Hey there pilots, welcome to TitanTime, Dan here and today let’s take a look at how to build the best titan killer pilot loadout. Now most people will think the best way to destroy a titan as a pilot is by rodeoing by using the grapple, arc grenading them a few times, but at of these options leave you completely exposed, so how can we take out titans as quickly as possible? Well from my experience so far…here is the titan killer build you’ll need. The devotion with tactikill and extra ammo, a-wall ability and a charge rifle with extra ammo and charge hack. Sceptical? I would be too, but let’s have a look at some examples, first up, the charge rifle and a-wall combination.

Before I start this clip, notice that this tone titan has a full shield as well, take a look… so that took 15 seconds to decimate a full shielded tone, without a titan. Now the charge rifle with charge hack is a two shot kill, but it’s still effective at taking out pilots. So far I’ve found the devotion to be bar far the best anti-titan weapon with the a-wall for taking out titans, and the gun is also effective against pilots, so you can handle pilot vs pilot situations with relative ease. Not only does the a-wall boost your damage, but it also gives you protection from enemy fire, even multiple titans. Now you’re probably thinking why use the instant shot for the charge rifle instead of the normal version, and why use the devotion.,and i’ll be telling you why by doing direct comparisons of both options in the next video. I’ll give you a quick preview in a second of just what to expect, so stay tuned for that one as I have been dominating titans in all modes using this technique, enjoy Seth’s reaction now…and we’ll catch you then pilots.

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