long to take out a titan. So that sorts out the anti-titan weapon, but what about your primary? Well it’s all about the devotion, and here’s why. seconds to completely destroy a full health Legion, with only one clip needed to get him to doomed state. I tried out the other LMG’S but they were terrible in comparison to the Devotion, with the Spitfire having such a heavy recoil that it’s hard to keep under control to effectively stay on the critical hit areas.

The l-star suffered from doing no damage at medium range, and with the constant need to be burst fired to stop overheating, both the l-star and spitfire are useless when compared with the high fire rate, steady recoil and accuracy of the devotion. But what about the Sidewinder? The tried and tested anti-titan weapon from Titanfall 1, which now takes it’s place as a primary weapon in Titanfall 2. Well…it actually isn’t too bad at all, in fact it took me around 15 seconds to take out the Legion, compared to the 13 seconds it took with the devotion. But the fact is the sidewinder gets more difficult to use at longer ranges, and is not as reliable as the devotion when it comes to pilot vs pilot fights. You can still be good with it at longer ranges, and can definitely still get goosers with the sidewinder, but for those long range firefights with pilots, plus the fact it takes out enemy titans so quickly, the devotion is the smart decision to go for. Don’t forget to equip the tactikill mod for your devotion, to help regenerate your a-wall ability even quicker.

Now I don’t want to go into too much detail about ordnance as Rich and i will be doing a detailed video about those soon, but I’d suggest going with the electric smoke for this load out, as not only does it do damage to titans and pilots, but provides you with cover once your a-wall has run out, giving you time to relocate, and you should be using your ordnance to help your getaway, not as your main source of damage with the a-wall.

both the firestar and arc grenades can also be used, but I find the smoke grenade is more reliable as you can just throw it and run, with it providing cover even if you don’t hit the titan with it. So that wraps up the titan killer load out, let us know how you pilots have been getting on with it, and we’ll catch you next time..

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